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A View from the Bridge
November 2003

Jean Campbell

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Campbell, Jean (2003 December). A View from the Bridge November 2003. Electric Dreams 10(12).

This month's View from the Bridge is a connected series of reports from various members of the Peace Bridge group.

For anyone who doubts that people dream together, and that possibly we are dreaming the world into existence, the collected dreams from this month on the Peace Bridge can be viewed as a study in collective consciousness. Filled with astronomical phenomena, November has been a busy month of dreams, culminating in the DaFuMu dreaming for the people of Istanbul. I have appended a collection of the Istanbul dreams at the end of this article, but at least a brief commentary on other events of the month seems important as well.

November 8, 2003

Because this was the day of the Harmonic Convergence and a full moon full lunar eclipse, it was the day selected for the annual ASD Dream In and a kickoff to the yearly Pledge Campaign. Many members of the Peace Bridge were prepared to participate in the Dream In (which was also Chayim's birthday). On the day before this event, Ilkin sent a message to the Bridge discussion group: "Pray for Moonlight."

As it turned out, Moonlight is the English translation of the name of a young Turkish woman who had been unable to see clearly from birth. With Ilkin's assistance, she received surgery, and with the healing prayers of the group, she has now recovered full sightedness. In a dream three days before this, Ilkin reported that she had seen a car go by with a woman handcuffed in it, being held by two men. "I am trying to speak and persuade the men to free the woman," Ilkin wrote. "I am giving them whatever I have valuable on me to free the woman." Moonlight also dreamed the night before the surgery. She assured Ilkin that she knew everything would be okay because she saw in her dream that she was climbing a hill and reaching the top.

This event prompted Victoria to suggest that World Dreams people create art for Moonlight to see, and also prompted the quote from Mary, "One less act of violence against a woman on Earth is one step closer to peace."

November 15, 2003

In Victoria, Australia, Nick and Victoria continued a series of Peace Train Workshops they have been doing with young people there. Victoria wrote that on the train, returning from the workshop, she and her children, Emily and Blake, met a Chinese grandmother with her two grandchildren. "The children ended up having lots of fun on the way," Victoria wrote, "because I still had extra bottles of bubbles to blow. There were many 'no' signs - 'no feet on seats' 'no fare evasion' 'no this'; 'no that' but nothing that said 'no bubble blowing.'" Victoria also created a page of workshop photos on her website, which can be viewed at http://www.alphalink.com.au/~mermaid/pipsters_oct03.html

Nick has also been hard at work, with the assistance of other Peace Bridge members on the new Peacetraining web site, www.peacetraining.org, which will allow people a much fuller access to some of the many ideas for creating Peace Trains. The Peace Train Project grew from a dream which Jeremy Seligson dreamed in Korea last year, and since that time Peace Trains have been spreading around the world.

November 16, 2003

Since October, at the suggestion of Ilkin, Kathy from Australia, and others, members of the Peace Bridge discussion group had been planning to participate in the Day of Tolerance promoted by UNESCO. The group had agreed to dream together and to invite others to dream with us, as well as to light candles for peace.

On that Day, in Cincinnati, Jody and her husband Terry had invited many people to join in a friendship walk at the International Friendship Park by the Riverwalk on the Ohio River. Before the day was out, however, a tragedy occurred in Istanbul. Terrorists bombed two synagogues there, killing and maiming many people. From Germany, Ralf immediately sent his condolences to Ilkin and others on the Bridge, prompting from Chayim a post with the subject line, "Just Another Bombing/Pass the Popcorn". These events elicited a busy round of discussion about the meaning of peace and the meaning of tolerance. The International Day of Tolerance brought up far more than anyone expected.

Nonetheless, when Jody wrote of the Riverwalk event, she said: "About 35-40 people gathered, black, white, brown, Asian. Many people discovered connections to others there even though they learned about the event from different avenues. My most riveting image of the afternoon, a gray misty one by the river which was glassy and silver looking, great barges slowly moving by was this: two young Vietnamese children came with their American mother, one of them was Zoe, 6 years old with missing front teeth and an earth shaking smile. Zoe was dressed in a bright red velvet shirt with her name Zoe embroidered across the front. She jumped and skipped and then with profound seriousness asked to know what tolerance means. She also got down on her knees on the circles in the paved walk where symbols of pairs of open hands joined and made a symbolic ring of friendship. She sailed three seed pod boats in the little pools of rain water that had collected in these circles, sailing her boats between Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Native American, African, Chinese, Japanese, and other symbols in these circles."

And Ilkin pointed out that the victims of the tragedy in Istanbul--Muslims, Christians, Jews--were all being buried as martyrs, and that the city, where people of different faiths have long lived in peace, would build a monument to Tolerance.

November 20, 2003

Finally, on Thursday, November 20, I woke very early, before 5a.m. my time. As usual, I went to my computer to see read the emails that might have come in overnight from the Peace Bridge. Because the group spans the world, someone is always awake. I immediately found a message from Ilkin, saying that bombs were exploding again. Four terrorist bombs were exploded that day in populated areas of the city of Istanbul. Ilkin's twin sons lost a friend of theirs, a young girl who died in the hospital near midnight. Many others were killed and hundreds wounded. What could we do? Early on Thursday, I sent a message to the Bridge and to other dream groups online, asking that we do a DaFuMu Dreaming that night for the people of Istanbul. The night happened to be the Muslim festival of Quadr, when angels are said to come to earth. Here are the collected dreams from that night:

Dear DaFuMu Dreamers,

I would like to share with you a most extraordinary series of dreams, which I have compiled from the dreams sent to The World Dreams Peace Bridge, the ASD psi dreaming group, and the ASD dream activism group since my request on Thursday for a DaFuMu dreaming for the people of Istanbul. Because these dreams were sent to many different venues, I wanted to collect them all in one place. I have also sent the dreams to some others (in some cases, people who appeared in the dreams), because I thought they would be interested. I know that this is a long document, but I hope that you will read it through to the end.

Thank you, and DaFuMu!


Dear Dreamers,

I wanted to share the dream I had last night. Yesterday, when I was sending out requests for the DaFuMu dreaming, I sent a message to Yvonne Baez in Mexico City, because even though she has not been active on the Bridge lately, I knew she would want to be involved in this. So here's my dream.

An Angel Over Istanbul

When the dream begins, I am sitting in the dining room of a big house where ASD is having a workshop. Yvonne and I are sitting cross legged on the floor, facing one another. I am explaining to her about permeable and impermeable boundaries in dreams. That is, what I'm talking about with her is the idea that, even though we are dreaming, there are certain personal boundaries that we would not want to cross, those having to do with our deepest feelings.

Then, just like we are having a slumber party, all of the people in the house lie down on the floor to go to sleep.

We are wakened not long after that by Alan Siegel and Bob Hoss coming in the front door. They begin stumbling over people, so they turn on the lights, including the lights that are right over my head. I say, "Turn out the lights!" But they pay no attention to me, and soon everyone is awake and up again.

In the next scene in the dream, we are flying in a helicopter that Bob is piloting. We are flying across a bay with a beautiful bridge spanning it (the Bosporus Bridge) and gaining altitude. I say to Bob, "I thought you put this away" (meaning the helicopter), but he nods and looks out the wrap around glass at the front of the helicopter. I look to my right. We are still gaining altitude, and ahead of us there is a convoy of six or eight helicopters, flying way ahead of us. I am worried that they are US helicopters getting ready to bomb someone. Then I look to my left, and see a winged figure backwinging to alight on the land below. At first I think it is an eagle, the US eagle, and I'm afraid again. But then I realize that it is an angel. Bob smiles. EOD

I guess there is no need for me to interpret this one, huh? My Self said, when I was writing this dream in my journal this morning, "There are angels watching over all of you."

Love to all of you World Dreamers. Yvonne, I'm glad you joined us :)) I hope that the angels descend en masse on Istanbul for Quadr.



I did have an unusual dream last night after wishing to have a helpful dream for Turkey as I was falling asleep.

The dream:
We had a special painting on the wall created by Gordon Michael Scallion (best known for his predictions of earth changes), and Gordon was arriving to visit. As I was going to meet him I looked out the back patio door and a huge wind was blowing the large tree outside. A great part of the tree broke off into the neighbor's yard. Thank goodness it did not hurt their house. Then the second part of the tree went down frontways between our two houses, again avoiding damage to either one. I could now see the sky in a way I had not been able to before, when the tree was in the way.

I went outside to examine the part of the trunk which had landed between the two houses. It got up and STARTED WALKING like roughly the shape of a deer but still in the form of tree trunks (hard to describe). I looked at the end of one of the "legs" and saw a brown leg inside of the tree wood. Then it followed me in the house in the form of a large dog. I was so happy and excited that it was alive I could hardly talk. I called it "Magic." I couldn't decide whether to try to peel the bark off or leave it the way it was and woke up with a "numinous" feel.

I have not had a dream of transformation or a dream with this sort of magical feel in a very long time. What I derive from it, since the intention was to dream of Turkey and peace in the region, is that while there is some destruction, it doesn't cause as much harm as it could have caused and some unusual form of new life emerges from the destruction - a kind of death/rebirth scenario. It is not something I could have consciously made up or imagined and I do feel it was a message.

In Peace, Val Bigelow

I wasn't planning to share this dream from last night since it, too, didn't seem to have much to do with the situation in Turkey, but after Val's dream I do have to share it!

My wife and I are driving north to Vermont, where we will camp out near Mt. Mansfield (the highest mountain in the state). By the time we cross the border into New Hampshire it is late afternoon, and we still have a long way to go. My wife complains that we will not make it to the campsite by nightfall and suggests that we turn back. However, I insist on continuing on. When we arrive, it is 10:00 at night. We set up camp behind a log cabin structure. Others there are prepared to help me construct a small log cabin of our own. Just then, a huge white birch tree, maybe 1 foot in diameter, keels over and crashes to the ground, diagonal to where I was planning to put the log cabin. No one was in the way, so there are no injuries. I consider using the birch wood, but I find that it is punky and rotten. I will use other logs instead.

The image I had in mind before going to bed was of the Blue Mosque of Istanbul (formerly Hagia Sophia), with its minarets. The birch tree did resemble a minaret. Perhaps there is something here about the need for the fundamentalist branches of the major religions (Muslim, Christian, Jewish, whatever) to fall because they are rotten to the core, before a new and suitable structure can be built for humankind (man's field) to live in?


Wow, Curtis, another fallen tree!! Now I'm sure we are getting a message. The tree fall but no one is hurt - that happens in both the dreams. One tree is rotten, the other has "magic" new life inside it. I think overall we are receiving very hopeful images in spite of what looks like destruction.



I don't have clear recall about the setting of my dreaming last night, but I feel sure that they included discussions of boundaries.. and the need to understand and express them before becoming angry.


Dear Dreamers,

I am immensely impressed by the quality of the dreamwork evident in your postings! Your interpretations would seem to be very well informed by your familiarity with the symbolic language.

Allow me to bring a dream of similar theme to your attention.

I was in a movie theater watching a film about terrible inhuman acts taking place during a contemporary war of destabilization and domination conducted by the U.S. via proxy terrorists. Suddenly the same proxy army in the film began entering the theater from behind the audience and started shooting us. It was then that I realized the dramatic or "movie-like" nature of what we call reality; i.e., we are involved in a small game which is part of a larger game we have forgotten about. I knew I was given this dream by entities who cared enough to attempt to ease my anguish for the fates of those who suffer at the hands of unconscious humanity. This does not mean we should blithely accept injustice because it is "merely" a movie in which the dead players arise at the end of the production and go on with the "bigger" game. The pain is very real. I believe we must participate in the creation of a better structure, the "temple not made with hands", even as we witness the tearing down of the old structures to make room for the new. It is a labor most literally of love.

Blessings on your important work,

I hope to hear from Ilkin.

I thought I didn't dream much that was helpful, but on reflection I suppose this is a dream of peace and of DaFuMu perhaps as well. I dreamed I found myself (with no preparation) teaching a session called "The Art of Quiet." Evidently it was meant to be "art" in the sense of visual arts, as the participants were sitting on the floor with drawing supplies, looking at me expectantly. First I tossed them all the pillows from my bed to sit on (I have a lot of pillows), then I suggested they each in turn call out whatever visual image of "quiet" came to their minds: "A snowy field." "A sleeping child." "The inside of a church, by candlelight." Then after two or three times around the room, I planned to suggest that they each take two or more images of their choosing - their own or anyone else's - and juxtapose them collage-like in a single drawing.

Perhaps Jean would be so kind as to forward this to the WorldDreamers, and if any WorldDreamers contributed to this DaFuMu I hope you will forward your dreams to the PsiDreamers for us to see.


I had a dream last night I was going on a cruise to Mexico. Me and a few girls, one of whom was pregnant and due any time, were going to go. We set a date, but then changed it to a few weeks earlier because the price went down and because it didn't coincide with the due date. Time to leave we were in a van to be driven to the docks. Steve Smith in the front passenger seat. The driver was driving fast down this curvy hill. I had to close my eyes and just not think about tipping over. Steve said 'yes that is better'. We got there. Some man announced 'and guess what, you are getting on the boat named Dream'. We got in and we had inner cabins (some of the ladies were complaining about this, I was just glad I was going). We sat in these very comfortable chairs. EOD

Dear Jean and all dreamers who dreamed for us and peace for all the world....

Jean what a beautiful dream for us. Although people are acting as they don't affected and go on to normal life psychologists and other experts are warning on TV's etc that we may have a social post traumatic syndrome. They even opened some university's psychology departments for free and a phone call line. I personally realized that I want to sleep all day and thought it may be because of trying to find a way not to think. Tonight there was candles on many windows and at 18.00pm everybody turned on and of their lights for a time as a common signal. Tomarrow there will be a "Sound of silence against the sound of violance" protest all over the county. People will gather in all cities and walk in silence. The NGO's and all kind of labour and professional organisations will lead the protests with the slogan of "We don't have bombs, guns or bullets; we have our hearts". One side of me gets furious time to time and one side of me gets proud of my people's behavior. This is not the first time we are witnessing terrorism but maybe the most ......(I can't find the word). During the last 10-15 years more than 30.000 people died in this country but at least there was a braveness in those deaths, there was a fight. The most disgusting part of this last events is it's cowardice. Murdering and wounding hudreds of people in such a coward way is another thing which we can not understand easily in our culture. Even in our villages where there are blood feud (vendetta) to fire somebody from his /her back is accepted as cowardice and such people can never find respect in their lifes. In fact these stupid, nihilist, radical, terrorists (i can coun't thousands of words) are not aware that they have turned their gun to themselfs by these bombings. They can't even call themselfs as muslim in this country anymore after killing so many in this way and this sacred time. Today the newspapers head lines was as "El Katil". "Katil" means "murderer" in Turkish and for Turkey, "El Quayda" or any of these groups name is "El Katil" after now.

Dear Jean, Kathy, Ralf, Victoria, Joy and all who prayed and dreamed for us, thank you all. It is believed in Islam that tonight is the sacred night which God sends all His angels to the world, listen all the prayers and forgive the sins. I was outside a little while ago. It was really as a somehow different, mystic, magical night. There was a mist (fog?) on the ground as white clouds has landed on the earth. It was hard to see the houses around but the sky was so clear and full of stars. I watched the mist on the ground and the stars at the sky for a long time and think about the universe. I thought how little we are, how unimportant what we lived, how far away to those stars but still how close we are. And for a minute I had a strange feeling thinking if that mist can be to hide the angels around. Maybe you were also there Jean, with your angel. After so long years of atheism, I was just begining to believe that there must be a great creator and these bombings made me question that creator again. Maybe I mus not question but these are tests we have to take. Well, in short thank you all for thinking us.

Oh, my dream...I can remember only one dream from the last 5-6 days and I wish it doesn't mean there is a hindred years of loneliness waiting us but peace;

"I am staying in a one roomed ground floor place with my husband and children. It is up a hill facing the Asia part of the city and the sea. It up to the site of houses I am living now. There is a recluse old man living in the room near us. He is making spiced nuts and ruffles in his style and sell them. He is the grand son of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (or himself). He is reading me poems and I am telling him he is as successful as his grandfather (and thinking he is too old to be the grandson) and he must publish his work instead of making these spiced nuts etc. He is answering me it is so hard to get in front of "A hundred years of Solitude". He is helping me too much and I am happy having him as a neighbor. There are many shops around. I am seeing that they are selling very qualified stuff in spite of the poor neighborhood. Beginning just in front of my house there is a luxury site of houses as mine. I am thinking I can sell mine and can move to one of these houses. At a corner of the neighborhood there is a place where they put their rubbish. While I am looking at the rubbish one of the daughters of the woman who is working for me is bringing me a weird bouquet of flowers. It is very much embodied with colorful laces and the flowers are sitting in the middle of an old silver vase. I am telling the girl to pull the flowers so I can see the vase. She is pulling the flowers but throwing them into the rubbish before I can say anything. I am telling her that flowers are as valuable as the vase and I am going to put them back in the vase after having a look. She is trying to get them out of the rubbish but we are seeing that the flowers are not fresh but dried. I am taking the flowers anyway. We are meeting with her mother, where she came to visit me in the one roomed place. I am telling her about my moving plans and we are walking towards my real house. When I am coming to the house I am seeing that my neighbors are there to visit me. We are at a floor dawn the top. One of them says she have to go to bathroom and I am telling her to go to the one 2 floors dawn. The woman working for me is warning me that she didn't clean there yet I am calling behind my neighbor to go to the one at the top floor but she is not hearing me. I am getting very angry to the woman working in the house, saying she had been lazy when I was away and didn't keep the house clean. She gets ashamed and says she was having problems. My neighbor is coming out of the bathroom disgusted and I am apologizing from her, saying I had called after her to use the one at the top floor. She is answering me that not only the bathroom but all the rooms she passed was in a mess. I am thinking that this neighbor is not worth to speak or to explain that some times a house can be a mess because of some reasons, she is too material and I prefer old Marquez reading me poems as a neighbor and living in a one roomed little house."

Well; I think no need to interpret but believe Jean's angel will help to overcome the mess we are in and accept to be in a mess for now. And anyway, what a wonderful thing to have a neighbor as Marquez, reading you poems; what can I want more....

Love you all- Ilkin

This is amazing Victoria;

You must be all reaching to us. I am feeling myself so happy and lucky having you dreamers. You already knew we will have a " Sound of silence against the sound of violance" protest tomarrow. I am sure you will be walking with us in Istanbul and all over the Turkey tomarrow. I will think you all in my silence. Love and hugs- Ilkin

I don't have clear recall about the setting of my dreaming last night, but I feel sure that the included discussions of boundaries.. and the need to understand and express them before becoming angry.

Joy and Victoria and all;

And this is one of the two poems I wrote to World Dreams Peace Bridge 2 days before; third the line is "Silence All over the earth". There was no protest plan yet when I wrote this poem. - Ilkin


The west wind soared high as the mountains
Silence All over the earth
Why say the dead shiver?
Have you ever slept the sleep of death?

In the forest syllable by syllable
Leaves gave you the mighty darkness.
Your body stood Night by night beyond beauty.
Why say dreams are white?
Have you ever slept the sleep of death?

Shadows grew into the winds.
And birds scuttled through your land.
Desolate lay the village road. Why say your loved ones are gone?
Have you ever slept the sleep of death?


Dear Dreamers,

This is Yvonne, from Mexico. It's been a while... but the Istambul bombing brought me back to pray -and dream- for peace. (Thanks Jean).

First of all, Ilkin, I send you and your family all my love, from the other side of the world. When Jean invited me to participate in this Da Fu Mu dreaming, I gladly accepted. But when I went to bed, though, my husband was watching "Gladiator" that was showing on the TV, and I fell asleep, without noticing it, nor making my intention for the DaFuMu dreaming. Two hours later, my husband was asleep, too and suddenly "something" woke me up, and felt Jean's presence right in front of me, and thought "Oh my God! I totally forgot about it! Right away I concentrated, put my thinking into Peace and Love to percieve that energy, and get "connected" to send it all around the world. The only thing I remember seeing before I fell asleep again was a HUGE 5 point star covering the sky.

A while ago, when I was able to turn on my computer, and read the messages... clearly realized how Jean had come to my dreaming boundaries to remind me about the dreaming...

The wierdest thing was that five minutes after I read Jean1s dream, a helicopter passed over my home roof... That has never happened this late at night! Call it synchronicity, if you want, or was it Jean's angel who came to visit?

I would like to share another dream I had not long ago (November 7), that has to do with BELIEVING and making out of this world, what we wish -or dream- about:

I am in a swimming pool with a friend . (Her name is Mali, and has been very spiritual all her life. But lately, she has had a lot of doubts and disbeliefs with all that is taking place in the world. I must confess I have been through this misbelief myself lately). In the dream, though, I ask her how couldn1t she believe, when we are having so many proofs around us. Before I finish saying that, many dolphins start swimming around us, touching us, etc... I am even able to hug a little one. My friend, though, who is just next to me, can1t see them. Then, I turn up to see the sky. It is very, very cloudy, with this enormous Cumulus type clouds. But suddenly, the clouds start taking shapes of big Angels all around! I tell my friend "Look up to the sky! There are many angels above us!!!!" She looks up, but sees nothing! EOD

I came up to the conclusion that what we BELIEVE is what matters the most! If we believe in a world of Peace, sooner or later so it be. If we get "hooked" to the war, terrorists and hatred, so our world be...

Well, fellow dreamers, that is all for now. Better go to bed... I will have a pretty busy weekend. Hope to be back in touch on Monday.

Dreaming you,

The World Dreams Peace Bridge is a group that uses personal dreams for public world peace. You can find out more about the WDPB at: http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org