Electric Dreams

Rhine Conference: Consciousness Today

Harry Bosma

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Harry Bosma (2007 April). Rhine Conference: Consciousness Today Electric Dreams 14(4).

Here's a selective report for psi dreamers. March 2007 the Rhine Research Center organized a conference with the title "Consciousness Today: Where Scientists and Psychics Meet at Myrtle Beach". The meeting of scientists and psychics gave the conference an exciting edge, forcing researchers to keep an open mind, and psychics to keep their feet on the ground.

The conference opened with a keynote by star psychic Joe McMoneagle. He spoke about his experiences as a remote viewer with the Stargate project. Joe shared a wide variety of insights into the workings of psi, and funny anecdotes about working as a psychic in the context of intelligence agencies. Joe once worked together with Stephan LaBerge to try remote viewing from lucid dreams, but never really got to like remote viewing from dreams.

Dale Graff presented the results of his personal dreaming project. Dale incubated precognitive dreams for striking pictures on the front page of the newspaper. He showed his sketches along with the found matching photos as published by newspapers. Dale also speculated on how dream images work towards displaying a photo from the future.

Stefan Kasian presented nine examples of dreamers who bought new homes with the help of dreams. Stefan also shared some preliminary results on how such dreamers score on scales for absorption and creativity. Obviously, the purchase of real estate should make for a fruitful area to research psi, as it involves so many very strong emotions. Stefan looks forward to hearing more experiences from dreamers. For more information, see Stefan's member page at the IASD website.

Other presentations among others told about the similarities between sensitivity for subliminal messages and psi information (James Carpenter), and similarities between "flow" experiences and psi abilities (Jean Hamilton). The conference concluded with a keynote by Joseph Chilton Pearce about the connection between the heart and the mind. One of the findings he mentioned was that the heart knows about events before the brain or the mind does. The main theme of his talk could perhaps be summarized with saying that we should change our society to live more from the heart.

Harry Bosma