Electric Dreams

 Reverse Speech
" New Technology for Rapid Self-Discovery."

Jon Kelly

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Kelly, Jon (1999 May). Reverse Speech " New Technology for Rapid Self-Discovery." Electric Dreams 6(5). Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Reverse Speech is the discovery of David John Oates, an Australian therapist presently residing in San Diego, California. His novel research has led to growing recognition within the medical and scientific communities, as well as the creation of occupational titles for Reverse Speech professionals through the US Department of Labor. His popular website (www.reversespeech.com) contains hundreds of audio examples culled from client therapy sessions, political investigations, assessments of criminal personalities, and explorations into unexplained phenomena of science and personal discovery.

Within the sounds of normal speech, meaningful statements and phrases are embedded backwards. These expressions, called Speech Reversals, are located by playing recordings of human speech in reverse. Reversals portray relative honesty, motivation, and attitudes, as well as describing deep processes occurring within the personality.

Determining honesty is crucial to the success of those involved in fields such as criminal investigation, business negotiations, and employee screening. Reversals can reveal "incongruities" within speech, conflicts between what is being thought and what is being said. Imagine recording a meeting with a prospective business partner only to find them giving the reversal, "I am a liar."

In the arena of counseling and therapy, speech reversals provide the means to connect deeply with the innermost Self. By listening to another person's internal dialogue, we can gain enormous empathy and understanding of their condition within a very short period of time. The need for a long, drawn-out discovery process is eliminated. Our most profound needs are revealed and can be addressed directly.

My background in exploring sound and consciousness through music and Tantric sadhana have prepared me well to undertake the practice of Reverse Speech analysis as taught by David Oates. I currently serve clients throughout North America using this technique. The following excerpt portrays the drama and intensity of interpreting client reversals from a typical session.

When asked, "Why are you seeking counseling", one client responded with the reversal, "Give me a verse to aspire."

In the metaphoric language of Reverse Speech, "verse" implies a sacred statement or belief by which one determines behavior. "Aspire" is from the Latin root aspiro, meaning, "to breathe." Breath in Reverse Speech implies a new energy or idea. In this sense the client is asking, "Give me that statement whose idea will uplift my spirit and guide my actions."

In Tantric tradition, a mantra is that sound, practiced in conjunction with the breath, whose ideational characteristics can elevate the mind and guide the behavior of one who recites it. Given during initiation, it is a "statement to breathe", a "verse to aspire." In this sense, the client is literally asking, "Give me a mantra." Therefore, this reversal expresses a readiness to abandon an old way of life in order to embrace a new ideal.

Whether your needs are for rapid transformational change or simple truth in communications, I invite you to consider the potential benefits that Reverse Speech has to offer. Call me at (604) 273 7438 or send email to jon@reversespeech.com.