Electric Dreams

A View from the Bridge
May 2007

Ebb and Flow

David L. Kahn

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Kahn, David L. (2007 May). A View from the Bridge. May 2007:
Ebb and Flow. Electric Dreams 14(5).

This past month has been a busy one for many Peace Bridge members. This edition of the View was put together last minute due to time constraints, but it is these kinds of busy projects that represent who we are as a group.

Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace occurs just prior to the IASD conference. This major event is the opening ceremony for Peace and Leadership Day, June 25, at the World Children's Festival on the National Mall in Washington. It is filling Jean's schedule for much of the next couple of months, along with the schedules of Valley Reed, Jeremy Seligson, who will be conducting workshops at the event. Even if you can't get to Washington you can participate in this global event by forming a drumming circle at home. Whether or not you will be able to attend, I encourage everyone in our group to support this project.

Please visit http://www.worlddreamspeacebridge.org/drumming for information. There have been several recent changes.
You may also print flyers from the website for you to distribute.

Peace Bridge discussions and events of this past month ranged from poetry to the Virginia Tech shootings, from organized volunteer work to more suicide bombs. Despite the constant stream of negative news, we are busier than ever doing what is within our ability to make a difference. Robert Waggoner, co-editor of the Lucid Dream Exchange, describes lucid dreaming not as the ability to control the ocean, but to take control of the ship. This same train of thought can be seen in contributions from Peace Bridge members.

Ebb and Flow

Elk Looks Back to the Bridge:

I have watched the ships laden with gifts pitch and quake while
high seas did shutter the bounty into the deep

and those whose steady hands guided by prevailing winds into villainous
sang no more

a watcher, a twinkling star, a candle in the window
and tears a plenty given back to those high waters and even further to
the moon.

Hermine to the Bridge:

I dreamt yesterday morning I was on a ship and in the position of being the captain on board, using my compass to know in which direction I was going and that felt really good! It was on the ocean with big sails and for a longer journey. The compass as a symbol gave me strong and compassionate feelings and more self confidence.

Jody to the Bridge:

Hermine, beautiful strong dreamer: your compass gives you and us the direction to encompass all that we experience and feel, with compassion and courage to create a positive community future.

Ken to the Bridge:

I was in a semi lucid state and had been pondering on ancestors and how we must all have shared ancestors if we go back far enough, and how if we remember back far enough we must all share the same source light of life and then a huge wave suffused every cell in my body and swept me up into the sky, yet the sky was like a liquid power...it was like being tumbled in a cosmic sea by a huge wave, I felt tiny but made of it and was not sure if I would survive (looks like I did though)..

Peace Bridge costume for Sonoma

A number of Peace Bridge members have confirmed plans to attend at the Sonoma conference, coming from South Korea , Minnesota , Texas , California, Ohio, Jordan , Mexico , Virginia , Australia , Pennsylvania , and The Netherlands.

Jean to the Bridge:

If you're not on the list, and you're planning to come to the IASD conference, sing out :))

Jody to the bridge:

Shall we dream it, our Bridge costume?

Shall we BE a bridge?
A net?

A flock of Monarch butterflies?

Kotaro's flowers, all flower children of the world?

What do we dream together?