Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange
Lucy Gillis, Editor

LDE Quarterly Lucid Dreaming Challenge, June 2006

Ed Kellogg

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Kellogg, E.W. III Ph.D. (2006 December). LDE Quarterly Lucid Dreaming Challenge, June 2006.
(An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange, Lucy Gillis, Editor.) Electric Dreams 13(12).

Is your dream environment stable? Or does it morph and transform as the dream progresses? If you change your viewing perspective, does what you see follow physical rules, or do you see something else altogether? How do your dream environments compare to waking reality?

This month we continue with part 3 in the series "Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace" of Ed Kellogg's Quarterly Lucid Dreaming Challenges.

LDE Quarterly Lucid Dreaming Challenge
June, 2006

by Ed Kellogg

((c)2006 E. W. Kellogg III, Ph.D.)

(This feature provides an unusual lucid dreaming task for LDE readers with each new issue. Participants agree to accept personal responsibility for any risks should they choose to undertake these tasks, which may possibly bring about mental, emotional, and even physical changes. We invite those of you who accomplish these tasks to send your dream reports either to Ed Kellogg, at alef1@msn.com, or to LDE.)

Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace Part 3: "Dreamspace"

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter".
Max Planck, Nobel prize winner.

"M stands for "Magic", "Mystery", or "Matrix" - according to taste"
Definition of the "M" in M-theory by its originator, physicist Ed Witten. (1)

In order to come up with a consistent model of our universe, reconciling quantum mechanics, Einstein's theory of relativity, the Standard Model, etc., including everything from gravity to subatomic particles, physicists found that the standard 3 + 1 dimensions (space-time) just won't do - that a workable model requires 10 or more dimensions to explain how the universe behaves. When they did this, they came up with not just one, but many "Superstring Theory" solutions that can elegantly and accurately model how our Universe works. (Dr. Ed Witten found a way of uniting these variations with his much acclaimed M-theory, but had to add another dimension to do so.)

Some interesting consequences also fall out of such models, including time travel, parallel universes, etc. Unfortunately, to put superstring theory to the test in (3 +1) space-time requires such enormous amounts of energy that scientists may not have the resources to do confirming experiments for thousands of years. Yet, humans have routinely experienced phenomena such as those described above in their dreams (2), which opens the possibility that dreams may take place "outside" of (3 +1) space-time.

Also, if this model holds, this would mean that each of us exists as ten or more dimensional beings, to which our (3+1) physical reality selves would be only an infinitesimal aspect of our Higher-Dimensional Selves, of less significance than a two dimensional square in a three dimensional cube, which contains an infinite number of such squares ... Similarly, even our "brains" would consist of far more than the (3 +1) space-time component focused on by most scientists, but could also bring into play an additional 6 or more dimensional component, a possibility that mechanistic models of consciousness promoted by most neurophysiologists ignores entirely. Perhaps dreams do occur "all in our brains" as some scientists like to believe, but not in our (3+1) space-time brains, but in 10 or more dimensional brains.

If we do experience these other dimensional components of self, it makes sense that we would do so in our dreams, visions, and OBEs. We would usually 'translate'/remember these dreams in terms of the (3+1) space-time templates that we have built from our experiences in waking physical reality, but I've noticed that IF people pay mindful attention to their dreams, they report dream experiences that do not fit in a (3+1) template, any more than a square peg fits in a round hole.

In his book Hyperspace, Michio Kaku wrote that according to superstring theory, before the "big bang", our cosmos actually existed as a perfect ten-dimensional universe. (3) However, because of an instability of this ten-dimensional world, it broke down into "two" universes: an inflated four-dimensional (3+1) universe and a collapsed six-dimensional universe.

If waking reality space-time corresponds to the physical reality universe, to what reality might this coupled 6 dimensional universe correspond? I suggest that we entertain the hypothesis that we experience this higher dimensional universe in our dreams. If so, dream reality space-time might extend through 6 dimensions, just as physical reality space-time extends through 4, three spatial, and one temporal dimension. Based on my own experiences, it appears that dream reality space-time has 4 + 2 dimensions, four spatial, and two time dimensions. Three of the spatial dimensions would correspond to the length, height, and depth of physical reality space-time, but dream space-time would also have a fourth spatial dimension, a hyperspace dimension, in which dreamers could also move. In this fourth spatial dimension movement might take the dreamer into parallel dream universes, most of them differing only slightly from the ones adjoining them (like moving up in a cube would move us through a series of squares). Also, having a fourth spatial dimension would also allow our dream bodies to go through things, through a wall for example, to teleport, or even to "flip" ourselves so that our right side becomes our left side, and visa versa. (4)

However, even if we have the capacity for movement in this 4th spatial dimension in dream reality, dreamers don't bring any learned navigational skills for moving in 4d from physical reality space-time. As a consequence, one might expect dreamers to tend to drift, and to move through, parallel universes, as well as to teleport, and even to occasionally reverse orientation without much control. Perhaps this explains the apparent mutability of many dreamscapes.

Why two time dimensions? Well, for one thing, having a second time dimension makes time travel easy, and many dreamers report precognitive and time travel experiences in their dreams. In dream reality we would have the capacity for movement in this 2nd temporal dimension, but as we would not have learned navigational skills for moving in it from physical reality space-time experiences, we might tend to drift and to move through dreamtime without much control. This would result in a two-dimensional time, where we would experience two times, a personal timeline (what we sequentially experience), and a world timeline. Instead of likening time to a straight line, in DR it corresponds more to a two dimensional plane with the forward edge corresponding to the future, and the backward edge to the past. (For more on this, see 5.)

If we do experience a higher dimensional universe, how might "superstrings" show up in our dreams? How might we perceive them? Perhaps a lucid dreamer might notice anomalous structural elements, subtle signs of a higher dimensional dream matrix below surface appearances. Although computer game graphics may look realistic at first glance, careful viewing reveals distortions due to an underlying hexagonal or tile matrix structure. If such a matrix underlies dream reality, perhaps lucid dreamers can perceive underlying distortions due to that matrix, when mindfully looking at their surroundings. How might lucid dreamers perceive superstrings? Perhaps they have some relation to "power lines", which many people report encountering in dreams, often unexpectedly.

The Challenge: Exploring the Properties of "Dreamspace"

When you next become lucid in a dream (where you know that you dream while you dream) pay attention to the structural level of your dream environment. Does the dream environment appear stable, or does it change? If so how does it change? As you move around in that environment, how do changes in your perspective change what you see? Does your perspective sometimes shift unexpectedly, or even reverse itself? Look for anomalies, distortions, or unexpected regularities in the fabric of dreamspace such as "powerlines" or geometric patterns. Pay less attention to the foreground, and more attention to the background, of experienced dreamscapes. Record your experiences and interactions with dreamspace in your dream journal in as much detail as possible - include drawings and diagrams if appropriate.


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Appendix 1. Just for fun: a lucid dream in which I attempted to manifest a superstring with interesting consequences . . .


" . . . In a 'Maxfield Parrish' type setting, in order to demonstrate that we dream to two doubtful, but beautiful (and naked) women bathing in a small, white marble pool, I fly across a very large, elegantly furnished, wood paneled room. As I fly I remember my 'Superstring' task, and chant aloud the incantation 'By the power of Alkahest / Let a Superstring manifest!'

Nothing much happens - I expected a delay - but in a moment a 'radio' comes on, and I hear a voice that tells me that 'it does not seem a good idea to do an experiment of this type, at this time, as you still seem too unfocused and distracted.' The voice tells me further that 'to do an experiment of this kind requires careful consideration beforehand as to what to do, and clear mindful intentionality while doing it'.

What the voice says makes sense to me - the naked young women definitely distracted me, and still somewhat cloud my intent. However, this remarkably stable dream environment seems perfect for an experiment of this kind, and at this point I can now work undisturbed.

Rather than miss an opportunity, I decide to wait and see what happens. I go outside, and see another pristine dreamscape view in a sort of rectangular plane like space - unlimited in two directions, but of only limited height and breadth - perhaps a mile for those dimensions. The whole dreamscape changes as I watch - it becomes gray and desert like. In the sky, dark, almost black, clouds materialize, roiling and moving, as if about to give birth to something awesome and terrible. From a Maxfield Parrish scene it has become El Greco!

Reluctantly, realizing that I do not have clear intent, and have not carefully considered the implications, I decide to abort the experiment.

Looking up at the sky I intend/shout 'Cancel!' The clouds lighten and begin to disappear. I intend/shout 'Cancel!' again, and the dreamscape returns to normal.

I think of what else I might do, and decide to try manifesting a hypercube. As I think this, three entities show up, two 'men' and one 'woman'. One of the 'men' says 'Go ahead - if you don't mind having six or seven more of you!' I think further, and tell the three excitedly 'I have it!" and compose a simple chant: 'By the power of Alkahest / Let understanding of a hypercube manifest!'

However, just after I've completed the first line of this chant one of the 'male' entities grabs my left hand, keeping me from completing a gesture. As soon as he touches me I immediately return to waking physical reality, my experiment incomplete, even though I'd felt solidly embedded in the lucid dream reality right up to that moment."

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