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Ian Campbell

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Campbell, Ian (2003 December). Dream Blog on Death Dreams. Electric Dreams 10(12).


My journal records dreams I believe are preparing me for death. It also links to dreams I had before the deaths of my parents; and to a page for dream interpretation.

"I am not a person who has 'psychic' dreams. I started to record my dreams in 1988, after a therapist told me they were meaningful. I was immediately fascinated, and shortly began to study dreams for myself and practise my interpretations.

It was in 1995 that I had the first dream which seemed to me to predict a future event, and that the death of one of my parents. It was very worrying. I thought it would occur during a flight abroad they were due to take, and consulted with certain friends and family whether to say anything. I said nothing and they returned safely.

My father died 3 months after that dream, but I had already started a sequence of about 30 dreams prefiguring the death of my mother 7 years later from cancer. I really didn't know what I could do with these dreams other than be perpetually alert and breathe a sigh of relief each time a few weeks passed by without consequence. For some reason, and if not utter stupidity I suppose it must be denial, it never really occurred to me to suspect some stealthy underlying illness like cancer, which was only diagnosed after she suddenly collapsed one day, 6 months before she died.

After Mum's death I collected together the dreams and studied them as a group. What could they tell me about my mother? And then what could I learn about death dreams themselves?

From the beginning the dreams made references to a life after death. It might be birds migrating, my waiting father, a wedding, birthday, journey, a Voice from above. This was comforting, but also interesting. Then I noticed some of the symbols used for the spirit like bird, cat, lion, fire, tree, flower. What was the significance of these different forms? And then I was asking myself, How might I have known when the end was coming? How did the dreams change from 7 years before to 10 days before? What does it all mean?

I collected my dreams and thoughts into a book I called 'The Lark Ascending', which has still to find a publisher. It had already occurred to me that one or two of my thirty dreams had possible references to my own death. Then in February 2002, I had severe chest pain. Hospital tests said I was fine, most likely a stress reaction, and after a while I felt completely better. Needless to say, I looked closer at my own 'death dreams' after this, one of which had occurred just 2 days before the chest pain began.

There was nothing more to be done. Doctor said I was fine, so just get on. Nevertheless I had a faith in my dreams and decided to see if I could get any more information about timing from first the IChing and then a psychic. I added the results in an appendix to my book.

I got on with learning how to use a computer and then building a website to accompany The Lark Ascending. As that drew to a close I was getting dreams about not being ready for death, and so I looked around for unfinished business. One thing I hadn't done was collect together the dreams relating to my own death, which were all mixed in with other dreams in my dream book. At this time Apple offered its users a free weblog, and this seemed the perfect way to present the dreams on the web.

So that is what I'm doing. It is quite bizarre in a way to be calmly plotting the dreams which seem to point to my death. But any number of people with mortal illnesses or advancing years must equally prepare themselves for the moment in their own ways. And as timing is not a strong point of dreams of this type, I might happily be noting down my death dreams well into old age! I don't think I will be, but who knows? And that is the wider point of my weblog. Whether I should die early or late, here is a piece of live data, which will provide some useful evidence on the subject."

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