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 Dreams Increase Our Sense of Oneness with Others: Comments on Ullman

Henry Reed

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Reed, Henry (1997 July). Dreams Increase Our Sense of Oneness with Others: Comments on Ullman by Henry Reed. Electric Dreams 4(7). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

"Oneness, oneness, oneness," Cayce emphasized, suggesting that it be our first lesson, repeatedly, until we learned its truth. Dreams may have a role in helping us to recognize and apply this fundamental principle, especially when interpreted in group settings. Such was the essence of the message given by Dr. Montague Ullman at the Fifth Annual Gardner Murphy Memorial Lecture, delivered in New York City, April, 1989.

Known for his research at Brooklyn's Maimonides Hospital demonstrating dream telepathy (with funds obtained through the efforts of Dr. Murphy), Dr. Ullman has devoted the past several years of his life exclusively to educating people about dreams and how to appreciate them, using the special group format he developed (as outlined in his book, Working with Dreams). At this particular lecture event, which honored an influential patron of parapsychology, Dr. Ullman's topic was "Dreams, species-connectedness and the paranormal." One of his major proposals was that "our dreams are not concerned primarily with us as individuals but, rather, as the necessary agents in ensuring the survival of the human species."

He notes that the major aspect of consciousness which gives it survival value is its ability to help us learn to cooperate. Learning to cooperate, if you recall, was Cayce's first principle in develop ing psychic ability. We have developed illusions, however, that cloud our waking consciousness. We have used language, for one example, to help us to hide our true feelings and to create illusions that promote fear and competition. Dreams, on the other hand, are innocent and honest. They cut through these illusions and bring us back face to face with the truth. Dreams show us the essential unity of humanity.

Ullman believes that it is through sharing dreams with one another that we can best learn to appreciate their valuable message. When we work on a dream alone, our insights may remain too private--something to "know," but not necessarily something to apply for fear others may not approve. Developing our dream insights in a group setting helps these insights to become more "socialized" and a working part of the interpersonal world. The ESP dimension of dreams, which becomes more evident in group work, also helps develop the individual's consciousness of interconnectedness with others.

Perhaps more than any other form of public forum or group discussion, sharing dreams may be a key ingredient to the survival of our species.


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