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Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreams

Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D. 

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Gackenbach, Jayne (1996 July). Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreams. Electric Dreams 3(6). Retrieved from Electric Dreams July 27, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreams is a noncredit introductory course that is delivered on the World Wide Web. The course consists of five lessons which teach you to interpret and work with your own dreams, both alone and in an electronic group session. Each lesson is accompanied by an assignment where you will put what you have learned into practice, and answer a questionnaire about your dream experiences. You will receive feedback on the completed assignment the following week. Throughout the course you will have access to a student bulletin board where you can share your ideas and impressions about dreams with others enrolled in the class as well as an active dialogue with the author/instructor, Jayne Gackenbach.

Here are some comments from students who have taken the course: I think this must be an Herculean effort on your part, and it is appreciated. I am finding it interesting and challenging. As with the rest of your feedback, I find it FASCINATING and am already imagining ways to adjust my clinical work from it's influence. Everthing looks great! Very nice graphics - touches that part of dreaming that is marvelous and wonderful. I find your comments and students' feedback help me to understand better. Once a path of communication is established, who knows where it can lead and that's exciting, if a little scary...


Lesson 1 - Introduction to Dreaming
The first lesson presents some basic information about the importance of dreams, the physiology of sleep and dreaming, and techniques for enhancing the recall of dreams.

Lesson 2 - What Do Most People Dream About?
Have you ever wondered if other people dream about the same things as you? This lesson will look at the content of typical dreams.

Lesson 3 - Dream Work Tools and Techniques
Lesson 3 discusses the language of dreams, and explores techniques for examining and understanding their meaning.

Lesson 4 - Dream Connectedness
Are dreams just a personal experience or do they have a broader context? This lesson explores the way our dreams connect to the world around us, and the effect that culture has on our attitudes toward them.

Lesson 5 - Selected Topics
This lesson covers a variety of topics related to dreaming including nightmares, children's dreams, psychic dreams, and the effects of health on dreams.

About the Course Author/Instructor

Jayne Gackenbach is highly respected in the field of dream research. She holds a Ph.D. in general experimental psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a past-president of the Association for the Study of Dreams. She currently manages ASD's web site (http://www.outreach.org/gmcc/asd). She has been the keynote speaker at many conferences, lectured at the Smithsonian Institute, and was invited to present her work on lucid dreams to the Dalai Lama in India.

She is the editor/author of five books, including "Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain: Perspectives on Lucid Dreaming" with Stephen LaBerge, and more than seventy articles which have been appeared in both scholarly journals such as "The Journal of Mind and Behavior" and popular national magazines including "Psychology Today" and "OMNI". In addition, she has appeared on Donahue, Shirley, Man Alive, and other television programs in the U.S. and Canada.

Most recently she has been working with a Cree dream shaman to study the dreaming practices and attitudes of Native people. Dr. Gackenbach teaches at Grant MacEwan Community College.

Dr. Gackenbach draws on her work on higher states of consciousness/lucid dreaming and her understanding of Central Alberta Cree dream practices to illustrate many of the concepts in the course.

Lesson one will be available on-line Mid-August. You will have one week to complete each lesson and submit the assignment before you are given access to the next lesson and assignment. Enrollment is limited so please register soon. The course runs for six weeks (one lesson/assignment takes two weeks) beginning the middle of August, 1996. This $129 value is being offered at a low introductory price of $39 (US currency) $49 (Canadian currency) . JB.

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