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My Dream Spirit Is a Feminist

Linda Lane Magallón

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 Magallón, Linda Lane (1999 December). Dream Trek: My Dream Spirit Is a Feminist. Column. Electric Dreams 6(11). Retrieved July 13, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

I met God.
"What," he said, "you already?"
"What," I said, "you still?"
~~~Laura Riding, Collected Poems, 1938~~~

Dream: The Second Level God
A huge giant is chasing me and two others. We run into the forest to escape him, then climb a mountain. Toward the top of the mountain is a ranger station. At the door the ranger bids us, "Come in."

As the giant threatens to come ever nearer, a flash of light goes off, temporarily blinding him. He stumbles back. One of the others with me says, "He (the ranger) has set up square reflecting plates to scare the giant away."

The ranger replies, "HE?" She takes off her mask, smiling, to reveal a blonde-haired woman. The ranger explains that she is a "second level god" and has come back to earth to help others (to the god level). She leads us out the door and down the path, around the mountain. On the other side of the mountain we see a large valley. The ranger says, "Just a moment," requesting the three of us to wait here.

Then I suddenly co-exist with the ranger. She/I spreads her/my arms and leans over, allowing the air to buoy her/me up. One of "us" exclaims, "She's flying!" She/I smiles and flies toward the top of the mountain as a vantage point from which to watch the giant.

"The Journey (of women becoming) is itself participation in Paradise." ~~~Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism, 1978~~~

Dream: Goddess on a Pedestal
I'm inside a small chapel with a pointed, arched roof. There are no people around and I want to get out of this scene to be with others. Spotting a hole in the wall, I go through it.

On the other side, I am disappointed to find only a long corridor. Briefly, I see a woman in a head shawl walking toward me. Because she reminds me of a Madonna, I think of "gods" and "goddesses."

I go back into the chapel and walk up on to a pedestal shaped like a diving board. I want to feel what it would be like to be a "goddess." I stand at the end of the diving board for a short while. It seems rather lonely with no one else in the chapel.

Then I sit down and begin to read something that looks like a picture-book Bible, which features a geographical map of the United States. I seem to be listening to a record as I read along. I can hear a male narrator saying, "...and God made America...and swimming pools."

"Swimming pools?!" The thought is so absurd it makes me laugh out loud. Amused, I think, well, yes, "He" did make swimming pools indirectly, through us human beings.

"The unfolding of God...involves the creation of new space, in which women are free to become who we are, in which there are real and significant alternatives to the prefabricated identities provided within the enclosed spaces of patriarchal institutions." ~~~Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology~~~

Dream: I'm the Levitating Third God, Tabor I'm high atop an enclosed platform on stilts (like a fire lookout station). I am dressed in a heavy robe and long grey hair, mustache and beard to look like a patriarch. Surrounded by a group of swarthy men in grey suits, I step outside to the edge of an attached platform made up of wooden slats, with spaces between. When I look down, I see that my feet are right at the edge, and there's no railing.

A crowd of men standing below roars at my appearance. My robe is lined with shaggy white fir that wraps around at the edges, but otherwise is burgundy in color. Because of the reddish color, the crowd recognizes me as the "third god." "Tabor! Tabor!" they chant.

As if on a PA system, a male voice begins speaking in Arabic, and I mouth the speech, pretending it's me doing the talking. Extending my right arm I wave it back and forth over the crowd, down and right as a blessing, and left and right to tell the men to sit down. Most of those in the front do sit down. I do one more full sweep so those in back get the message, too.

Telepathically, I overhear one of my entourage think a word in English which is a translation of what I've been parroting. The word is "insurrection." I suddenly know the purpose of this speech is to incite the crowd of men to riot. With than realization, I stop, turn around and go inside. Pretending to be a god is fun, but I refuse to be the cause of an uprising.

Inside, there are no men in view, but because the front is open to the crowd, and there's an open doorway on the left, I scrunch into a corner as I change out of my clothes. Will the people figure it out? I wonder. I turn the robe inside-out so only the lining shows and place it into a large straw purse to sling over my shoulder. This way I'll appear as a poor peasant girl, part of the entourage. The people won't suspect me because I'm female. I also take the white makeup off my face. Then the scenario repeats with a new variation. This time I levitate off the platform, still standing atop the wooden porch which is as large as a doormat. Gliding overhead, I wow the crowd. The scenario repeats yet a third time. From the edge, I levitate to where a young boy is seated on the peak of a single-story house, watching. I extend my hand. He's scared but finally takes my hand and steps onto the wooden mat with me. We take off flying above the crowd.