Electric Dreams


I & II.@ 


Fanny Jacobson 

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Jacobson, Fanny (1996 May). Dreamwatching I & II.@ Poem. Electric Dreams 3(4). Retrieved from Electric Dreams July 27, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  


As, yes again,
the sabbath approaches.
The mezzuin's cry
the sunlight and the bluesky
the mountain and the sea
watching with me
Sleep well
I am out here


swinging straight into dreamtime
yourtime notime like the present
netcycles sea like lunar tidal
always here but ebbing always there
i use pointed signifiers
for rounded reference
assume nothing
assume everything
until the flow resumes

fanny@ICAFE.CO.ZA (Fanny Jacobson)