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Joe Russa

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Russa, Joe (1999 June). SUNEYE, Lucidity & Enlightenment. Retrieved July 11, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams


My name is Joe Russa a.k.a. SUNEYE and am the creator and owner of the SUNEYE website. I would like to take some time to explain the SUNEYE website and how it could help you achieve out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams.

I have been researching out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams for twelve years. I tried many techniques to achieve OBEs and LDs with varying results. I soon discover that the only way to be able to induce OBEs and LDs is to understand what they are and what factors make them occur.

After intensely studying these factors from different sources, I soon discovered a method which is able to induce OBEs and LDs, quickly and effortlessly. I called the method the SUNEYE Method (my sig. name SUNEYE is a long story that is explained at the site). The method is an offset from Stephen LaBerge's sleep/wake/sleep discovery, the Third Eye Focus technique, and repetitive present tense suggestions.

Putting these techniques together creates a powerful method for inducing OBEs and LDs because each technique contains the factors or ingredients necessary for induction. It is like creating a food recipe. Salt alone is not a tasty treat, but mixed into a recipe of different spices creates a gourmet meal.

The Stephen LaBerge's sleep/wake/sleep discovery was a big breakthrough in sleep research. Mr. LaBerge discovered that the easiest way for lucid dreams to occur is if your mind is alert but your body is asleep. He went on explaining that if a subject awakens around an hour before his/she regularly wakes up, stay awake for that same amount of time, and then goes back to sleep, lucid dreams was highly probable. I felt that the only drawback to this method was that it was not useful for every situation.

Let's say that a subject regularly sleeps 4 hours and we use LaBerge's method, the subject would have to wake up after 3 hours of sleep. The body and mind of the subject would be too tired to make a dream become lucid because not enough sleep was set. Let's take it to the other extreme and the subject sleeps for 9 hours. LaBerge's method will have the subject awaken after 8 hours of sleep. Research shows that an average person will be fully energized and refreshed after 8 hours of sleep. This will make the subject's mind and body too energized for lucidity to take place. Studying this made me realize that there is a certain amount of hours a subject would need to sleep in order for the body to remain tired, while making the mind become alert.

The power from the Third Eye Focus technique comes from the ability to make a subject focus on a single thought. There are other focus techniques. If you feel comfortable with a certain focus technique, you could replace it with the Third Eye Focus technique.

The reason I chose the Third Eye Focus technique is because of its easyiness to control a stressful mind. When focusing on the third eye, you easily loose awareness of your physical body. All of your trespassing thoughts dissipates and single-minded concentration on a thought increases. The third eye chakra is a powerful focus of the subconscious making the Third Eye Focus technique the easiest technique to make your mind accept your most wanted desires.

You will feel a strange pull because you are exerting a whole new range of muscles. If you persevere the headaches that could occur, it will slowly diminish and focusing on a thought becomes extremely easy.

The third eye is like a magnet. Once focused upon, all of your mental suggestions becomes sucked in by your subconscious. It feels like a direct doorway to your subconscious. The Yogis deeply believe that once the third eye chakra is opened through focusing, the powers of astral projection and dream control is achieved. The Yogis do not focus on the third eye chakra to achieve OBEs or LDs, though. They focus on that chakra to reach enlightenment.

From my personal experience and the experiences of the subjects that have tried the Third Eye Focus technique in the SUNEYE Method, claims, that they feel an increase of clarity in their thoughts, as if their subconscious mind accepted every suggestions they inputted. When they stopped using it, their OBEs and LDs started to decrease.

The suggestions that are needed, and are used in the SUNEYE Method, are suggestions that are short, specific, and in the present tense. The subconscious mind is like a computer. It does not like general questions. If you simply ask a computer for help, the computer will not understand what you need help in and will be ineffective in providing an answer. If you specifically tell a computer what you need help on, the computer will give you the answer you need.

During my research, I have found that general suggestions does not provide positive results, if it provides a result at all. When I specifically tell my mind what I want in a short, specific sentence, the results are surprisingly accurate.

Even though the SUNEYE Method was successful in helping a lot of people achieve an OBE or LD for their first time on their first try, it is not always successful for everyone. Then again, no technique or method works for every person. That is why I built the SUNEYE site.

The SUNEYE site is basically a way in which I will be able to publish my research. Unlike other organizations, that concentrate on one way for inducing OBEs and LDs, I will be researching all avenues to help more people. Some of the projects that I am planning range from using herbs to recording hypnosis script as induction mediums. I will not post something just to fill up space at my site. I will post techniques or methods that have worked for me, and which I believe, will work for the visitors to my site. Once the techniques or methods are posted, the public then gives me their results, whether positive or negative.

I am currently using different avenues to help people reach their goal to achieve OBEs or LDs. At the site, I have the 'Testing Room'. That is where I post the researched techniques and methods, and future projects. I also send out reports to different mailing lists and newsgroups. These reports contain my latest findings and advice. I also created several OBE and LD conferences and clubs at Yahoo and Excite. You could join and discuss these topics. Each of them contain real-time chat capabilities. I am planning in making these conferences and clubs a powerful means for beginners to find helpful information by having them discuss OBEs and LDs with experienced people.

If you are interested in learning more about the SUNEYE Method or future research, feel free to visit the site at http://fly.to/suneye or email me at suneye@earthlink.net

 if you want to help me in my future projects and experimentations.

I wish everyone the best of luck and hope that I could be of help.

Joe Russa (SUNEYE)