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Mutual Dreaming

Linda Lane Magallón

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 Magallón, Linda Lane (1999 March). Mutual Dream FAQ. Electric Dreams 6(3). Column. Electric Dreams 6(1). Retrieved on July 11, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

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1. What is a mutual dream?

The most generic definition is, "Something in my dream corresponds to something in your dream." The two classic mutual dreams are meeting and meshing. In a meeting dream event, I see you and you see me. For meshing dreams, we share themes, emotions or symbols; or the wording of our dream reports is quite similar. You dream of gazing in rapture at the night sky; I dream of being surprised to see the stars after I switch off the light.

2. Where can I find information about mutual dreams?

The most detailed source is *Mutual Dreaming* by Linda Lane Magallon (New York: PocketBooks, 1997). The book can be ordered at any of the on-line book stores (like www.amazon.com). Linda spent 15 years researching the field and facilitating intentional co-dreaming projects. The book covers spontaneous and intentional mutual dreaming, and includes lucid and non-lucid examples. An appendix in the back of the book lists references and examples that can be found in other books. Further information can be found at
http://members.aol.com/caseyflyer/fbnc/fbnc01.htm (Fly-By-Night Club)

3. Where can I share my own mutual dream examples or find co-dreaming partners?

There is no bulletin board or mailing list that specializes in mutual dreams, only. You might post your dreams at the alt.dreams and alt.dreams.lucid newsgroups and ask for a response. The two mailing lists that are currently open to discussion and activity are listed below. People join, start talking about the subject and then suggest a dream-together project.


The Intuition Network sponsors a list managed by DreamGate called cyberdreams@lists.best.com
The participants on this list share dreams, have weekly dream incubation projects, mutual dreaming projects and occasional psi and telepathy dream projects.

To subscribe, send an email
TO: cyberdreams-request@lists.best.com
In the body of the email put only

subscribe your-email

Please substitute your own email address for you-email. You may get an email requesting verification. Simply select your reply button and change the subject header from REJECT to ACCEPT and send this back.

DreamGate http://www.dreamgate.com
The Intuition Network http://www.intuition.org

Write "subscribe sethworks" in the body of an email, and send it to
To post/sethworks@dreamworld.org
(Thanks to moderator Jen Beaven/eris@servtech.com)

4. What are group mutual dreaming projects and where can I join them?

Group dreaming projects often have a facilitator who chooses a goal and then requests people to deliberately incubate dreams about the goal.

A meshing goal is an invitation to dream together about a topic or theme. For example, the February 1998 goal of the *Interactive Dreaming* site was Dreams, Teach Me New Depths of My Believed


A meeting goal is an invitation to meet in the dreamspace. There is no ongoing place for group meetings, but results from past projects have been posted at the *Fly-By-Night Club* web site.


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