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Henry Reed 

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Reed, Henry (1996 March). Hosting Your Dreams. Electric Dreams 3(2). Retrieved from Electric Dreams July 27, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

Have you had dreams in which the energy from the dream seems to stay with you all day? A new method of working with your dreams specifically invites that energy. It encourages you to allow the dream images to participate in an active manner within your thoughts. The method is called "hosting," as Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, currently president of Pacifica Graduate Institute, developed it as part of his teaching on what he calls dream crafting. The purpose is to help the dreamer to more fully understand and integrate the messages the dream presents. In his own words:

"Dream crafting is simply using your ability to hear deeply the stories of the dreamtime; to see and wonder about the figures of the dreamscape; and to let whatever is inside the dream come out and live... To 'craft' a dream imaginally is to experience the figures of your dreams as guests. If you extend your hospitality to them --become their host-- they will reveal their mysteries and their messages with you."

There are eight basic steps to "hosting" a dream:

. . 1) Remembering --pay attention not only to the essence or plot of the dream, but also to any particulars which include all of the senses. What is the dream like visually, auditorially, kinesthetically?

. . 2) Recording --express the dream in the present tense, both in writing and in speaking the dream, and use whatever methods of presentation feel important in sharing and being with the dream. These methods may include writing, painting, dancing, singing, working with clay, acting it out, etc. Become immediately involved in the dreamscape.

. . 3) Listening poetically --become aware of the uses of symbolic language, metaphors, puns, and rhymes.

. . 4) Becoming curious --notice patterns and allow interaction with the energy of the images. What is new or surprising?

. . 5) Recollecting --recall events and waking-life circumstances, making personal associations and connections. However, use caution not to speak about the images, but allow the personal information to speak through the images.

. . 6) Exploring themes --investigate related myths, fairy tales, or legends for any similarities, and allow these to expand your encounter with the dream images.

. . 7) Listening --let there be some silence so that the dream messenger may speak on its own behalf.

. . 8) Listening again and again --allow the dream images to continue to communicate even after the "work" seems to be complete. The important aspect of hosting is not to interpret the dream, but rather to be with the dream. Honor impressions, personal associations, and intuitive knowing about the dream images as part of the whole dream. Allow the dream images to have their own energy and notice the impact that this energy has, not just on the dreamer but to others who might hear the dream as well.

Hosting a dream image, especially dream animals, allows the dream figure its own identity. This process takes those images from being merely symbols of something in our lives to energies unto themselves. An extremely valuable result from this type of dreamwork is that we can learn about troubled species or other elements within our world. We can more fully realize that indeed we are all interconnected. Once the initial hosting process is initiated, an added benefit to this type of work is that the dream figure's energy is invited to continue to influence and affect the dreamer on an ongoing basis. Hosting prolongs the life of the dream and continues its effects into our waking life. For further information about dream crafting, contact Dr. Stephen Aizenstat at 249 Lambert Road, Carpinteria, CA 93013. [Report filed by Rosemary Watts-Dreyer, Atlantic University.]


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