Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
January 2007

Saddam's Execution Sparks Conversation on the Peace Bridge

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2007January). A View from the Bridge. January 2007:
Saddam's Execution Sparks Conversation on the Peace Bridge. Electric Dreams 14(1).

It has often been noted that the World Dreams Peace Bridge, comprised as it is of people from all around the globe, might be seen as a microcosm of the macrocosm, that how we deal with world crises on the Peace Bridge reflects into the larger world. At the end of December, faced with the execution of Iraq's former President, Saddam Hussein, Peace Bridge members talked about the meaning of this event. This article represents only a fraction of what was said. The end of the year also brought a few dreams, some featuring former Peace Bridge member May Tung, which might serve to light the way toward peace.

December 30, 2006


I woke up with a very bad feeling at just before sunrise. Seems like now, we can forget every little hope of peace in the area. Every human, who ever he/she is even Saddam was under the protection of International Human Rights Laws. Now, we can say "goodbye" to them too. It makes me really sorry not being able to say "happy new year". No need to make any prediction to see it will not be a happy one at least for the people of this area.

I don't even wonder anymore if sometime there will be any action to take Bush to international courts for his crimes against humanity.

Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq


Jody-United States

Dear Ilkin,

I woke up with bad feelings too and I heard the news late last night that Saddam was executed. I join you in the conviction that execution of a human being, no matter how bad he/she is and whatever the crimes, is another crime. Unlike you I still hope we can evolve as a species to a new common view of humanity and ethics that supports International Human Rights Laws and even deeper a common commitment to non-violence and compassion. We are not there as a whole world, we are not there in many nations, not only the US government. But we are there as many people, ourselves included, who agree in better principles and try to live them and change policies in these more humane and just directions.

I have a heavy heavy heart about the future in your part of the world too Ilkin. But it is not separate from our part of the world really: that's why I, here in a pleasant neighborhood in another country wake up just as you do with heavy heart. You are right, it will not be a happy new year for most of your part of the world.

And, I want you to know that I had a similar thought about Bush: why is he not on trial for crimes against humanity? When or could he ever be on trial? I would like him to be brought to trial, he and his cohort and to be made accountable for all the deaths and suffering that has come from his wrong and falsity based decisions. But even he I would not want to see executed.

I fear that the need to take revenge in order to right wrongs creeps into all of our hearts. I wish for something else: that we evolve together to a common humanity that sees this does not break the cycle of violence and suffering. Only facing reality directly, calling for justice tempered with forgiveness and most of all deep deep compassion for the confused, often evil doing acts of our species will lead to true transformation.

I want to share with you a quote from an activist Catholic Bishop, Oscar Romero, who was assassinated for his speaking out against injustice in his country. A friend sent me this quote last night and I have been meditating on it since:

"If you need hope, you're courting despair, and if you court despair you will stop working. So try to wean yourself from this need to have hope. Try to have faith instead, to do what you can, and stop worrying about whether or not you're effective....Worry about what is possible for you to do, which is always greater than you imagine." Oscar Romero

I don't know if I agree about this view of hope or not. I do agree about not taking time to worry about being effective and I do agree that what is needed is to continue to act out of faith in what we know to be true and represents our core values. Ilkin, I see you and frankly myself and others we know, acting in this way. Your beautiful action of helping the several refugees from Iraq that you recently wrote about and urging us again to take action to do and give whatever we can for aid....these are actions that proceed from your core beliefs. There is no holding back, no wondering if the outcome will be hopeful or not. You just do it. So do I.

Dear friend, this is my New Year's greeting to you: take comfort in knowing you are not alone as one who holds her truth and acts from it without attachment to success or happiness of outcome. This is the steel in our spines, this is the adamantine unbreakable diamond in the Self from which new worlds can be built.

My love to you and your family and your part of the world from mine.



Dear Friends...

I feel ashamed of what the pigs had committed early morning today...It is the first day of the holy Eid Al ADHA. the holy Pilgrims sacrifice to Allah and pray and Muslims all over the world celebrate these days....but that is not the case for the pigs of the green zone.....as they are just pigs and their master ordered them to do it now,

I would like you to know that all Arab nations and almost most Islamic nations condemned the execution that was carried out today..

You probably know that many other cases against him is there in the tribunal and they want him dead before he testify any more information as that will embarrass the Black house administration...

Jean-United States

Dear Ali and dear Ilkin,

I hardly know how to reply to the messages you have sent, or to the travesty of justice that took place last night.

I wondered, as I always do, what I could have done to change or prevent this situation. Having been associated for a while with the delivery of abuse and torture has sensitized me immeasurably to my belief in the power of human consciousness. I prayed, of course. I lit a candle. I meditated. And I was well aware that a martyr was being created.

But I continue to believe that nothing happens in the world that I cannot in some way affect or change, and that we are all in this thing together.

I want to mention that it hurts to hear my people called pigs. That was a bit of a surprise to me, since I have called them that myself. And Ilkin, even though this is a terrible, dark event, I still believe there is room for hope...and room for a blessed New Year and Eid.

Love to all,


Dear Ilkin...and all..

Iraqis used to get a bonus or a surprise gift at every holy occasion..for example a pardon or release some of the political prisoners...etc

Look the difference we experience now....

That happened in the past when governments were real people not pigs and when they are loyal to their country not to the evil power brought them...I my self and I believe many Iraqis and all Arab and Muslims get the message out of that execution..

But...I guess they did not calculated the response that will be most unexpected..
More hate and disrespect to the pigs at the Black house..

That is a proof that the policy makers do not take into consideration our holy days or our feelings and from now on I will not buy any American brand and will start a campaign to sanction American products as it is simply imported from an out law country and governed by jungle law....am I right?

American regime only export death and death squads.....and the problem is that those fucken liar at the black house claim that they try to implement democracy in our nations..
What a big lie...Iraq is a good example for their evil plans and products...death, sectarian divisions...no security rape..murders....a country governed by death squads and the pigs at the green zone support them with money and cover..

Thanks Mr. Bush for these Christmas and new year gifts. Please condemn his evil acts as I think he has gone too far. Now we pray to Allah to take revenge !


Dear Ali especially:

I am very very sorry for all the devastation to your country and very very sorry to hear of Saddam Hussein's execution. An execution is barbarous. I agree totally with the quote Olivia appended to her note I lit a candle last night, and prayed. Richard Dicker of the Human Rights Watch best summed up my sentiment:

"The test of a government's commitment to human rights is measured by the way it treats its worst offenders."

AND we all know that it is the US who orchestrated this pseudo trial and execution.

I wonder if Bush considers that others could see him as committing "crimes against humanity"? I wonder if Bush could consider that he could be executed - just if the power balance was different.

I wonder - I'm so sorry.



Dear Ali,

As my Menieres disease getting better I can focus my viewpoint (the point where our eyes focus), I would like to write some.

First of all, it seems insulting pigs including other animals to use as the symbol of wicked people. Pigs never prepare to murder, to rape...in short, to begin the war and the occupation. Only the Human beings, like me and you, have the ability to. And only Human beings wishes revenge or have the courage to cut off the chain of this unceasing killing each other.

In the second place comes a question what Iraqi people are going to do for the peace in Iraq. If there are many activities, are they depend on the anger against the U.S.A. or western culture? I am not any kind of representative of Japanese. I am personally suspicious about the logic of super power country, U.S.A. toward other countries. Recently I want to shut my ears when I hear the words, Justice, Humanity, Glory, God, and so on. These words have been disgraced their proper meanings.

Thirdly, the internal incidents might be getting worse and worse. The puppetized government in your country does not have any wisdom or power to settle down the conflicts, it is clear. But other very important problems are not clear. How and when U.S. armies should retreat? What or who will have the wisdom to settle down internal murders, destructions?

Dearest Ali, do you think it might be much better if U.S. troops retreat immediately? If so, what will happen in the poor The government without the background? Is there any solution to build up the government by rigid election by all Iraqi people now? How and who will calm down the bloody incidents between sects?(I am not saying the both side of the sects are attacking each other.)

Honestly speaking, I have no vision of the next year of Iraqi people, and am only wishing the real peace will visit to the hearts of every people first, not only in Iraq but also other countries in the World including the human being in the Black house that you call so.

May eternal light will keep shinning in your heart,



Dear Ali; (better to change the topic because I am afraid this is what is going to happen)

I know I can only look with an outsider's eyes, I didn't lived what you and all your loved ones experienced in that hell. But please be calm and logical. There are so many questions behind this event which all will see in time. Today, I thought that there wasn't any leaders in Iraq's history who died with normal health reasons for the last century. I wonder if Taliban and other leaders of today are aware of this or what they think their future will be. I wrote many times; "freedom, democracy cant be imported or exported", I can add "cant be bought or sold" too. As it wouldn't differ very much I you/ me/ all would use/ buy any American products or not...Yes; "Bush is the enemy" but not only yours or mine etc but also "his own people".. It is not the "American workers/ people" who is the enemy but the regime.

America didn't begin to export death squads today or only to Iraq but to all the world beginning from the Vietnam. Than I can ask; "Where were you all, all those time?". "Where were your minds when they support, fuel Saddam, Pinochet, Suharto and all others with all kinds of arms?". "Where were you thinking Saddam get the chemical weapons he used at Halepce; from you, me or US?". "Iraqis where were your minds when the invasion begun?". "Muslims where were your minds when you were serving US as the armies against than USSR around so famous Green Crescedent?". "What are you doing Iranians?".. I can ask so many questions...

If we didn't get any lessons from the history, put it aside and look today and future. Not only Iraq but all the area is turning to "fields of revenge". That is the most dangerous thing and what they want to put in our minds. It is hard to explain our friends from other areas why/ how this execution can have such an effect, why it is so belittling over the people. Many of them may not understand what the role "honor" plays in the lives and understanding, what "vendetta/ feud" can create in the lives of the Middle Eastern people. But it is sure the "regimes and their puppets" know it very well. There is not only religious divisions but also divisions in religions, there is not only countries, nations but also tribes, ethnicities and so many more I am not able to tell in this little mail...

No my friend; we shouldn't pray Allah for "revenge" but for mind, logic and knowledge & power to use them. To stand against any outsider and build our "own" freedoms and democracies. Prevent them to create "fields of revenges" they wanted on these lands. Real people of America also aware of this and not enemies.

I still want to wish "happy new year" at least to the children, to the young ones not to live all these in their future...

Jeremy-South Korea

What if we were faced with a clear hypothetical question? If this man (Sadaam, Bush or another) lived, another million people, children and women, mostly, would die, and if he died that million could live, would you still oppose the execution?

What if a malaria mosquito was about to bite my child, and go on to bite all the members of my family and community, would I kill it? Of course.

One would think I would naturally follow the crowd on the Peace Train. But here my mind is not made up.


Dear Jodie and other friends..

I do appreciate your standpoint..I know well it is not the sum of contribution offered, however small, or may be just symbolic, but it is the will, the intentions and the sincere feelings that every one on the bridge share with us, and it is really heart to heart encounters.

However...I always think that it is my duty to convey whatever necessary to you all to make you imagine in a better way ,the magnitude of damage and the depth of human suffering .....

And then the dreams

Valley-Dallas I wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday and new year and let you in on the dreams I was gifted from May on Christmas. On a whim, I decided to fly to San Francisco to visit my brother for Christmas. The night before my departure I had this short, sweet dream:

May Tung appears in my dream and she has prepared a feast of Chinese Dim Sum in my honor.

On Christmas Eve I arrived in San Fran and that night I dreamt of her again, but this time it was a very complex dream and difficult to put into words. I was being shown some kind of grid or configuration of shapes that were representing some form of predestination. Something that was set in time and space but had not yet happened in waking life.

I don't know what the specifics were about this predestination, or if she was just showing me how it works but it felt a very enlightening experience.

I felt her presence all the while there in her home town, and I was surprised she chose to visit me in my dreams to welcome me with such honor and open arms. Such a jewel she is!


Here is the dream about which I've been musing deeply:

My Solstice dream from December 22, 2006:

I see three birds, three doves, very beautiful. They are very unique doves, each of these three doves is of black and white coloration and more strange, each dove has a small pouch at its breast in which it carries a baby bird. Like marsupial doves!

There is a network or grid-like curtain over the whole area where these birds are, a cage or aviary, and yet there is no visible sign of confinement. On the net there is a repeating motif or pattern, which is clear in the dream but I can't quite remember on waking. Nearby stands a man named Ron M. who is the Director of Regional Planning for our county in Ohio. His presence cues me to think of a network wide planning effort. Then it occurs to me that these are the black and white doves of peace and the network and planning is for a unified peace planning effort, one that would carry on with the next generation, baby birds, which are carried outwardly, at the breast as the young develop, just near the heart, as an infant or a baby kangaroo might be carried in a front pack to look out on the world. End of Dream.

On waking I reflect that the black and white seem like the union of opposites, good and evil, light and dark as one. And that peacemaking is just that: no exclusion of the dark, rather a union that creates a generative third new possibility. And, the three doves of peace might refer to three great spiritual traditions struggling with one another: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But in the dream they are together, not at odds, rather held in a common space with an overall network or pattern which defines their abode and contains them. To the planning part of the dream I connect a waking life experience and recent invitation from two Jewish women friends of mine who have been very involved in interfaith dialogue and have been approached by NCCJ (National Conference of Christians and Jews) which has now become an organization for interfaith dialogue called Bridges. (yes Bridges!) The invitation was to become involved in visioning a World Peace Conference in Cincinnati OH in 2007. Yes, we can dream of it! And my dream feels like direction to me to explore this possibility with these women and others of the three religious traditions mentioned and others who are quite serious about such an effort.

I share this with you at this end of the year as my gift and connection to all of us who are living BRIDGES of peace, peace which is a journey, a space that seems to be an impossible dream, and yet is vividly real to all of us and others we touch.

Carrying the baby bird of peace like at infant at the heart,



Anyhow: I got myself involved in the planetary dreaming on Dec 22, and I would like to share the most prominent gift I received from it, which will hopefully bring some light for others too. Almost every detail escaped me, but this one thing stood out: I was shown/informed that each one of us is like the hexagon in a beehive, in the way we are all connected to make up the whole. This impacts me so much, because it is a beautiful picture of interconnectedness and how integral each of us are to the whole. I think this picture speaks volumes!

May the new year bring multitudes of new blessings for you all! And more emails from me, yahoo!


A sequel to Jody's dream and Kathy's comments thereon?

I dreamed my sister and I drew pencil drawings of our dreams both on one page, linked at their upper inner corners by curving shapes that almost touched. "It's a boat," she said. "It's the moon," I said - "but it's also a boat." Then I narrated in a voice so charged with dramatic energy it woke me:

"The full moon comes riding over the land and touches the sun. Guan Yin, Kundun and Siefai meet!"

The bit about the boat and the moon relate to something personal but could also relate to the larger story, the serial group dream here. I know Guan Yin is a Mandarin Chinese name for the Goddess of Compassion and Kundun is a title for the Dalai Lama translated as "Presence." I don't know what Siefai is - that's my attempt at a phonetic spelling - my first impression on waking was of a reference to something regarding Kaballah (Jewish mysticism) of which I've read very little but had occasion to think of yesterday - "sefer" the Hebrew for book; "sefirot" in the plural or "sefirah" singular, a term that is intentionally obscure according to the book I have here but relating to the emanations of God and the central symbolism of Kaballah. Any other clues, anyone?

As the full moon rises when the sun is setting, if it rides over the land to touch the sun, then East meets West -imagine that!