Bouchard, Rick (1996).The Gestalt Approach to Dreams. Electric Dreams 3(3).

(Mar 1996)


The Gestalt Approach to Dreams - Rick Bouchard


One of the most simple and fruitful techniques for working with a dream is the Gestalt Approach to Dreams. It takes relatively little effort and usually renders results instantly, which is the reason for its appeal.

Take the following snippet from a larger dream:

>I am looking out the window and noticing the sunshine.

I am happy that the parade will not be rained on. <

Now, I will slowly re-read the dream aloud, but this time, inserting the words "part of me" after each noun. The same dream now reads:

>I am looking out the window, part of me, and noticing

the sunshine, part of me. I am happy. The happy, part of me,

is glad that the parade, part of me, will not be rained on

(or, will not experience the rain, part of me). <

One purpose of this technique is to help the dreamer identify with the various aspects of the dream and, therefore, the different parts of her/himself represented by these dream images. In other words, why did "psyche" choose a window, and not a door.....sunshine as

opposed to moonlight, and a parade, as opposed to a caravan or convoy? As this technique comes more easily to you, you can get more creative with which words, and, therefore, which "parts" of you, that you suffix with the words, "part of me."

Pleasant Dreams.<< Rick