Electric Dreams

"I Just Love My Computer."

Janice Baylis, Ph.D.

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  Baylis, Janice Ph.D. (2000 March). "I Just Love My Computer." Electric Dreams 7(3). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams 

How many times have you heard someone say. "I just LOVE my computer."?

For many of us computers are a great augmentation to out daily lives. For many young people computers are also a great career choice. My tabulations have found that about 20% of our dreams are about our jobs.

This dream is a good example of physical sex in a dream to represent mental sex. As Dr. Ann Faraday said in The Dream Game, "Sexual feeling in dreams can be a metaphor for being "excited", "worked up", "turned on" or "intimately involved"....The metaphor tells how much libido -energy- you
have invested in an aspect of your life." Dan, the dreamer, has plenty of money (energy) to put into his relationship with computers.

His dream:
"I'm in the entry [beginning level] to a brothel [commercial sex - commercial issues]. There are a lot of guys here. Some seem to live here [for some this is just making a living] others, like me, have come for sex.

I have plenty of money and think I may have sex with every girl in the place.

"I go further in and enter the brothel community room. The women are actually robots run by computers. It seems fine though, and I'm really turned on, sexually. I got one of the robots and start having sex. Others come over and watch.

My computer instructor appears. I come off but my penis stays hard. I think, 'This is incredible!' I choose another computer robot and have sex with her. When we finish I'm still up [He's really "up" for this computer robot stuff]. I'm flabbergasted!

"My ability to keep having sex is unreal. These computer robots are strange, but it sure is fun."
Sex, SYMBOLS and Dreams - p. 29

Mental sex is the excitement and attraction a person feels about a mentally stimulating subject. This dream seems to suggest to Dan that computers would be a fun commercial career.

Besides computers, television is another modern addition to dream symbolism. This next dream made sense when related to the dreamer's work life. The dreamer is Brian. His co-worker, Glenn, has an idea for a technical computer invention. But, he needs the technical skills of someone like Brian to make the item. Glenn had asked Brian to work with him as a
partner on the invention.

Then Brian had a dream. In this dream, based on an association of similar action, the television set represents Glenn's intuition. With television as with intuition the pictures and ideas seem to come out of thin air. Glenn's wife and her womb represent the place where Glenn's creativity will become a manifest reality. Here's Brian's dream.

"I'm at work. Another guy and I are fixing the TV set that the custodians keep in their office. This guy's wife comes in the door. She's a real Wow! [the idea is a good one, attractive]. The guy looks at me and says, "Let's take her!"

He takes her down to the floor [under standing] and offers her to me for sex.

"Next thing I know my head [his thinking] is inside her. It's like I'm looking around inside this guy's woman. [he's getting an inside look at Glenn's creative plan]. He taps me on the shoulder [an idiom for selecting a person] I pull my head out. When I get out the TV starts working because the guy has connected up the TV antenna. [good connections here].

"We're getting a pretty clear picture. The wife is talking to me but I woke up before I got what she said." [The rest of the work will have to be done in the waking state.]
Sex, SYMBOLS and Dreams p 181

Originally Brian didn't have a clue what the dream was about. After discussing how the beginning showed it was about a job he and another guy were working on together, he made the association to Glenn and their project. Then we were able to work out the rest of the dream. The prognosis for the project is good - they are getting a pretty clear picture and the TV set is working.

Both of these dreams illustrate my lifelong observation about the practical side of dreaming. They also demonstrate that dream-mind sometimes uses sexual images to represent non-sexual issues.