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Play Day In The Dream State

Linda Lane Magallón

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 Magallón, Linda Lane 1998 June). Dream Trek: Play Day In The Dream State. Column. Electric Dreams 5(6). Retrieved July 8, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams


During the early '90s, the Bay Area Dreamworkers Group (BADG) hosted several Play Day meetings. This year, the Play Day returns for an encore. Events feature dreamplay, a pot luck and barbecue, swimming in a pool and floating in a spa. Folks also bring playful dreams to share round the group circle. These include humorous, punny and creative dreams as well as lucid, psychic, mutual, psionic and epic-adventure dreams. But the most intriguing dreams of all are those about Play Day itself.

Sometimes the participants at the event incubate a dream ahead of time to test their precognitive skills. They bring these dreams to share and compare with the day as it unfolds before their very eyes.

But often there are "unseen" guests from afar. These are people at a distance who have been invited to Play Day, but can't come in the waking state. So they come in the dream. Prior to or during the weekend of the Play Day, they incubate a dream, then send it by e-mail so it can be compared with the actual waking state event. This year Fly-By-Night Club (FBNC) sponsors the dreaming side of Play Day.

In the past, dreamers have dreamt up portions of the menu, the toys in the water, the figurines in the sand tray, the water events and descriptions of the backyard, house and people at the event. Once a dreamer dreamt up some dreamplay from the previous year. It was the making a dream mask out of white plaster tape using a dreamer's face as the mold. (The mask eventually became part of a dream character costume).

Some of these dreams are literal; many are symbolic. And often the dreams don't respond directly to the daytime events, but do resonate with other dreams. It's as if the dreaming selves have a party in the dream state.

Although the in-dream party might indeed look like the physical experience, the dreaming selves are not constrained by the rules of physical reality. Not only can they slip and slide in time, they can look and act differently than their waking counterparts. For instance, I might look like a Caucasian woman in waking reality, but in the land of dreams, you might see me as an Afro-American woman, a man or a cat. My dreaming self can play any of those roles and more. In waking reality, I walk and talk. In dream reality I fly and sing with perfect pitch. (Now that's wish-fulfillment!)

Physical reality is the Play Day. Dreaming reality is the Fly-In. In the waking state we can stroll, lounge, munch, float and swim. But in the dream state we fly. And you, yes, YOU, are invited to Fly-In to Play Day, along with BADG, FBNC and the readers of the Jungian magazine, *Common Boundary.*

By the way, the July 25th date was chosen as the closest weekend to the anniversary of the moon landing.