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Dream Counsel (1999 August). Dream Analysis. Electric Dreams 6(8). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Dreams are a window into the psyche. Through their interpretation, the future is foretold. Whatever questions a person may have or situation they are unsure of, can be easily resolved by their own unconscious thoughts and ideas. Dream analysis will help unlock those answers.
Dream Counsel was started by two sisters who have been interpreting the dreams of friends and family for many years as well as delving into other areas of counseling ranging from the practice of Psychology to reading tarot cards.

Milla, one of the sisters and head counselors states her personal mission, "I've always felt a need to understand the inner working of my mind, and so I went into Psychology. I wanted to learn how to access the parts of my mind responsible for my sense perception and my higher brain functions, the Sixth Sense. Deja vu for example. Deja vu is the mind perceiving the future but done through recall. So, I figured that if my subconscious was able to recall a future event then the ability to realize the future is in me. That is when I turned to a study of dreams."

Dream images and associations are instrumental in personal problem solving. The meanings of dream symbols and themes can be common or complex; will cross cultural, social and interpersonal boundaries and have distinctly different interpretations for each dreamer. Every person is responsible for their own growth, progression, and health and the solutions are inside your mind.

"For me, dreams are a way for my unconscious mind to have free reign to help me through whatever life has in store for me. If I have a problem, I think about it before going to sleep and 90% of the time I awake with a possible solution. At times when my mind is not toiling over a problem, my dreams provide me with ideas that hadn't occurred to me in waking thought. I am extremely self aware and hope that my work here will help others to also reach a comforting level of awareness." Says Nina, head counselor and co-founder of Dream Counsel. Dreams can light the way to the best possible future and our Dream Counselors will be the guides. Website: www.DreamCounsel.com