Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
August 2003

Hands Around the World

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2003 September). A View from the Bridge - August 2003:
Hands Around the World. Electric Dreams 10(9).


Dreaming of peace and the interesting projects created as dreams come true happen daily on the Bridge. Join us. To learn more about The World Dreams Peace Bridge, go to our web site at http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org, or join the Peace Bridge discussion group by sending a post to

It is difficult to know what to think these days, when suicide bombers are killing dozens of people, not just "our" people, but "their" people as well. During much of August, the dreamers of The World Dreams Peace Bridge have been dealing with this type of violence.

Recently, after the bombing of the UN offices in Baghdad, I wrote this request to dreamers, not just on the Bridge, but elsewhere as well. You are welcome to join us:

Dear World Dreamers,

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the response received from Veronica Avati at UNICEF Headquarters in Baghdad, and to invite you to join in a World Dreams of Peace Week between August 26 and September 1, 2003.

Veronica and others at the UNICEF Headquarters in Baghdad have been instrumental in introducing us to Dr. Karzan Jalal Ali who runs a clinic in northern Iraq, through whose efforts we have attempted to facilitate our Aid for Children Project. Here is Veronica's touching response to our condolences about the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad earlier this week:

Dear Mr. Campbell, many thanks for your sincere thoughts and words. Unfortunately we lost a dear colleague and friend in Baghdad with so many others working at the UN.

It is a tremendous shock for all of us, but I truly hope that for Chris, Jill and so many others that lost their lives, we will be able to continue and pursue our work for the well-being of the Iraqi children.

Sincerely and with so many thanks from the UNICEF office.
Veronica Avati

For every child
Health, Education, Equality, Protection

Veronica Avati
Child Protection Officer
UNICEF Erbil - Northern Iraq
UNOHCI Int.Line: 001-212-963-4792 (ext.230)
Direct Line: 0041-22-909-5803 (ext.230)
e-mail: vavati@unicef.org

Many of you have seen the message from Ralf Penderak in Germany, suggesting that we dreamers take time to Join Hands Around the World, not physical hands but our dream hands. We urge you to do this during this World Dreams of Peace week, by setting your intent for us to together dream of peace and, quite literally, join hands around the world.

If you would like to record your experience, you can do this by going to the message board at the World Dreams Peace Bridge Reservoir http://worlddreamspeacebridge.org/disc1_toc.htm
And actually, if you are feeling in need of healing, you might like to explore the rest of the Reservoir pages as well.

Can we, together, create a peaceful world? We can most certainly dream.

Thank you,

Jean Campbell, Moderator
The World Dreams Peace Bridge

This was a difficult letter to write, but even more difficult to receive the response from those we have come to know in Baghdad, through our work with the Aid for Children program.

Dr. Ali's clinic is in Northern Iraq, and even though we have not yet been able to send the first toys to him, we have corresponded quite regularly via email. Today Ilkin sent a news article to those of us who have been working on the Aid for Children project, talking about the worsening conditions in Northern Iraq, due to ethnic conflicts.

Bridge member Jody Grundy sent the following response to the above post:

Dear Jean and all world dreamers,

Yes, I did read about the World Dreams Peace Week and Hands Around the World. You have my hands and my dreaming mind, conscious and unconscious joining in. I will offer whatever comes from these states of mind during the "dream in."

I had read your letter of condolence Jean and am touched by it as well as the response. Thank you for all of us. I wept when I heard of the bombing of the UN in Baghdad and cannot stop thinking of those serving there as well as all their loved ones and colleagues in the UN here. I feel as others do as well I'm sure particularly poignant and deeply deeply saddened by the chosen vulnerability of their mission in Baghdad. I do not know if it was wise or not. Obviously to not have had more security was unwise with hindsight. But symbolically it was and is important.

As you know my son David who is an ER physician and Captain in the US Army Reserves is still there in the war theater. He has been serving in Kuwait and has gone in and out of Iraq on med evacuation missions as well. Though our communication has been limited we have had a more direct view than many of what is happening and conditions there via his photos and letters. It is indeed a living hell for all concerned, our servicemen and women as well as the Iraqi people. David is hopefully coming out of Kuwait/Iraq sometime between now and the end of August, returning to GA and then even more hopefully, home by mid Sept. to Cincinnati.

I am aware that the peace dream in week is just during the period he is most likely to remove from the war zone. Please keep him and the others removing from that zone in your prayers and dreaming during this time as well that they may make it out safely, both physically and psychologically.

I am grateful to you Jean and to all of you on the Bridge for your many and continued efforts to keep reaching out your hands for peace. I continue to do so with you in my own context, so know I remain part of this community even if I don't write very often.

May: I owe you a special letter since I've dreamt of you since the Berkeley conference. Jeremy:I owe you one too! thanks for your call before you left the States. I was traveling and so missed the call. I have not forgotten the idea of doing something here in Cincinnati with children for the Peace Train.

Also, for everyone's interest I am thinking about a small gathering of dreamers here in Cincinnati, OH on the theme of Dreams of Peace. I just met with Phil King of ASD who many of you know lives and teaches in Hawaii. However, his hometown is Yellow Springs, OH, about an hour north of Cincinnati and he's on a sabbatical back home here in Ohio. I visited him there today and spoke about this group and the idea of doing something together on a gathering of Dreams of Peace.

So far it's just a seed thought, a very small seed of peace. But I'll draw a little water from the Dream Reservoir and mix it with my own garden's soil and see what sprouts.

Love to all and may peace that surpasses understanding fill us to overflowing,
Jody Grundy

Earlier in the month, we celebrated A Day out of Time along with Thanks to Water. These were some of the enjoyable things we do, and there were lots of wonderful dreams. Also, World Dreams web master, Liz Diaz created a most beautiful addition to the Reservoir pages for this event. To view the healing energy of the Reservoir, go to www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org and look for the Reservoir pages. We welcome you to join us there.

Many lovely things have been happening with the Peace Train as well this month. There will be a Peace Conference in Turkey in October, sponsored by IFLAC. Ilkin Sungu has been asked to assist in opening the conference with a roundtable discussion about women and peace.

Here's part of a post a post she sent to a number of women dreamers:

I have to write a presentation paper for the IFLAC International Peace Conference, which will be held in Turkey. I am a journalist and had been wrote many articles about women issues before. But this time I have to write an opening paper for a Roundtable Discussion on "Women and Peace; Can Women Create A Massive International Peace Movement?". It is easy to write about the history of women movements or what women suffers from the wars. But what I want to write is what all of you, every one of you think about if it is possible we can create this and how.

I want to write a song, be your sound of a song written every line from another woman from around the world. Please write me what you think, what you feel at least in a single line. I believe those lines will be a song, a paper written by all of us from the farthest parts of the world and show us our way for what can we do when we come together, sing a song together and work for peace together.

At this same conference, Ilkin has also arranged for children from Koc College to present a peace dance, and many of the Peace Trains created through the Education Volunteers' summer program in Turkey will be displayed.

Peace Train creator, Jeremy Seligson, traveled to Ecuador this summer after attending the ASD Conference in Berkeley. He tells this story about the Peace Train in Ecuador:

As for Ecuador, on the last day of my visit to the Andean Highlands. I asked the guide if we could visit a local school. We arrived at an elementary school in a small town and were told that the students were taking final exams and to come back in a half hour. We returned from a volcano about 40 minutes later and saw many students leaving from a door - oh, it was too late! Then, the guide realized that this was a kindergarten door and the elementary school was a meter away. The students were still inside. The principal and a teacher allowed me to address a class of 30 6th grade, mostly Indian girls in their blue pinafort school uniforms. They were charming and serious, too. And sang out brightly as I asked each of their names. "Jaunita ...!"I spoke in broken Spanish but they could understand me and what I wanted from them concerning the Ecuadorean Children's Peace Train. With the help of Eloisia, who handed out paper and crayons, they careful drew in margins on their pages and began to draw pictures of peace in their lives, sometimes calling out in Spanish, who has Red! Who has Green ...!

I had hung up a poster from the Korean Children's Peace Train on the white board in front for all to see, and then as the girls finished the drawings one by one I substituted their drawings for display.

Afterwards I asked of they wanted their pictures taken. They got all excited and clustered up around me their pictures held in hand in front of their bodies. Unfortunately I only had my daughters throw away plastic underwater camera and it seem out of order, not turning as I tried to change the frame. But they were so eager to have their pictures taken that I just pretended to do so, arranging them in groups here and there and requesting them to smile. This was fun for everybody. I spun the dial of the camera and after a while it seemed to be moving though there seemed to be no indication of break between the pictures, and ata last it read zero frames. If lucky maybe one or half of once will come out! Que lastima! Right Liz?

Anyway I have enough for a nice little train and some other people I met in Ecuador may help too.

And finally, on an even cheerier note, several people from the World Dreams Peace Bridge have been participating for the past month in Harry Bosma's(Alchera software creator from the Netherlands) More Lucid Dreams experiment. It appears that they have not forgotten me, even though I could not participate. Here is a recent post from Kathy Turner (Australia):

Jean - I think you must be popping in to see what is happening at Harry's Lucid Dream project. THREE of us have dreamed of you in the last two days!!! JILL dreamed you sent her a cheque for $5 (I think that is the correct amount). LAURA dreamed you walked through her mansion dream in a green peace T shirt. I dreamed I returned your photo to you. You were pleased to have it back because your husband didn't like your lending it (he'd given it to you initially). I had written a "thank you" note of four words on the back in blue biro. I hoped that wouldn't cause a problem.
So Jean - what do you think of this??

Of course, one thing I think of it is that it confirms what I believe already: that together we are creating the world from our dreams, that we are present in one another's dreams not just as symbols of ourselves, but as ourselves. And that, if this is true, then we can indeed dream the world into peace, assuming that is our desire.

The World Dreams Peace Bridge is a group that uses personal dreams for public world peace. You can find out more about the WDPB at: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org