Alfred (1997 October).Dreams that Survive after Death. Electric Dreams 4(10), <> (Oct 28, 1997).

Dreams that Survive after Death.

By Alfred


I went for a walk with a gal at the Shaman conference during an evening talk It was at the Santa Sabina center at Dominican College in San Rafael Just below the Center is a huge abandoned white mansion. She said it was haunted, I went along. She said, "See? Up in the window in the attic there is a shadow of a ghost looking down at the people, watching."

She said the house was also full of about 12 other ghosts partying downstairs. Then she said she was picking up telepathic signals from the ghost I said "Kewl, let's try something." So, I began a Reentry through her with the ghost. I asked her who she was, etc. She was a young woman who committed suicide She was hanging around to complete a lesson. Something she had to get.... or learn before going on. She had to watch people to get it. I asked her to go forward in time to when she learned it. Then asked her if there were those on the other side who loved her. She said, "Yes, family members." I asked if she could tune into them. At this point my friend saw a column of white light. And the gal disappeared up the column. My friend and I looked at each other.

At that moment a shooting star shot over the peak of the house in the sky A real one.

A day or two later, I started to tell a woman who I was doing a Dream Reentry session with about it..... Only a few words into my story she said "Stop. I dreamed that last night." I said "YOU dreamed what?" She said " I dreamed that I was attracted to go to a large white mansion. There was a party of a dozen or so ghosts in one area having a great old time. There was also a woman separated from the rest, who I didn't want to look at." As we were leaving the house the night or two before I asked my friend if we should work with any of the others. She tuned in and said "No, they like it where they are." I had also been reading a book "Letters from the Light" about a judge in 1914 who channeled a series of letters to a student about life on the other side. The editor of the book was at my workshop in Reno. The editor who republished it recently that is. I am also reading a book now "What Survives?" About life after death. It is also a coincidence that my given name means "The one who watches over the dead of all generations." My given name is Alfred. Alfred: The one who watches over the dead.