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Hooray! It's the End of an Age

Linda Lane Magallón

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 Magallón, Linda Lane (1997 September). Hooray! It's the End of an Age. Electric Dreams 4(9). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.deramgate.com/electric-dreams

The strongest image of the Age of Pisces is the wounded man hanging from a cross. His partner fish, swimming in circles in the Sea of Unconscious. is the wounded woman. Whether she be Mother Gaia or Princess Diana, this is indeed the Queen of Hearts, or, in the Waite Tarot deck, the Queen of Cups, the suit of water, emotion and feeling.

It's curious that Diana is not a water-Pisces, though. She's a water-Cancer, like the water-Cancer USA, that ended monarchy in favor of democracy. (Not incidentally, the American Revolution occurred just at the time of the discovery of the revolutionary planet Uranus, the ruler of the Age of Aquarius. And Uranus was discovered...by a British brother and sister pair.) I agree with Maureen Roberts that Queen Elizabeth is a perfect earth-Capricorn foil for water-Cancer Diana. And this brings up an interesting point: the opposite sign in the Zodiac can be a partner...or a shadow.

So what's opposite of Pisces, the dichotomous fish? Virgo the Virgin. Earth-Virgo. As in the old Earth Mother Goddess reinvented as Mary, Mother of God. Or Mother Theresa (who was also born under Virgo, a double whammy). Or even, the namebearer of the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth. Or maybe, more to the point, Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary, the patron saint of philanthropy. Not the wounded woman, the woman of the wounded. And guess where both Diana and Mother Theresa's lives ended? Under the sign of Virgo.

Death on and off the cross has been suffered for 2000 years. We've been crying, in and out of our dreams, for two centuries, now. Do you begin to see why I see this particular global ending as a Very Good Sign? The herald of the end of an Age.

But first, we must get it right: the grieving, the sadness under the suffering Moon. And so we do what is perfect for the receptive Age of Pisces. We react to the event with heart-full dreams, awash in the emotional tide of the Sea of Unconscious.

How very unlike the revolutionary, humanitarian Age of Aquarius, when, instead of living under the hand and sea surface of watery-earthen Fate, we will favor the hand lifting the water jar high with airy-fiery Free Will. Yes! Finally, doing Aquarian dreamwork to get out of the repeating nightmare-hellish rut of Not-So-Good Friday and going all the way to Easter Ascension!

This is when, instead of grieving, we will rejoice. When, instead of reacting, we will become proactive. When we will incubate and induce, dreaming up our own reality...building the blueprint for the launch of strong new lucid Aquarian/Leonine women to act as our global blueprints of the awake-and-dreaming female for the truly sunny New Age.

I can hardly wait. And I'm a water-Scorpio.