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 Magallón, Linda Lane (1997 January). DreamTrek: The Holiday Ornament - Dream Telepathy Game Results. Column. Electric Dreams 4(1). Retrieved July 26, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Saturday, December 7th, 1996, was the date of the latest Fly-By-Night Club dream psi game, "The Holiday Ornament." That night I concentrated on a telepathic target and mentally "sent" it out into dream space.

True to the Fly-By-Night Club theme, the "Holiday Ornament" is a flying object: a tiny hang-glider. It is made of wood, cardboard, metal and string. The colors of the hang-glider figure are yellow-gold with red, green and black trim. The control bar is golden-colored and the kite wing is white, red, goal, green and blue and tends towards a triangular or heart shape. The ornament resides in a cubical box with a pastel floral-and-rainbow scene. The box is filled with cotton balls, a fact which probably accounts for the many mentions of the color "white" by dreamers. The figure is 2" tall; the kite wing is 3" tall.

Ana Marie: Dec. 4, 1996

I see Linda come along with a wrapped gift. This immediately cues me to become lucid. I greet Linda and open the package thinking it might be the ornament. To my surprise there are several layers of wrapping paper. I note the colors: the first layer has pink, peach and a light gray color to it, the second layer is silver and the third layer is a striped gold paper. When I get to the third layer I try to feel the item with my hands. I guess it is a dreamtime pillow because it feels like a dreamtime pillow I just bought in Santa Crux in waking life. In the dream I take notes on a piece of paper and tell Linda, I am doing this to help me remember. I tell her I will call her when I wake up (on a real phone).

Correct: The cotton balls feel like a "dreamtime pillow."

Exzor Tribble: Dec. 7, 1996

I started out with noting a large X-Mas tree. I believe it was a real tree. I seemed to be drawn to the top of it on several occasions, though I do not recall specifically what was on or at the top. I think it was white. I somewhat recall possibly an angel.

As I watched more I seemed to notice a box on the floor which then caught my attention. The only thing that I recall, concerning the box, is that what was in it was something that was possibly made of paper or cardboard. It seemed that the item(s) within the box was made to either be cut out, or something along that line, and put together.

Correct: Box made of paper-cardboard. I also cut out a piece of paper towel as the backing (to block out light from the side) when I made color Xeroxes of various parts of the ornament. (Later I will scan and post the images onto the FBNC web site.)

Mary Pulliam: Dec. 7, 1996

...Gift box with a gold ribbon, cube shaped box. Ornament within was just a simple, shiny glass ball with alternating red and green stripes separated by bands of textured, golden glitter. The texture was very pleasant and crispy to touch.

Correct: Cube shaped gift-box. Figure has red patches and green stripes and holds onto a band of golden-colored metal.

Karen: Dec. 7, 1996

...While I'm on the plane, there is no place to sit, so I must sit in the aisles of the grocery store until a seat opens up. While we are awaiting take off, a horrible explosion and red fire occurs, we look out the window and it was another plane, on the runway near us, not us. It was a small plane, not a big jet like ours...our plane had no damage.

Correct: A flying object, but this sort of hang glider has "no place to sit." Red color.

...me riding an old motorcycle by a Mexican restaurant that is run by a woman with the same name as my grandmother. As I lean my transportation at the door of this restaurant, it is not a motorcycle, but a very old bike made partially out of wood and some old metal, perhaps green-colored metal.

Correct: Hang-glider leans to fly and is made of wood; control bar made of metal. Ornament is not new. Magallon is a Mexican-American name.

BayouAngel: Dec 7, 1996

As I laid down to sleep and repeated over and over, "I dream of the Holiday Ornament" ... I found myself focusing in on a box and flew straight towards it. Inside of the box was a heart shaped RED ornament with multi-colored jewel -like trimmings.

I flew into the box and into the ornament and found myself sitting in a room with some people that I know in this life, and some that I don't...in this life, but possibly from another.

I saw a WHITE man-made tree with ornaments that were all just numbers hanging from it...

Correct: Colors red and white; heart shape kite wing. The ornament "flies."

DoctorStrange: Dec. 8, 1996

I tried hypnagogia in the early morning hours and got a very spontaneous, clear image of a small stylized xmas tree, made out of wood, painted gold. Two Xmas tree shaped pieces of wood slotted together. The ornament looked handcrafted.

If I can trust my impression of size, I say it only seemed about 3-4 inches tall. You would hang it by a golden loop attached to the top. A view from the top, or the bottom would make the ornament look like a golden X.

Correct: Size of kite wing, wood, gold color, "loop" string.

Trekstor: Dec. 8, 1996

1. something decorated with cowrie shells; and
2. a red and gold satiny object.

Correct: #1-"Cowrie shells" may be referring to the cotton balls; #2-red and gold colors.

VOGELEIN: Dec. 10, 1996

I was exploring an ancient temple which had lain undiscovered in some remote area of the world. I was inside the temple, which consisted of large cavernous rooms, constructed from huge ponderous stone. At present I was looking down into a square pit - about two feet on each side - which was sunk in the stone floor of the room in which I was standing. I was somewhat confused, because I thought that I had earlier discovered a stone statue of a god, about two feet high, at the bottom of this shaft. However, I now could not remember if I had taken the statue out of the pit and put it somewhere else, or if it was still at the bottom of the hole...

...My companions had decided not only to examine the temple, but to renovate it. All around me were piles of debris from where the walls and ceilings had been stripped of the stone plasterboard-like material which had covered the interior. The place was a mess. Apparently it had been the intention of my companions to tear off the old material from the walls and ceilings, and completely replace it with new material...

Finally, however, I entered a large room, a room which somehow seemed like the center of the temple...

The statue - about two foot high - was made of white stone, almost like sandstone. The features of the statue had been worn away so that it was impossible to tell exactly what it was supposed to represent, although it clearly had the general form of a human being. However it was not the statue itself which now most demanded my attention, but what was behind the statue.

I was transfixed as I watched what was happening on the wall. It seemed as if the whole wall were moving, as if it were alive. And right behind the statue, some kind of figure began to rise up, as if out of some slot behind the mantel. As the figure rose, I saw that it appeared to be a flat piece of bronze, about six feet tall, in the shape of a stylized human being. However although it was made of metal, it was clear to me that the flat figure was alive, and that it must be the god which inhabited this temple...

Correct: I (giant figure) opened the lid (moving wall) of the cubical cardboard box (square pit) and took the 2" hang-glider figure (2' statue) out of the cardboard box (temple) which was filled with white cotton balls (plasterboard debris).


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