Electric Dreams

The Dreamer &
The Dreamed

RG Hudson

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Hudson, RG (2005 May). The Dreamer & The Dreamed. Electric Dreams 12(5).

I am dreamed into this living

I am real to my soul,
So deep asleep
It knows not yet
That it is dreaming.

I believe
   the moves I make
   the words I speak
The thoughts I think
   and yet

My floating self,
The one which breathes all life
Through and out my mouth and nostrils,
Seems to know
To know
   from me
Whom I believe so ardently

And right on the tip of my mind
There underlies
A question,
A yearning,
A passion and, ultimately,
A knowing -

That I am the dreamed,
My dreamer asleep where I live,
Way within, far beyond,
In a whole ‘nother mind
Without time
Without space
Without direction or fear,
Where I live unenclosed
In flesh,
Unembraceable by death,
Just entranced and entangled
In this life which I dream

To be real

© RG Hudson