Electric Dreams

Simbilu's Dream Landscape 10,000 Dreams Interpreted

 Book Review

Gustavus Hindman Miller

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Miller, Gustavus Hindman (1998 September). Simbilu's Dream Landscape 10,000 Dreams Interpreted. Book Review. Electric Dreams 5(8). Retrieved July 8, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

One of the things I like about this book is the inclusion of unusual images that you don't find in more contemporary dream interpretation literature. This is very much a turn of the century type book with accompanying language. While that makes it very quaint, be warned that it can also make it annoying when you're looking for contemporary images.

For example, if one dreams of a Xerox machine or a copy shop, prepare to look under Printer and/or Printing Office. The interpretations for both are pretty grim, with slander, bad luck and financial troubles. Printers must not have done so well in old Gustavus' day. Today's print shops and printers have a lot less messy job to do and seem to rake in some pretty good cash.

(Interpretative note: I would consider dreaming of a print shop or machine to me the potential to increase whatever the content of the dream was about, as well as other factors. If the content were negative then I could see the overabundance of negativity. If the print machine broken or the shop closed, that avenue would be closed off for increase, and again, depending on the content of the dream, that's good or bad)

You will find somnambulists and hyssop, flux (which is something that according to him that you "have", and I haven't been able to find a meaning of) and belladonna. The main reason why I keep it handy for interpretations isn't so much that I agree with the meanings or have found them true to this time period; it's more that I like the old-time feel to it, and if someone comes to me presenting an image (and using language like "I was a somnambulist"), I feel I have something that's accurate for that time period.

Recommended for the reasons of curiosity and expanding your dream interpretation book collection.


Simbilu is a writer, tarot card reader, dream interpreter and sacred dance student.