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Bin Laden Sees Precognitive Dreams as a Security Risk


By Janice Baylis, Ph.D.

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Baylis, Janice  (2002 Feb). Bin Laden Sees Precognitive Dreams as a Security Risk . Electric Dreams 9(2).

Bin Laden Sees Precognitive Dreams as a Security Risk

By Janice Baylis, Ph.D. © 2001

In May 1995 our clan is gathered to celebrate brother Dean’s 75th and sister Audrey’s 70th birthdays. The oldest generation begins to reminisce singing cowboy and railroad songs. Son, sibling, uncle, nephew, Bob, video enthusiast brings out his camera and records the conversations.

Just about every family has one video camera “nut”. This is what makes the Bin Laden tape released on Dec. 14th seem very authentic to me.

Precognitive dreams became the topic of the Arab group’s conversation. With their Eastern mind attitude they seem to accept precognitive dreams as natural. Which I believe there are. The first dream mentioned in the video was one reported to Bin Laden a year before the twin tower attack.

Bin Laden said that an al Queda member, Abu-Al-Hasan Al-(Masri) “Told me a year ago, ‘I saw in a dream, we were playing a soccer game against the Americans. When our team showed up on the field, they were pilots!’ He said, ‘So I wondered if that was a soccer game or a pilot game? Our players were pilots’ He said that the game went on and we defeated them. That was a good omen for us.

“He (Abu-Al-Hasan) didn’t know anything about the operation until he heard it on the radio. He did not know about the operation. Not everyone knew.” [Abu-Al-Hasan may have “picked up” the pilot aspect via telepathy, since he was a main member of Bin Laden’s group.]

The visiting Skaykh replied, “Another person told me that last year he saw, but I told him ‘I don’t understand.’ He said, ‘I saw people who left for jihad…and they found themselves in New York…in Washington and New York.’ I said, ‘What is this?’ He told me a plane hit the building. That was last year…when the incident happened he came to me and said, ‘Did you see…this is strange.’”

Bin Laden, “The brothers who conducted the operation, all they knew was that they had a martyrdom operation and we asked them to go to America…we did not reveal the operation to them until just before they boarded the planes.”

Someone in the group asks Bin Laden to tell the Shaykh about the dream of Abu-Da’ud.

Bin Laden, “We were at a camp of one of the brother’s guards in Kandahar. This brother belonged to the majority of the group. He came close and told me that he saw, in a dream, a tall building in America and in the same dream he saw Mukhar teaching them how to play karate. At that point, I was worried that maybe the secret would be revealed if everyone starts seeing it in their dreams. So, I closed the subject. I told him if he sees another dream not to tell anybody, because people will be upset with him.”

This caution and shutting down the group’s pre operation discussion of their dreams is most interesting. It reveals Bin Laden’s appreciation of the power of dream-mind to dream precognitivly. He was wise to consider these dreams a security risk.

This brings up the Los Angeles Times, Dec. 14th article title, “Bin Laden Uses Dreams and Visions as All-Powerful Tools”. The authors, Tim Rutten and William Lobdell interviewed a number of “Islamic specialists” and “scholars” about the tape. Richard Hrair Dekmejian, a USC professor of Islamic fundamentalism said, “much of the dream talk by Bin Laden’s associates seemed fictional.”

“According to Sulayman Nyang, professor of Islamic and African Studies at Howard University, ‘For (Bin Laden) the dream is a tool to control and seduce….In his hands the dream becomes a ruse intended to elevate him spiritually in the eyes of those outside his conspiracy…By inventing a dream predicting the very act he is conspiring to commit, he has not only constructed a self-fulfilling prophecy but one that is calculated to make him appear as the favorite of God.” Did that professor see the same tape I did?

We don’t know how dream-mind accomplishes precognition, but if you monitor your dreams carefully I feel sure you’ll find it. You must remember though that dream pictures/images may not be literal. Take the soccer game image. That attack was not a soccer game! But, team games, such as soccer, are similar to war battles in that both are entered into to win or lose.

Here is my all time favorite personal precognitive dream of many I’ve had. It is my favorite because of the great amount of detail portrayed in similarity images depicting events I had no way of knowing at the time of the dream. Luckily I recognized enough to tell two fellow teachers about it seven months before the waking life events began.

At the time of the dream, March 1974, I was working as a reading specialist teacher in a “disadvantaged” elementary school. Being “disadvantaged”, our school was selected by the district and the federal government to receive many thousands of dollars in Federal Aid to Education Funds. A committee of teachers made plans for allocating the monies. One of the programs planned was a half-day teacher for the Mentally Gifted Minors (MGM) students.

As soon as I heard about the plan I went to the principal and told him that if possible I wanted the assignment. He said that I was the first to ask, I was well qualified and if it came into being I could have the position. This was in March planning for the next school year in September. That night I had this dream:

I am teaching a small group of students, about 15. My oldest son, Brad is one of the students. Another student is a black girl currently one of my reading students from Mrs. E’s homeroom.

We are working on Weekly Readers a newspaper by Scholastic Press. I had the children put them in clear plastic folders we called “magic slates”. This way they could mark the answers and later rub the marks off so another student could use the same set of papers. The little black girl had taken hers out of the slate and made a mark directly on the paper. I went over to her and had her erase the mark and put the newspaper back in the slate.

Then I was preparing to take the class on a field trip. There was one of the very large green school trash barrels in the classroom. It was lined with a fishnet. The boys and girls put their lunch bags into the fishnet to take on the field trip.

When I wrote the dream in my journal I got this much of the meaning. The son in dream had been given a special IQ test. Parts of his score were very high, in the mentally gifted range. He also had some neurological damage which caused some learning disabilities. So, he represented a disadvantaged gifted student. The black girl from Mrs. E’s room, I took as a minority. These were mentally gifted minors (MGM) students. The news was that this class was slated for me. I was elated. I told the dream to Jackie Barker and Cara Lou Landes.

June came and school closed with no final decision. The principal would call me in August when it was decided. In August he phoned; the program was approved. However, the black woman who had been a student teacher in Mrs. E’s room last spring also wanted the job. Her husband had been in an industrial accident and she wanted half-day work. He left it up to me and I said she could have it. Still, I wondered about that dream.

When school started in September, the Reading Department (that was me) and the English as a Second Language Department were having a big difference of opinion about which reading series to use for teaching beginning reading. I was very instrumental in settling the issue in favor of the series preferred by the Reading Department. I took that as the reason I didn’t get the MGM position.

Meanwhile the black woman formerly Mrs. E’s student teacher was now a beginning teacher in the district. She turned up pregnant and due to a technicality the district terminated her since she was not tenured. By November I got the MGM class after all. Her mark on it was erased. It was indeed slated for me.

Now I was faced with planning a program to challenge these special kids. The librarian had used some of the federal money to purchase a video camera, pretty advanced in 1974. We decided on a news report project doing interviews with the video camera. The students would video key personnel – principal, custodians, nurse, teachers, students and parents. We would record their thoughts and reactions to the Big Event of the school’s history.

This Big Event had taken place the previous year shortly after we moved into our new building, a modern underground school with the playground at street level on top of the underground classrooms. The Big Event had been a serious flood on Dec. 6th. Three fourths of the students had been sent back to our old campus for several weeks. Those who stayed in the new underground building were frequently sick from the nauseating smell of wet carpet padding. I connected this news reporting project to the Weekly Readers in the dream.

There was one problem with the idea – I didn’t know how to operate the video camera. I asked the librarian for help. It was brand new equipment and none of the teachers had had time to learn how to use it. She suggested I check with Charlie, the night custodian. It seemed he’d been investigating that video camera on his midnight lunch breaks. He volunteered to stay after his shift in the morning and actively work with the class on the project.

Charlie was pictured in the dream by what I call people reversal. Instead of a dream character referring to something associated with them, such as name, job, character trait. etc.; a person is represented by something associated with them. Trash barrel – custodian – Charlie.

This was a fourth and fifth grade project. The first, second and third grade group voted to study whales. In February they took their field trip, a whale watching boat out of Newport Beach harbor. We saw nine whales migrating from Alaska to Mexico to have their babies. Seems there was something fishy about how the dream-mind had netted so much precognitive detail. All of these facts are a matter of record.

I kept that half-day teaching job for two years and had time to write my first dream book, Sleep On It! The Practical Side of Dreaming.

If you haven’t before, now is a good time to monitor your dreams for precognition. Keep a dream journal, and title your dreams. Reread sections of your journal occasionally and annually. Make notes of precognitions when you recognize them. Look for dream images with some type of similarity to their waking life referent, i.e. items, events or people. For much more information on the way dream-mind chooses the images it uses, that is association on the basis of similarity, see Sex, Symbols and Dreams by Janice Baylis.

The main limbs of this associative thinking system are: life experiences, qualities, words, figures-of-speech, people, family and psychological. Sex, Symbols and Dreams is available at