Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge:
A Report on the World Peace Bridge

A Peaceful Solutions Dream In/
February 2003 Update

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2003 March). A View from the Bridge: A Report on the World Peace Bridge.
A Peaceful Solutions Dream In/ February 2003 Update. Electric Dreams 10(3).

Although it is an awesome experience to be part of not thousands but millions of people around the globe connected in an overwhelming request to world leaders for peace, the members of The World Dreams Peace Bridge feel that they played an important part in this worldwide effort in February by conducting a "Peaceful Solutions" Dream In between February 8 and 15, 2003.

Who can know the power of a dream? Prior to the beginning of the Dream In, there were two or three quite believable predictions from reliable precognitive dreamers, that the hostilities between the United States and Iraq would result in bombings on February 16. Were these predictions wrong, or did the sheer intensity of peoples' desires and hopes for peace change the future?

In the sense of ordinary politics, such questions have little meaning. There is still plenty of jockeying for power going on within the United Nations and the NATO Alliance. The threat of war still exists. And yet, for dreamers, the question asked above may be the deepest question of all.

During the week of the Peaceful Solutions Dream In and even earlier, starting with the Candlemas celebration on February 2nd suggested by Australia's Victoria Quinton, members of the Peace Bridge and those from other groups including dreamchatters, the Association for the Study of Dreams' Dream Activism Group, and many from the ASD Online Bulletin Board and other places, turned their attention toward dreaming for peace.

Many people chose to submit their dreams to the World Dreams Peace Bridge web site at http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org, where the dreams were collected by web master Liz Diaz, to be examined with the aid of Harry Bosma's Alchera Dream Journaling software.

There were peaceful solutions dreams too numerous to recount, many indicating strong elements of mutual or group dreaming; some indicating fear of terrorism, war, or violence; but all indicating a willingness from the dreamers to listen to the voice of the dream. To those who have asked me (and others on the Bridge) if any peaceful solutions were found, let me respond with only two of the many examples presented by Dream In dreams.

The first dream comes from Kathy in Australia:

I'm driving (n an anticlockwise direction) along a narrow road winding around the base of a mountain. Some roadwork is being done, but all traffic (including me) is moving very quickly. I see a large white truck and am afraid. Surely there'll be an accident. But we both seem to pass each other with no problem. Next a white four wheel vehicle is coming. Oh no. At the same time a construction worker throws a twisted steel rod across the road. I know it is hopeless now as either the four wheel drive or I will drive over one end of the bar and the other end will crash onto the other vehicle. There seems nothing we can do. Then both I and the other vehicle STOP. Now we move the bar. That was the solution. I was surprised how simple and obvious it was.

The second dream comes from Stephen in the U.S.:

I had this dream the night President Bush made his State of the Union speech. I'm lucid. I see a panorama of war, fire chaos, blood, savage energy unleashed. The panorama shrinks to the size and shape of a human face, with the images of war moving over it, as though projected on skin. The face literally devolves into progressively earlier stages of man, ending in a Neanderthal shape whose mouth is open wide in a primal scream.

I think, "This is the face of war." Immediately I am asked, "What is the face of peace?"

I realize I have no vision of peace except as an absence of war. I can't name any actions that fill the face of peace. I am clear the face of war is a man. I wonder if the face of peace is a woman.

As a result of his dream, Stephen said to the others in the World Dreams Peace Bridge group: "What actions create Peace? Thic Nhat Hanh has suggested deep listening, which seems a nice start, I think. The dream invites us to come up with activities that manifest peace and to create a 'face of Peace."' Stephen invited the group to make contributions to this list, which will be posted on the World Dreams web site.

One immediate response to Stephen's request came from Kotaro in Japan. His "Basic Declaration," a powerful piece of art work, can be viewed in the new Art Gallery section of the World Dreams site.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the February Dream In, one which has been seen and noted in all phases of the recent outpouring of sentiment against aggression, was the connectedness engendered through the Internet. The Peace Bridge began receiving communications from many other peace-oriented groups. Once such communication came from a leader of a fairly conservative Christian group, which asks teens around the world to act for peace. The individual praised the Peace Bridge approach because, he said, dreams are "universal." And so they are.

As we move into March, members of the World Dreams Peace Bridge will be asking other dreamers to join us in a Gratefulness Dream In, giving thanks for all of the wonderful things that have happened to date. The Bridge discussion group is open to all dreamers. Simply send a post to worlddreams-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


The World Dreams Peace Bridge is a group that uses personal dreams for public world peace. You can find out more about the WDPB at: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org