Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
February/March 2005

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2005 March). A View from the Bridge February/March 2005. Electric Dreams 12(3).

One very useful aspect of sharing dreams with an international group of dreamers is the variety of perspectives available on any given subject. This month, for example, following the DaFuMu Dream for World Peace on February 15th, May wrote:

"I noticed that my dreams of late are much less tranquil. I used to dream much more of outdoor places, especially about water. That is almost all gone and I miss them. I connect nature dreams with introspection and being in tune with oneself.... I would like to find a medium ground where I can both act upon my inner energy as well as going into tranquility sometimes. Does activism and compassion always have to be agitating?"

It is undoubtedly true that focusing on Peace, provides a focus on the lack of Peace that so much of the world suffers; yet May also sent this dream and the note following it after the DaFuMu dreaming:


It is just an image I see on a well laid-out, long table, as in an exhibit. It is covered with either a white or a red table cloth. On this table are rifles or whatever you call those long ones, and a few pistols. They look clean and shining, being displayed for show. I am just passing by, not paying much attention to it. EOD

"Then, this morning, I got a brief post from Ali." May said. "He is already in Amman, Jordan, and had already talked to Mazen on the phone. The plan I made for them (!) is they can go shopping for the Iraqi children. I'm sure they will.

"I was concerned for Ali and his colleagues driving down to Jordan. He told me it is still dangerous. As in my dream, guns were lying down. He even said he enjoyed the ride! He sounded so relieved. I am too.

"You see, dreams ARE useful." Baomei

The international flavor of the dreaming permeated the DaFuMu. Dreams from three other members of the group also contained transoceanic (transworld?) views. Olivia wrote from England:


I sit with a group of Spanish Engineers, men in their upper twenties. We sit around a low table, informally. One of them speaks of the group's aid project, he speaks English. He then proceeds to translate for one of the others, and I say I understand some Spanish.

I immediately wish I hadn't, my Spanish, I realise, has all but gone for lack of use, and this man speaks fast, in what seems a flat, urban accent, omitting syllables and letters all the way. I somehow get that he gives me the engineering spiel of the project - which would likely not have meant much to me in plain English, even!

When he has finished they all look at me, waiting for what I can offer. I feel terribly embarrassed, and begin, almost falteringly, to tell them that I belong to this group... I fish around for the words... World... Dreams... (try to say that in a dream! - Makes me think the other communication came across telepathically.)

"...Peace Bridge", the first man fills in for me. They have seen it on the web. I think I say something about them getting in touch...

Valley, who lives in Texas, but is part of an international community there, sent this dream:


I am dreaming I am standing in my bedroom and looking out my window into my backyard. I see small purple flowers blowing in the wind and I am fascinated by the beautiful, unusual flowers and how many of them are blowing dancing in the wind outside my window. Then from the distance blowing toward me I see a large White Magnolia Flower that is open all the way. It blows into my window and bangs loudly startling me in my dream.

I become awake and realize I am dreaming. I then find myself in an intimate dream with my partner Hadi. He is discussing with me how I am human and of course I have physical needs. After this intimate interlude I am looking for him and I cannot find him. He is in a restaurant called The Cosmic Cafe. He has foam coming out of one of his eyes. It is a form of divine madness one gets after seeing god. He goes to the owner of The Cosmic Cafe and asks him if there is a cure for this. Praveen, the owner, tells him there is no cure and he has got it too. The chef in the kitchen of The Cosmic Cafe has also got it. There is no cure for this divine madness. EOD

"I wake from this dream with a strong sense of loss," Valley comments, "especially from the magnolia flower. It stays with me all day, making me feel heartbroken and extremely vulnerable. The dream feels like it is about loss and greiving of something beautiful. It also had a feeling of the presence of god, and of passing on or of some kind of spiritual transition. The divine madness seems to be about not being able to fully make the transition, to be caught in transition....

"In terms of the world the white magnolia flower is about Peace and the loss of that flower. It is in full bloom It reminds me of when the Iraq war started on the first day of spring....

"There was one more peson in the kitchen, who also had this divine madness. I don't know who he is or what country he is from, but something is cooking in the kitchen."

From Australia, Kathy sent the following dream:

"Dear everyone," she said. "I did dream on the 15th. It doesn't seem like a mandala of peace dream, but it is.


I see this lady lying on a great ball. She has on a diaphanous gold-yellow dress with thin shoulder straps and a beautiful rose made of the same material.

I'm looking for the material. I know I have to make the undershift of a green satin. I see wonderful material on a spool, all sorts of exotic silks shot with colours. But I'm intent on finding this simple green satin. EOD

"The green and gold colours signify 'new home' to me. They've been in my dreams for a long time associated with 'Villa Nova'. But green as the undergarment also reminds me of the green of compassion (which is I guess the companion to the negative expression of the same energy: green for envy), the energy of recognizing others.

NOW somehow this seems connected to the discussion of Dr Ali and the money. To give a gift is an enormously difficult thing to do. To receive a gift is equally difficult...

"For to me such difficulties can be solved with compassion. BUT HOW? That will come as we pay attention to the dreams and to our awarness....YES RETURN TO DREAMS - tonight I will dream to open my heart in this context."

Being on the Peace Bridge though is not entirely about dreams. It is also about just noticing the differences in our respective worlds. A week after the DaFuMu dreaming, Kotaro wrote from Tokyo that the Spring Wind had begun to blow:

"Kochi fukaba nioi okoseyo Ume no hana aruji nashi tote Haru na wasureso.

"'When the EAST WIND blows, you, the flowers of plum, must give the parfume and don't forget the Spring even though I, your master, am not there. (ancient song).'

Here , Kochi means the East Wind."

And Kathy returned:

"Ale wa kochi no kereina name desu. Welcome Kochi!!

"In Australia (northern part/east coast anyway) we are waiting and waiting for the rains to come! We should have had a wet season by now to end the hot, sweltering, humid summer days. No real rain yet. No rain last year either. I think we are in the down cycle of the El Nino. If so, this will continue for a few years. NOT good. Australia is a pretty dry land!

"To all of you welcoming Spring, hello from the land where we are waiting for rain and the beginning of cooler months (which some from the edges of the world like to call autumn!!)."

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