Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
April 2005

Life's Little Book of Magic

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2005 May). A View from the Bridge. April 2005:
Life's Little Book of Magic. Electric Dreams 12(5).

Ever since the first donation was made to The iMAGE Project for the Aid for Traumatized Children work of The World Dreams Peace Bridge, I have been trying to explain the relationship between the two groups and help people feel comfortable with the idea of sending money to an unknown nonprofit. The iMAGE Project is not the Red Cross. It's not even Save the Children, but just a small, relatively unknown nonprofit organization.

And there is not even a logical reason that donations for The World Dreams Peace Bridge should go to The iMAGE Project, aside from the fact that donations to charitable organizations in the United States are tax deductible. And the fact that I am active in both The Peace Bridge and The iMAGE Project, whose ideals are most compatible.

But the impetus to make The iMAGE Project visible enough for people to donate toward the work with children in Iraq has produced first an exceptionally beautiful web site, designed by Liz Diaz; and now Life's Little Book of Magic.

Life's Little Book is an idea that came to me many years ago. At first, I wanted to keep the idea to myself, write a book that was just about my own experiences of magic, or the I Mage. Every once in a while though, I would bring out the title and run it past someone whose eyes would light with pleasure as they heard the words, until finally I realized that we all have magical tales to tell.

So this week I sent out several hundred invitations to people to join the Open House at The iMAGE Project http://www.imageproject.org/openhouse.htm
and to write in Life's Little Book of Magic, which will be an ongoing, inspirational activity of The iMAGE Project.

I'd like to invite you to write your own, true tales of magic. I'd like you to invite your friends to do the same. Two things will happen if you do. One is that one day The iMAGE Project name will be connected in the minds of many people with hope and dreams. And the other is that we will all be able to see how magic operates through us to move into the world, even as we dream the world into existence.

Lend your account to the annals of personal magic.

If you would like to know more about the work of The World Dreams Peace Bridge, take a look at our web site at http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org, and if you would like to join us in discussion, just send a post to