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The Spooky Future

Linda Lane Magallón

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 Magallón, Linda Lane (1997 August). Dream Trek : The Spooky Future. Electric Dreams 4(8). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Recently, Simon shared several of his nuclear nightmares and precognitive disaster dreams with _Electric Dreams_. "These dreams have always worried me," he said. "I have had other dreams that seem to predict some future events as well as dreams that seem to be a glimpse of alternate timelines. The Challenger dream and the plane crash dreams have always really affected me because I didn't do anything."

As Simon is aware, the future is not fixed. A dream *may* predict the future; but then again, it may be a window into an alternate future or be a practice run at a future that will never be congealed enough to manifest here in waking reality. The dream event may stay forever in the realm of "potential, but not physical."

That especially applies to nuclear nightmares. I believe that, as a human race, we have chosen not to actualize that particular probability in which we blow ourselves to nuclear smithereens. We are capable of learning the lessons inherent in such an event through alternate manifestations on movies, TV and through semi-accidents like Chernobyl and Five Mile Island, without exploding the whole enchilada. Of course, I can't *prove* my contention, any more than the earth change doomsayers can *prove* that California is going swimming with the fishes.

I choose to live as though such a prediction is not inevitable. As I do, I believe I am helping to actualize the positive alternative. Acting as if the most positive future will manifest is one way to "do something" about negative possibilities. It's the physical equivalent of verbal affirmations and visualizations, and all the more powerful because it's not just a mind event, it's mind and body cooperation.

However, some negative dreams do "come true" Let's say Simon was convinced this was going to be the case for one of the dreams which disturbed him. None of his examples would have affected him personally (like a nuclear war surely would). They were all other people's personal events. To change their outcome he would have had to reach out beyond himself. Perhaps he could have told a participant or someone in charge.

But even if he did alert the authorities, would they have listened? It's been my observation that in this skeptical society there are few "authorities" who pay serious attention to psychic advice in the course of their official working life. Those that do, listen to an individual with an established reputation for detailed, accurate information and with whom they have developed a first hand relationship built on trust and respect for proven ability. If Simon believes he has a calling to be a psychic detective, he should be prepared to pay his dues. He has to establish a track record with respected members of the community who are willing to take the time to verify his accomplishments.

Then, he faces an even tougher challenge: to demonstrate the practicality of psychic information to, say, members of the police force. Such people desire psychic services for a specific task: like locating missing children or murder suspects. As such, Simon will need to become a proactive dreamer: a dreamer on demand. Sorry, but spontaneous information just won't do.

Many people dreamt of the Challenger shuttle disaster and the Loma Prieta earthquake before they occurred. I did. But without a specific date, time, location, or other details, the usefulness of my information was limited. Obviously, the dreams were too vague to serve as a practical global warning, even if I had had the inclination to act on them. So why do we have such dreams?

I believe we are all psychic. We all have the ability to tune into the psychic dream channel. Most dreams we don't. We're too wrapped up in our own drama to become aware of any "outside" information, unless it yells at us. The psychic information that gets through our disinclination to see beyond our own noses is that which has the loudest "noise." It's the information with the greatest emotional wallop. It could be a strong positive emotion. But in this culture, it's most likely to be an intense negative one.

So when an upcoming negative event echoes backward in time, anyone with the least psychic sensitivity is going to notice it. Notice it, heck, we're going to feel it. Live it, from the inside out, because that's how dreams work. Living our own private nightmares are disturbing enough. Living a global nightmare is a real pain in the head, heart and gut.

We are not meant to be personally responsible to a "bleed through" on our psychic dream TV from the global disaster channel anymore than we are personally responsible for everything that we see on physical TV. It's just news. It's the participants in the event who have the prime responsibility for their actions, not the audience.

Of course, if we get a personal news broadcast, like a dream of our car sliding off the road, well, before we begin dreamwork on our symbols, we'd best check out the condition of our automobile tires and brakes. Responsibility begins at home.