Electric Dreams

An Interview with
Adrian Calabrese, PhD.

David L. Kahn

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Kahn, David L. (2006 December). An Interview with Adrian Calabrese, PhD.
Electric Dreams 13(12).

Adrian Calabrese, PhD., is the author of Sacred Signs: Hear, See & Believe Messages from the Universe (Llewellyn Publications, 2006), 10 Spiritual Steps to a Magical Life (Llewellyn Publications, 2003), and How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted: Complete Guide to Using Your Psychic Common Sense (Llewellyn Publications, 2000). Dr. Calabrese is a member of the American Association of Journalists and Authors, the National Speakers Association, and the Author's Guild. She is currently in private practice and is director of the Metaphysical Center and pastor of the Metaphysical Church of the Spirit.

Website: www.AdrianCalabrese.com

David L. Kahn [DLK]: Tell us about Sacred Signs. What do you most want the reader to take from it?

Adrian Calabrese, PhD., [AC]: The book is the result of my own experiences with signs as I indicate in the first chapter. My father's illness was the motivating force, as well as signs my clients/students/church members shared with me over the years. I want the reader to know most importantly that signs are real and extremely significant as direct guidance from God/The Divine.

[DLK]: What similarities or differences have you noticed between signs that show up in waking life versus those that show up in dreams? Do signs appear large or exaggerated while awake as they do in dreams?

[AC]: Dream signs may be partially allegorical, as opposed to waking signs, which are direct and literal. They both are direct guidance from God. I find waking signs to be mostly subtle and significant only to the person asking for the sign. At times, they may be exaggerated, but not often.

[DLK]: Can you give us an example of a dream sign that had a major impact on your life?

[AC]: I dreamed my uncle had died, and he did several days later. He was ill and I had been concerned about him. Before I went to sleep I programmed: "Please let me know in my dream what's going to happen." Then I went to sleep and I saw him in a coffin. It was really astounding. I saw all of the family there. That morning I knew it was a literal dream; it was not an allegorical dream. I told my folks the next day, "You know, I think he's going because I had this dream." He had been sick on and off his whole life. He had several heart attacks. Why this time? He had survived it so many times. This is the only time I had that dream, and then sure enough about three days later he made the transition.

[DLK]: Do you frequently experience precognitive dreams?

[AC]: For me it's kind of rare. Usually when I have a precognitive dream it is something that is major. It's not just sort of an everyday occurrence. It would be something major, something life changing or challenging. So, for me it's kind of rare. I get most of my information through light trance, but when things are huge in my life they tend to come through in my dreams. When I'm conflicted about something and the human part of me just can't figure it out or if I can't open myself up enough to spirit to get the information, then I turn to my dreams when I can be clear. Even though the information is allegorical, and not necessarily literal, I still know what to do. My mom is amazing about it. My mother is psychic as well and she gets all of her information in dream time. She's closed to any kind of psychic perception generally. She's a little afraid of it, but she trusts her dream time. She will just think of a situation or a question and then she goes to sleep. She wakes up the next morning with the exact answer that she needs. She doesn't necessarily remember the dream, but she knows the answer when she wakes up.

[DLK]: What are your thoughts about the deceased showing up in dreams?

[AC]: I see a lot of people in dreams. I've often seen family members that have come back in dream time. That's pretty regular for me. It's my belief that when a loved one appears in a dream, it is not really the dream. The loved one is making the communication. For whatever reason, we may not be aware, but there is definitely communication going on and sometimes the spirits are able to make the contact much easier when we are in that alpha state.

[DLK]: What can you share about your early years, religious or spiritual upbringing, and what brought you to the field of metaphysics?

[AC]: I was raised Catholic, and attended Catholic schools through my undergraduate degree at Fordham University. I began my studies in the field after having a deeply moving spiritual experience. I heard the voice of my Spirit Guide, Roger.

[DLK]: What is the story of you discovering your spirit guide, and what did he have to say to you?

[AC]: I was on a weekend vacation in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. A friend and I had decided to go down there, and at the time I was a starving actress. We had planned to be on the beach, but it rained and we were forced to entertain ourselves. Instead we went to a bookstore. My friend was very much into new age and psychic phenomena and I was not. The most I did was read the horoscope in the daily news. But, she had talked a lot about it and I was in the new age section, and there was one book that was not aligned in the shelf. It was sitting on top of the other books. I'm a little neat nick and went to put it back inline.

I picked it up and it said, "Spirit Guides." I looked at it and I said, "Wow." I've heard about these things and it was very affordable. I only had a few bucks, but I thought I'd treat myself. My friend had an armful of books and this gypsy fortune telling game, and I said, "What are you buying that for?" She said, "I don't know why." We got back to the room and it continued to rain. We only had two days on this weekend that we thought we were going to spend on the beach.

That evening I said, "Let's play that fortune telling game that you bought" and she said, "Oh all right." It consisted of a scarf that you laid down on a surface that had an outline for cards. It was almost like a tarot thing that you kind of place the cards on each one of these outlines on the scarf and then read in the book what it means. In the center there was a circle and you're supposed to put in the circle an article from the person that you're reading - a ring, a watch, something to get their energy. So she did mine and told me all these wonderful things that are going to happen to me, and then I said "I'll do yours" and she handed me a ring. When she put it in my hand, I couldn't open my hand and I started to panic. I said, "I can't open my hand." Then the ring began to move in my hand, and I said "It's moving" and it really, really scared me to death. I couldn't release it.

All of a sudden, at that moment, I heard a voice say "Hello" as though it were another person in the room. I said, "What?" I thought she said it. She said, "What? I didn't say anything." I said, "I just heard some guy say hello." She said, "Uh oh, I think I know what's happening. Close your eyes and just see what you hear." I closed my eyes and I heard, "Hello." I said, "I heard him again" and she said, "Ask him who he is." I said, "Who are you?" and he said, "I'm your spirit guide."

I asked him his name and he said, "Roger." I told her, "Roger" and then I said to him, "Roger?" I expected a spirit guide's name to be very exotic. He said, "Roger for Christ's sake. I'm here to help you do your work" and I said, "What work?" I'm speaking out loud because I don't realize that I can communicate just with my thoughts.

It was astounding because my friend was witnessing this thing happen to me and she began to ask me questions. When she asked me a question, I'd ask it of Roger and he would answer it. He was giving us predictions. He was giving us information that I could not possibly know about my friend's friends and things that had occurred in her life that I didn't know about. We knew for sure from that kind of evidence that this was the real thing. He stayed with me all night.

I was terrified. I didn't want to go to sleep. I was up all night because he talked to me the entire night. Finally I said, "You have to stop." The whole weekend he was in my head. He said, "Oh, just tell me when you've had enough." It was so simple, and he said, "Call me when you want me." From that moment on my entire life changed. I began to be able to heal. My friend that weekend had a problem in one of her legs. She said, "Ask Roger what to do" and he told me to put my hand on our leg, and I did and the pain went away.

It was as though someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden I could do all of these things that I never even knew I could do. From that moment my life has taken quite a turn.

[DLK]: Share some concepts from your earlier books, including where dreams may be a part of the book or have given you ideas when writing them.

[AC]: In previous books, I have mentioned dreams as significant tools in understanding our needs, desires, motivations, guidance from God, and that they may be used as tools to program the subconscious mind for manifesting our desires.

[DLK]: Do you often use your dreams for guidance, or incubate a question to receive the answer in a dream?

[AC]: I actually do both. If I'm having an emotional dilemma, in dream time they'll come more clearly for me. If I know that a situation is far too emotional for me to handle, I will definitely do the programming and try to get the information through the dream state.

[DLK]: Are any of your clients particularly adept at finding signs in their dreams?

[AC]: In Sacred Signs I talk about the dream signs. Many times we will get them in dreams. My client Garth is the best at it. He goes to sleep and he gets the literal. He's the most amazing person. He wakes up and he records it in his mind, and he goes back to sleep and he continues, getting the answers that he is looking for.

[DLK]: The word "coincidence" doesn't seem to be a part of your vocabulary. Do you have any thoughts about the timing of this interview, and how it may prove to be a sign either for you or someone reading this?

[AC]: I don't believe in coincidence, only in synchronicity. Yes, this interview is a sign for both of us, you and I, and possibly for a reader. For me, it is a sign to continue my work. Only you and the readers will be able to determine what significance it has for you.

[DLK]: Thank you, Adrian, for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. What do you see for yourself in the future? Another book? Any parting thoughts or words of wisdom?

[AC]: You're welcome. I am working on my next book, Single and Happy! What to Do for Your Soul While You're Waiting for Mr. Right, as well as two other titles. I'm speaking and doing workshops around the country, and just returned from a 5-city book tour for Sacred Signs.

In parting, it is my wish that all of us come to know the Spirit within and learn to have a life-long, positive, loving, joyful relationship with the Divine. Blessings to all!

David L. Kahn is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and the World Dreams Peace Bridge. His book, A Dream Come True: Lessons in Current and Precognitive Dream Interpretation, can be ordered online. The Lucid Dream Exchange has chosen David as their DreamSpeak interview for the next quarterly edition, and he will be starting an on going quarterly column in that publication.

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