Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
June 2006

Dreaming with the Ancestors
DaFuMu Dreaming in June

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2006 June). A View from the Bridge. June 2006:
Dreaming with the Ancestors. DaFuMu Dreaming in June. Electric Dreams 13(6).

Apologies to all readers of the View for several months of silence. Dreaming on the Peace Bridge has gone on, but the author of the View from the Bridge has been writing a book (See below.)

During the month of June, however, the Peace Bridge invites your participation in a very special event. On Thursday, June 15, members of the Peace Bridge will be "Dreaming With the Ancestors" on the day of our regular DaFuMu Dreaming for World Peace. Dreamers worldwide are invited to join us as we ask the ancestors for assistance in solving, at an individual and global level, the need for peace and a sustainable future for the planet.

This theme was suggested by Mary (Whitefeather) Joyce, who will facilitate a special summer Solstice ceremony on Thursday, June 22 at the annual conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts. Mary, who is a member of the Peace Bridge online discussion group, as well as IASD, invites all dreamers, whether or not they can attend the conference, to join in the celebration online at http://www.asdreams.org/ at the IASD Online Bulletin Board. During this time, there will be dreaming for IASD as well as for the planet, and people are invited to record their dreams and comments on the Bulletin Board.

The Native American theme for this entire event derives from the fact that the Solstice Celebration will be held on Indian Hill on the Bridgewater State campus, where Conference attendees will be invited to watch the sun set through an ancient Algonquin sighting stone, discovered by Conference host Curtiss Hoffman last summer during his regular archaeology field school. For more on this interesting story go to http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/.

Mary Whitefeather will lead a drumming meditation at the Solstice Celebration with her pau wau drum. All Conference attendees are invited to bring hand drums, and those at home can join in the meditation by either drumming alone or with their drumming circles, or simply by meditation on planetary peace between 7 and 8 p.m. EST. Twelve Native American drumming groups will join the event at various locations on the North American continent.

Group Dreaming: Dreams to the Tenth Power

The following is a brief excerpt from Jean Campbell's new book on the history of group dreaming research. An entire section of the book is dedicated to the accomplishments of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, and a percentage of each book sale will be donated to the Aid for Traumatized Children Project of the World Dreams Peace Bridge. For more on the book, including a special prepublication discount offer, good until June 18, 2006, go to http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/.

Chapter 11

In the Wake of 9/11

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I awoke from a strange dream:

I am standing in the doorway to an air traffic control tower. This is a major airport, maybe Kennedy in New York, and there are a number of employees monitoring air traffic. One African-American man stands up from his chair with a microphone in his hand. He is obviously shouting and agitated.

This was at 5:30 a.m., my usual wake-up time. I rolled over in bed, took a look at the clock, and thought, "Strange dream. I never dream about airplanes." Thinking no more about it, I went on with my morning routine. I walked in the park near the river down the street from my house, had some breakfast, then sat down at the computer to check the messages on the IASD Bulletin Board, as I did every day.

This morning, I had barely sat down when I received an email from a friend. "Turn on the television," was all it said. Given such a cryptic message, who could resist? I quickly stepped over and turned on the television, to see a twenty-one inch image of what looked like the World Trade Center towers in New York City. An announcer was saying, "There has been an explosion at the World Trade Center. An aircraft, maybe a private airplane, seems to have flown into the...."

As he spoke, the commentator's voice trailed off. We all watched in horror as a second plane, obviously a commercial jet, flew into the other World Trade Center tower, shearing off parts of the building, creating a fiery explosion. The stunned commentator was saying, "Its another airplane. A second airplane has flown into the Tower."

As the story of the day's tragedy began to unfold, I heard in my head, as clearly as if someone had said it out loud, "This day will change the world." My next thought was about the Boarders on the IASD Bulletin Board. What would they think? What would they be hearing? And then, oh my word! I wondered how many hundreds of people around the world had dreamed precognitively about this event, and how they must be feeling, seeing it unfold before their eyes. I knew I needed to back online to tell people they could discuss their premonitions on the Bulletin Board.

Precognitive dreams are not synonymous with group dreaming. However, we have seen from several cases how precognitive dreamers will tune in on mass events such as the O.J. Simpson trial. In these cases, the group focus seems to produce the immediate appearance, in the dreams of multiple dreamers, the upcoming, emotionally charged event. Watching the events of the Twin Towers on September 11, I had a feeling for what might follow.

If you would like to download and read the rest of this chapter, and the following chapter about the creation of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, go to http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/.