Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
July 2006

Drumming Into Dreaming

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2006 July). A View from the Bridge. July 2006:
Drumming Into Dreaming. Electric Dreams 13(7).

The experience of combining the June DaFuMu Dreaming for World Peace, which is the monthly peace dreaming of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, with the Drumming Into Dreaming Solstice Ceremony at the Bridgewater conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams last month produced a wide range of immensely powerful dreams. In this View, I'll talk about only three of them. These three dreams, however, can be seen as an example of the amazing things that happen when groups of people dream together.

Mary (White Feather) Joyce, a fourth-generation Passamaquoddy medicine woman on her father's side, and from a line on Irish psychics on her mother's side, is a member of the Peace Bridge. She is also the person who created the Solstice Celebration at the Bridgewater Conference. The day after the conference ended, Mary wrote to the Peace Bridge that the drumming ceremony, a sunset gathering of over 250 people at the site of an ancient Native American sighting stone, "Woke up the ancestors for miles around!"

For members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge, however, the group dreaming began at least a week earlier, even before the scheduled DaFuMu Dreaming date. On June 13, Mary dreamed:

"People everywhere were coming out of their houses. We are all standing out on the street and all of us were holding hands, miles and miles of people holding hands. The sky was stormy dark blue & black clouds and so windy. We were feeling the groundshaking, trembling, separating and sinking in different areas."

This is only a segment of Mary's dream, which spoke of shifting ground and political deceit. Her dream was echoed by the dreams of several other Peace Bridge members.

"When I woke up," Mary said, "it was because I was feeling the earth sinking below us all and thought while waking up hearing my voice say, 'Wake up Mary. It's a dream. You are all ok, but it's a warning, but wake up!'"

On June 15, after two weeks of pre-conference, total lack of dream recall, I stumbled to my computer at 5:30 a.m. Nick, a college student who lives in Australia, was at the other end of his day. He had written a most surprising dream...and one that I immediately could feel was mine, just like he said. I thanked him for remembering what I had not recalled.

"I am inside the heart and mind of Jean Campbell - the moderator of the World Dreams Peace Bridge," Nick wrote. "Or at least in a state where my observations seem to be in sympathy with what she is feeling."

"I find myself absorbed in vision - an A4 sheet - clear, white, paper. Within it - a dark, black circle, which stretches almost to the edges of the page. I am brought into immediate identification with this gaping hole, this abyss, as though for a moment I am present within the energetic space it represents. The air here is constricted, greatly so. My breath becomes tight, I surge into deep achings for gasps of air. These come, but only for a moment. A Moment! And then it's back to the same.

"Breathe' speaks my inner voice, part mocking, part warning. I know this black space to mirror the conditions of those living in Iraq. I feel Jean's pain as she tries to work out how to direct more of her finances into this project."

"Comments: I woke - restless for breath. It was as though the dream's message had carried itself, within my body, not just my mind. I was reminded of Jean Campbell's new book - *Group Dreaming, Dreams to the Tenth Power*, and my reading about how a percentage of profits would be donated to the Aid for Traumatized Children Project in Iraq. The dream gave to me, a real "felt" understanding of the situation there. I am grateful for this dream, and it's invocation of a greater sense of compassion within."

Later, at the conference, to my surprise I found myself in the center of the group at the workshop on Mindful Dreaming conducted by David Gordon, Ph.D., telling this dream of Nick's. I wrote to the Peace Bridge the day that I returned:

"I cannot even begin to describe the experience of telling this dream in a circle of dreamers, how most of the people in the circle incorporated this dream as being their own. But I can tell you that David masterfully (and I mean masterfully) directed the work of this group to the end in which, as one person commented: "The group is holding Jean, who is holding the dream, and Jean's dream is held by Nick, who is held by the children (I told them how you changed your major to education because of Micah and your dreams, Nick.), and we are all held by God. I was sobbing by the end of the work...as were several other people in the room. It was good to release the tensions into that space, and good to be able to say into that space that my real, deepest work is to end this horrible war."

The final dream of this set came to the Peace Bridge discussion list from Rita on June 21:

I am walking into this man made cave with other people. There is a deep pool that meanders through the cave. Everything is covered by cement and there is a very narrow path next to the water. The pool is teeming with wild animals, most of them from Africa. There are lions, cheetahs, crocodiles swimming in the waters. I notice this barge on the water of two old, homeless man. They look like Robinson Crusoe and are smoking a pipe and seem comfortable as the barge moves by itself on these animal infested waters. Then my eye moves to another boat - one that is overloaded with westerners. The boat tilts and everybody falls into the waters. I won't look as the animals now swim to the place and begin eating up everybody. I am so frightened for these people and all I can see in my peripheral vision is this tall loving stranger who is a volunteer helping as he can, but he gets dragged down into the water and wild animals also.

As we continue walking there is only a spot left where all these people lost their lives. There is nobody in charge in this cave - everybody on their own. I am hurting and continue walking when I notice there is another boat on the waters, this is a wider one, not like the small canoe that had too many people in them. In the wider boat is a woman, bleeding and deeply injured, very soulful eyes looking at me and next to her there is somebody younger also injured. I take charge and ask the young woman next to me to call for help. She has a cell and makes the call. Somehow I know that the life of these two people will be saved. There is another young woman standing there, grieving. She just lost her mother in the canoe and was still grieving for her dead father who died a year ago. My heart goes out to her. EOD

The dream, which struck such a deep chord in Kotaro that, after carefully asking questions about the dream content, he created a series of water color illustrations (see The View at www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org) is clearly a part of the energy raised by the combined DaFuMu and Solstice peace dreaming.

At the Bridgewater Solstice ceremony Mary Whitefeather announced that if one person dreamed of the rainbow afterward, it would secure peace for the coming times. The next morning, Sr. Mary Rivkah Rogacion from the Philippines told a beautiful dream of the rainbow to the morning dream group I led.

The messages that these dreams hold for us all can easily be seen. The work of honoring the dream is the challenge.