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National Nightmare Hotline: Year Two

Jill Fischer

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Fischer, Jill (2002).  National Nightmare Hotline: Year Two.  
Electric Dreams
9(10).  2002 Vol. 9 Issue 10.


On September 11, 2001 in response to the World Trade Center tragedy, Robert Bosnak and Jill Fischer joined with ASD to create the National Nightmare Hotline (1-866-DRMS911). Jill is the Executive Director of the hotline and responsible for overseeing the efforts of 40 volunteer dream specialists who cover phone lines 24 hours a day/seven days a week. 

Now that the initial effects of this event have passed, we are pleased to announce that The National Nightmare Hotline will remain a permanent service. Skilled professionals will continue to be available on phones, 24 hours a day to debrief adults and children on their nightmares. 

Nightmares have an enormous impact on all of us. They are ordinary events after great traumatic disasters. Nightmares serve to digest the horrific events. Just telling them to someone can have a positive effect on an individual's sense of well being. 

We have received 825 Calls to the Hotline as of September 15, 2002 and have worked directly with 105 nightmares. Most callers find our hotline number on the Internet and have indicated that the service is very helpful. The fact that all volunteers have continued to make themselves available has made this service a reality. We have not been inundated by requests and many volunteers have merely been available but have not received calls. This has actually made volunteering manageable and allowed for our on-going service. 

Please be aware, an article about the Hotline is in the August issue of Hope Magazine . http://www.hopemag.com1

The magazine features stories about people who are working for positive change in the world. 

To read the article go to:


To thank volunteers for their commitment to the hotline, we provides callers, who want to work on their dreams, with a Dreamworkers Referral List. It is a list of all our volunteers who have indicated they are available for referrals. Thus, when a caller to the hotline expresses the desire to continue exploring their dreams, he/she is be given the name of dreamworkers in their respective area of the country. The dreamworker who receives the referral is then free to establish his or her individual way to work with the caller. 

This hotline, is NOT a counseling line. If desired, a dreamer is referred to a counselor after discussing their nightmare(s). 

The hotline has remained viable because of your generous donations. We will continue to welcome offers, no matter how small, that help support this public service. 

Please send your tax deductible donations to: 

The Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD)

Attn: Susan Moreno, Office Manager

PO Box 1592

Merced, California 95341-a592


Write on your checks: 

National Nightmare Hotline


phone: (209) 724-0889


Electronic billing is also available through PayPal. At the ASD website www.asdreams.org It is a secure system that will allow you to donate with a credit card or transfer funds directly from your bank. 

You can also send your e-mail request to: ASDCentralOffice@aol.com and you will receive complete instructions about how to proceed.


We would appreciate your informing friends and associates that this hotline is available. Forward to your e-mail lists and/or print and distribute our flyer (located at the bottom of this page) where people might benefit. 


Volunteering Your Services 

Skilled and experienced dreamworkers and Psychotherapists are needed to be available on telephones, for one, three hour shift, once a week to debrief adults and children on their nightmares. 

Please send the following to:


1. The three hour shift you would be available to answer telephones. (Please indicate specific days of the week and hours).

2. Your telephone no.

3. The full address of that number.

4. The contact person at that number.

5. Your e-mail address.

6. A three line overview of your relevant experience.


We will then contact you with all the particulars. 

Please be advised that we are looking for professional volunteers who have professional degrees &/or liability insurance.


1. historical link inactive December 2101