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 Enter 'Dreamgates' for Time-Folding Travel

Hannah Seymour

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Seymour, Hannah (1998 September). Enter 'Dreamgates' for Time-Folding Travel. Electric Dreams 5(8). Retrieved July 8, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Suddenly, I'm back in Exeter, N.H., in a proud, 19th-century house flanked by towering white pines, a home once owned by a dealer in fine antiques and rare books. I'm entering a back room crammed with "volumes of forgotten lore."

While browsing though this virtual dream library, I'm fully conscious of being at home in a small, one-windowed room reserved for incubating dreams and mediations. It's dusk. I can hear a wood thrush singing outside, and a warbler. . . .

Thus begins the start of my adventure in "conscious dreaming," illustrating one of many intriguing methods taught by novelist, dreamworker and shamanic practitioner, Robert Moss, in "Dreamgates: An Explorer's Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death" (Three Rivers Press, 1998, paperback, $14).

" 'Dreamgates' is a course in human possibility," says Moss, who describes part of his book as a flight manual.

His work is also a guided tour in active dreaming, an invitation to open new portals in imaginal realms. Here, as we move through unmapped, inner terrain, we may encounter "interdimensionals" who offer guidance "that we can apply directly to the creative challenges in our lives," he says. Or, we may experience a rich array of shape-shifting, time-folding events that are "entirely real on their own level of reality."

Moss calls it "soul remembering," a process involving dream travel to astral planes through which dreamers enter into "hidden orders of reality." He provides numerous accounts of interior travels -- his own and others -- which, when combined with intention, have sparked intuition, healing and understanding.

"Consciousness is never confined to the body and brain," he says. Part of the book is a history lesson in shamanic practices as taught since ancient times. What's new, is Moss' fluid way of organizing a rich amount of historical and experiential material in an eye-opening way.

"Poets and mystics have always known that the world of imagination is a real world, a 'Third Kingdom' between the physical universe and the higher realms of spirit -- and that it's possible to travel there and bring back extraordinary gifts," he says.

Moss, who is also the author of "Conscious Dreaming," invites us "to release blocks and open to creative flow through Active Dreaming." One exercise is to journey to your personal dream library to seek inspiration or to look up something you need to know: Back at the rare books library, I say hello to the gruff but kindly dealer. He reminds me to enjoy the roses in the side garden. His comment fills me with happy emotions.

Craning my neck, I see a book at the top shelf that looks useful and reach for it. Its square, thick shape falls into my hands. It's not a book after all, but a box of cassette tapes -- the training program Moss offers in the back of his book! I'm both intrigued and disgruntled. "Gee," I think. "Either these might be real useful, or Moss is one heck of a promoter!"

I sense someone behind me amid the dim stacks and turn to look. It's Moss! He's wearing his Indiana Jones-style explorer's hat and a khaki outfit. He is calm, centered and a little flirtatious.

"This guy really gets around," I think. "Let's go outside and talk in the garden by the roses," he says. As we talk, he offers insights on how best to write my own book about dreams, rich ideas that I'm still pondering.

Now and then, a ground-breaking book germinates in the night garden of our dreaming. "Dreamgates," is one such work. Expect what sprouts from its pages to be rambling, exotic, mystically fragrant and full of wise, good fun.

As we approach the new millennium, Moss believes, we have a chance to evolve into a "multidimensional human . . . a more gifted and generous version of our species. . . . To accomplish this, we need to marry the best of contemporary science and scholarship to the techniques of Paleolithic psychology: conscious dreaming, hypersensory perception and the care and feeding of soul."

Thorns also exist amid the rose garden of conscious dreaming, he cautions. His advice about dream travel should alert the heedless without dampening free-spirited adventurers.

If you enter "Dreamgates," be prepared to shrug off the dull and dogmatic. Choose a flight path, check your baggage and lift off.

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