Electric Dreams

DaFuMu Meets Dream In to Create
Psi Dream Event

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2004 December). A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE:
DaFuMu Meets Dream In to Create Psi Dream Event. Electric Dreams 11(12).

In the past months, those familiar with The World Dreams Peace Bridge have become acquainted with the term DaFuMu dreaming, a word created from the marriage of Japanese and Chinese, indicating the focused type of group dreaming done on the Peace Bridge. (See http://worlddreamspeacebridge.org/dafumu.htm for more.)

On November 16, 2004, members of the Peace Bridge discussion group were very concerned for Emad Hadi, the young university professor who is director of Seasons Art School in Baghdad, Iraq.
The group has adopted the school as a fundraising project and has become close with the staff and students there. In the week before November 16, Emad Hadi's best friend was killed. The despairing
note Emad sent to Ilkin had touched the hearts of all of us. We agreed to DaFuMu for Emad, a dream of great good fortune.

On that same night, the International Association for the Study of Dreams held its annual Dream In, a kickoff for the organization's Pledge Campaign. Dreamers are asked to dream together for the future of that organization. Now, several members of IASD are also members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge--but not Olivia.

From Devon, England, Olivia is a recent addition to the IASD dreaming family, who has been slowly sampling the offerings of the largest dream organization in the world. She has hung out on the
IASD online Bulletin Board, participated in the PsiberDreaming conference, joined the Psi Dreaming discussion group, but never joined the Peace Bridge. In fact, she had recently expressed some
concern that her dreaming self might be more "invasive" than other dreamers would like.

On the night of November 16, Olivia got a firsthand experience of shared dreaming. And rather than criticize her for being invasive, members of the Peace Bridge welcomed her with open arms.

The dream that Olivia dreamed when she fell asleep on November 16 was intended (by her waking mind) to be a dream for the IASD Dream In. Instead, while asleep and lucid, she dreamed of Ilkin,
who she knew from the PsiDreaming group and Harry Bosma's Psi Angels. She dreamed about an article in a newspaper about someone Ilkin knew, a dark young man who was in danger. The article in Olivia's dream said this young man had many dangerous choices and could be aided by a reading from the I Ching, the Chinese book of changes.

Awake again, Olivia sent her strange Dream In dream to Ilkin, who immediately recognized the subject of the newspaper article in Olivia's dream as Emad.

Needless to say, many things happened as a result of this dream - more, in fact, than can be described in a single, brief article. So let me highlight a few of the results:
  • When Ilkin mentioned the e-mail from Olivia to Emad, he not only said to her, "Your concern is like medicine to me," but said he had also dreamed about Ilkin that night and would send the dream.
  • Because, as a Moslem during Ramadan in the middle of a war, Emad probably would not throw the I Ching, I asked Peace Bridge member May Tung, who often uses the I Ching from her native China, if she would do a reading for Emad. The reading was profoundly transformative.
  • Olivia joined the Peace Bridge--with the result that Joy remarked, "I thought you had been here all along."
And finally, interestingly enough, when I mentioned to the World Dreams discussion group that I felt like my DaFuMu dreaming with the group had been like "stretching my dreaming muscles," that I
felt like I was being more lucid and making more contact with other people in my dreams in general than I had before we began dreaming this way, I discovered that several people agreed with me, enough so that we have decided to do a DaFuMu dreaming for World Peace on the same day of each month, in addition to whatever other shared events we might decide on. (More about this in next month's View.)

So the process goes on, utilizing contacts in both waking life and sleeping life to expand on a world view in which all world citizens can become acquainted. Two dreams from the younger generation
round out this remarkable set of dreams and intuitive experiences.

When World Dreams web designer, Liz Diaz, received the fund raising greeting cards several PeaceBridge members plan to send out for Seasons Art School, she showed her son Michael the photo of the little Iraqi boy with his bear that is on the cards.

Michael, that generous boy who just turned eight, had the following dream:

"There was a huge snow storm coming soon, and he and his brother had to go to 7/11 to stock up--Julian got a lot of candy; Grandma got a lot of food; and Michael won the lotto and got rolls of money in $1,000 bills. He told his mother he was going to give the money to her to send to the children in Iraq."

Later, Nick Cumbo, who is just finishing final exams for his college year and looking forward to summer in Australia, dreamed lucidly:
"I found myself in a place I knew to be Iraq. A bomb raid seemed to be occurring. I felt scared and terrified by the reality of what an ordinary Iraqi must experience. I remember walking around. There were many security guards, and it was threatening them, my even being there."

Nick commented: "I woke with a much deeper understanding of what must go on. Of course, this only happened for a few moments. I can't imagine what living there would be like. I now feel a compassion which is more alive in its passion. Which is nothing to be congratulated for. It simply allows me to recognize that fear and pain more deeply, and to work, from afar, on transforming it."

The World Dreams Peace bridge is open to all people who dream of world peace: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org or discussion group: worlddreams-subscribe@yahoogroups.com