Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
April 2007

That's A Lot of Change

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2007 April). A View from the Bridge. April 2007:
That's A Lot of Change. Electric Dreams 14(4).

A few days ago I had a dream. It was a fairly common dream, but with a little twist. Here's the dream.

I am standing outdoors near a house. The house has concrete steps leading up to a wood porch with a porch railing, all somewhat old and run down, but comfortable. It is nearly dark, but there's enough light for me to see something shining on the porch step. I bend to look and notice that it is a gold coin, one of the new gold dollars that have been minted recently. Then I look and see a couple more of these coins lying on the porch near the steps. I begin picking them up. I had six of them in my hand when I woke up, because I remember saying to the man I was with, "I've got six of them," and thinking to myself, "I used to pick up pennies. This must be inflation!"

When I woke up though, the first thing I thought of was the last of a long series of dreams I had several years ago about picking up coins...which stopped when I realized I was saying to myself, "That's a lot of change."

That was when I learned that dreams of picking up coins are fairly common. At the time I was corresponding with Tam Mossman, probably best known as the editor of the Jane Roberts/Seth books for Prentice Hall. He said he'd had a series of these dreams of picking up coins just before he decided to leave Prentice Hall and begin publishing a magazine about intuition. He said he had been collecting coin dreams from others as well.

But here's the twist. The marvel of being in an ongoing dream group, and one that spans the world, is that as soon as I posted the above dream to The World Dreams Peace Bridge, I began receiving information about the number six and its meaning as a symbol, from other members of the Peace Bridge. This was information I never would have taken the time to look up on my own, so (as with all dream groups) the input from others was valuable and appreciated.

From Joy in California came this message:

Oh yes! Not only is 6 gold coins a lot of change, it's BIG change, and GOOD change!

The 6 of Pentacles or Disks in the tarot comes to mind, traditionally showing six coins surrounding a prosperous person with a scale, giving alms: As one book says (The Sacred Tarot Unveiled by Allyson Walsh): "...recognizes that giving is as important as receiving - this is the practice of prosperity consciousness, letting energy flow back and forth."

Alexandra Genetti in her very globally-oriented Wheel of Change Tarot shows six coins, six cowrie shells and six paper bills, symolizing the symbolic nature of money and how it can become distanced from our actual material needs. In the accompanying book she points out how trade and specialization have brought wonderful diversity yet disconnected us from the direct relationship to our sustenance we knew in ancient times: "This is a very large change," she says.

She emphasizes being aware of the wide-reaching environmental and economic effects of how we use our money; her Six of Disks "may herald a time of simple increase and good material fortune. Along with this fortune comes the challenge to divide the needs from the wants in your life.... The balance you achieve will help you bring a larger balance in the totality of the world."

Knowing this IS your focus, Jean, I'd take your 6 gold coins as a very good sign!

From Kathy Turner in Australia came this message related to the wish for FU or good fortune that Peace Bridge members have given to each other ever since it was introduced by May Tung to the group many years ago:

Dear all - I wish you much much happiness and much FUUUUUUUUUUUUU (6 gold coins of FUUUUUU) at this time.
A late happy wish for Mawlid al-Nabiy (March 31st);
A late happy wish for Saka New Year (April 2)
A partly late happy wish for Passover (April 3 - 10);
An ontime happy wish for Easter (April 8).

And from Janet in the UK:

After reading Joy's tarot connection to Jean's dream I decided to head for my tarot book. (The Way of the Tarot, by Karen Hamaker-Zondag - a Jungian approach using the Rider-Waite deck.)

Here's some of what it says about the number six: "Six is the pivot of it's divisors (1 + 2 + 3 = 6 = 1 x 2 x 3), and also the pivot or center of the first five even numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. If we link this with the fact that we encounter three two times in six, and three is connected with the ingress of psychic energy into the realm of time and space, then it seems that six with its pivotal action has a cyclic function. Cycles bring us back to points where we have been before, but where we can make a fresh start with new trends and new cycles. In the meantime, something old, the previous round, is completed. Thus in six something has been completed, but at the same time there is movement due to a duality or stress-field (2 x 3). Here is a remarkable association of rest and tension, in which the completion of a cycle preponderates, but the impulse to enter a new stage is also present."

As Janet pointed out, what Hamaker-Zondag says about the number six seems to echo the change that is going on in the lives of many people on the Bridge, "And," Janet adds," it certainly resonates with my own life, where I am definitely feeling as if I have come to an end of a cycle and need to enter a new stage - I'm just not sure what that stage is yet."

After writing this, Janet noted:

I haven't looked at the tarot for a long while, and only dabbled with it for a brief time, but decided this afternoon to pick just one card to see what turned up. So I shuffled the pack thoroughly, cut it, and turned over . . . the six of cups!

From what I have heard, the energy of the six is running rampant this spring. There seem to be major changes coming to a lot of people, not just the people of the Peace Bridge. But there was another interesting result from the appearance of the six coins in my dream and the discussion that followed. Several people, for whom the work with numbers in dreams was a new idea, have now begun to look at their dream numbers. Two is a favorite, but who knows what might develop?

Lots of change, indeed!