Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange
Lucy Gillis, Editor

A Lucid Dream/Keeping An Appointment

Jan Hart

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Hart, Jan (2003 July). A Lucid Dream/Keeping An Appointment.
(An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange, Lucy Gillis, Editor.) Electric Dreams 10(7).

The current issue of LDE is devoted to the unique lucid dreamer, honoring his and/or her unique experiences, beliefs, and goals. Below is a wonderful dream journey from Jan Hart where she meets a mentor, views lives both past and present, and makes a quick visit to an old friend.

Jan Hart
April 2003

There is a certain concept that has given me much satisfaction. Namaste. My Soul Greets Your Soul. I feel fairly confidant in my dreaming. I can recognize various types of awareness in different types of dreams and/or dream settings. I say this because everybody has guides in their dreams. Everyone has a Soul. My dreaming has exemplified the multidimensionality of my self. I recognize my "people" or my "self" while dreaming. But I also recognize other people, or "strangers" in my dreams. I guess I am saying this because the dream that follows was about as personally intense for me, as say, my 16 year old going on a date with Jennifer Lopez!

My awareness is jolted awake and I find myself before a door. I am very excited about an appointment I am about to attend. I know that this meeting has been scheduled for a long time. I know that Jane Roberts is in the room on the other side of the door: I know that I have been trying to have a volitional projection to speak with her for years: I know that this is an appointment that I have waited for, for a very long time.

I know that I am Jan, that I have a family and a home...I know that I am dreaming and I know that I am completely awake. Suddenly, filled with a bit of anxiety and excitement, I find myself face to face with Jane Roberts. She is a little leary of me and I feel her weariness with "seekers". I assure her that I am not seeking her in terms of a guru or messiah or anything, but that I have been trying to give myself the suggestion to visit with her with a volitional projection. I tell her how amazed I am to actually be here talking with her. I wanted to tell her about my dreaming, how she, Rob and Seth have influenced my life and that I am a big-time cat lover.

She moves nimbly and is quite petite (a size 5....not a too-skinny person wearing baggy 5's, and not a 7 squeezing into a 5....she is a true 5). She is wearing a mumu (sic) of the most hideous fluorescent orange and pink flowers I have ever seen! I smile and she laughs about it. She tells me that it is a guise that she often takes to facilitate communication. I am a little bummed at first because I don't want her to patronize me, I want to speak to her as a friend and peer with similar ideas. I didn't come to worship her or idolize her.....to which she immediately sparks up and knows that it's the truth and we agree about feeling each others personality feeling tones (Namaste) and she relaxed.

I told her that I had just finished Sue's [Sue Watkins] last two books (to me, I think she did a book on plants, but I haven't read that) and she was genuinely interested, so I conjured up my conceptual feeling tones concerning the books and my love, respect and admiration for their works (Jane, Rob, Seth, and Sue).

Jane really related and became quite animated and we bullshitted for what seemed like hours about everything. I told her of my life, my kids, my man, my dreams, and she told me about other areas of awareness that she was working in. She told me about many of the people that try to contact her for "things" and how frustrating it all can be. To her the magic is in applying the material in your daily life and she is amused by all of the people trying to contact her.

Suddenly, as we are talking, we begin to share a conscious place together. We both are our individual selves, but we are sharing the same area/space/wave (whatever you want to call it) of consciousness. We are suddenly about 40-45ft. in the air above a golden bog. It is late summer, early fall. I know that we are near the Roanoke Colonies, Virginia. We watch a door to a building (a fort-ish type structure) open and we see a young girl dart out with a skin of some sort (a cow's stomach with the esophagus open, the rest sealed). She needs to get water from the hole in the bog and she is angry and scared.

Her feelings are racing something like this: "I know we need the water. I realize I am expendable, but this hurts, this is frightening, why is it like this? Why do we need to live this way? I know that the men are needed to protect us, but this isn't right". She knows that the reason they stayed inside is to increase the chance for survival of the rest of the colony. "If a man went out to get water and got killed, it would be one less man to protect the colony, but if I got killed it would only be one less mouth to feed".....and in part, because of this attitude, she wasn't going to get caught. She ran with her skin to a patch of clear water about 150 feet from the "door" to fill her skin. When she was about 12 feet from the water hole she remembered the natives and how they would kill her if they caught her outside the compound....

Now all of this time Jane and I are watching the scene unfold....at the same exact time the girl becomes frightened remembering her predicament, Jane and I see two natives standing on a bank that overlooks the bog. Instantly there was "Namaste" between us and the natives, us and the girl, the girl and the natives, the girl and us, the natives and the girl and the natives and us. We all knew that she wouldn't die from the natives. The girl ducked down and scooped up as much water as quickly as she could, flung the skin over her right shoulder and took off running as gracefully as a deer, with her feet deftly going hummock to hummock.

At this point I lost some of my lucidity. It was as if my awareness was tethered to this girl; like a balloon on a string, so that as she ran I was pulled along behind her about 12 feet in the air. I watched her steps carefully, almost as if I was helping her intentions, and I watched her land on each hummock perfectly.

She got to the door and ran inside. While my awareness was being pulled like a balloon because I was attached to the girl, Jane's awareness was attached to mine like a balloon. As soon as we were inside the building, the building changed times. Where before we were in the late 1600's early 1700's, I knew that although we were in basically the same location, that we were in the years between 1950 and 1970. I could tell by tendrils of my awareness that we were still at the same "bog" location, but that structural fill had made the ground sturdy enough to erect a "modern" building.

Jane and I queried each other about our location and we both "knew" the above was true. Suddenly there was a woman in the doorway holding a 2ft. x 2ft. x 2ft. metal box. We knew that it had a dead child in it. We could feel the turmoil of somebody in the building concerning the body in the box. Suddenly, there was a stainless steel autopsy type table to our left with a young girl child on it. She was supine and appeared to be a "bog mummy". As soon as I saw her I recognized the mummy as the young girl we had just seen gathering water.

A doctor walked in, and as soon as I saw him I knew that it was my son, D'Artagnon. He was there to work on the mummy by giving it a full autopsy, but for some reason, upon seeing this girl his heart was broken......I mean, he felt mentally, emotionally, and physically ill. He seemed confused about his reaction because he'd worked on many mummies before and had never felt any real remorse for his actions....but this was different.

Jane nudged me (figuratively speaking) and I suddenly knew that he was one of the two natives that we had seen in the previous scene. Namaste all over again. Going contrary to the type of procedure he (the doc) was expected to do on this girl, he instead sliced a few "thin-sections" from the front of her mummified legs. I knew in that instant that she died from "natural" causes in the bog, not because of some heinous murder. I knew that shortly after having retrieved the water from the bog that she'd made a decision to leave this life. I knew that she had realized that that life didn't offer the type of value fulfillment she'd desired. It was like if a different probability had been experienced, one where the natives and the colonists were cooperative neighbors, she would have stayed. But when that didn't pan out, she wanted out of the experiment.

I knew that the autopsy, should it ever be performed, would reveal some sort of paralysis that was derived from an infection starting somewhere in the girls lower back. I knew she was a speaker in this locale, young as she was, and she was a part of an experiment that would be better understood by my higher self/super self.

Then I was coming home [on my way back to my body] and had another startling jolt awake. (This was a conscious projection to a man I used to drill with. His name is Reggie and I haven't seen him since I was laid off. We always enjoyed our work, whether we were on a mountain-top or in a quarry. He in his self-contained unit, me in my carharts with about 3 additional layers beneath them. We would literally drill in the snow for 8-10 hours a day during big jobs.)

The thing is, is that I woke myself up, I intended to speak with Reggie, and suddenly I saw a self-contained drill on the street. I conjured up my feelings for Reggie and I felt my awareness travel through an intricate network of divine messaging. When I had the rig in view and could see Reggie's face I literally pulled him to me because of my intentions/will.

At first he was asleep, but after I grabbed him, he jolted awake and instantly recognized me. We very quickly went through a synopsis of our lives since we last spoke. I told him I had to go now. I was sorry to cut it short, but I had another lucid dream that I had to wake up and record. Namaste.

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