Electric Dreams

Dreaming in the Millennium

Lars Spivock

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Spivock, Lars (1999 April). Dreaming in the Millennium. Electric Dreams 6(4). Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Artists, executives, and engineers are often delighted to find inspiration during their sleep. You do not have to wait for dreaming wisdom to come to you. You can simply ask for it! Here are two simple ways to gain insights about the millennium:


At night --
* If possible, pick a day when you do not wake to an alarm clock.
* Keep a pen and paper at your bedside.
* Do only relaxing things in the hour before bed.
* After closing your eyes, ask your inner self for a millennium message or symbol.
* Also tell yourself that you will remember your dreams in the morning.
* Keep asking for a message and affirming to remember it as you fall asleep.

The next morning --
* As you realize you are waking, keep your eyes closed and stay still.
* Calmly review what you were just dreaming.
* Open your eyes and immediately write out and make drawings of your dreams.

When journaling dreams, write down and draw everything you remember, even small fragments. You can wonder about their meanings after they are safely recorded in your journal. Keep your pen and paper with you to record dream memories that are triggered during your daily activities.

You are the expert when it comes to interpreting your dreams. Spend a little quiet time with your journal and you will discover messages that may be disguised as puns, metaphors or roles played by you or other characters.

You can repeat the above practice as often as desired. Have a relaxed attitude of acceptance and sooner or later you will be rewarded with some gems.


Many of us will be staying up past midnight on December 31 or have friends in other time zones who will enter the year 2000 many hours before us. For this reason and to avoid weekdays, our mutual dreaming experience will be on December 25, 1999.

Follow the same general guidelines for the INDIVIDUAL MILLENNIUM DREAM QUEST.

Before going to sleep Saturday night, December 25 --
* Prepare your writing materials and relax for an hour.
* After closing your eyes ask your inner self to join with thousands of other dreamers to reveal the mysteries of the millennium.
* Keep repeating your request and telling yourself that you will remember your dreams in the morning.

Upon awakening, Sunday morning, December 26 --
* Without changing the position of your body or opening your eyes, calmly review your dreams.
* Journal your dream with as much detail as you can recall.

Please send email to y2k@dreamgate.com with the results of your dreams and I will send you a
summary of everyone's dreams. Those without email may send a letter to Lars in care of [this
publication]. Participants will remain anonymous.

I wish you wonderful dreams!

About the author--
Lars Spivock is an international technology consultant and an original member of the DreamGate team. He has been a lucid dreamer since early childhood. He free lances for The Wisdom Channel, Electric Dreams, and America Online's Alternative Medicine Forum. Lars has contributed to outreach and education projects for the Intuition Network, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Association for the Study of Dreams, Bay Area Dreamworkers, and the Dream Library and Archive. Lars may be contacted via y2k@dreamgate.com.