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Safe and Dangerous Dream Sharing

Christopher Hicks

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Hicks, Christopher (1996).  Safe and Dangerous Dream Sharing.
Electric Dreams 3(7).  1996 Vol. 3 Issue 7.

The Dream Wheel groups are going well this month.  Our eleventh email Dream Wheel, running with three dreams, will be complete, or near completion by the time of this issue of Electric Dreams.  The new venue of the World Wide Web continues to be an adventure.  The Dream Wheels on the Dream Link Web site http://www.iag.net/~hutchib/.dream/1

Now have their very own section. With much thanks to Linton Hutchinson the Dream Wheel groups and instructions can now be found by clicking on the "Wheel" button from the main Dream Link page.  I would ask patience from everyone when finding technical problems or instructions that seem to have been written for a different group.  Everything has not yet caught up with everything!  It is all very exciting.  New territory is being covered here.  The trail is so very fresh, in an ancient sort of way. 

We are all on a tremendous journey.  As with any such journey fear and danger are present.  The importance comes in how one handles them.  Recently the staff of Electric Dreams was made aware of a letter from someone concerning the potential dangers of dream groups such as ours.  This letter is not, I believe, written out of malice or spite.  However, it seems to be a sincere expression of very real perceptions of danger to the dreamer in the environment of our dream groups. 

I believe that our groups provide for the safety of the dreamer, but I am only one person.  As moderator of both the email and WWW Dream Wheels some might say I am less than objective.  I, therefore, throw this out to the readers of Electric Dreams.   

Do you believe dreamwork is dangerous?  Are the Dream Wheels dangerous?  If you haven't participated in one of our groups yet I invite you to do so. Afterwards let me know what you think.  Let Richard, our chief editor, know. Post you opinions to the Electric Dreams bulletin board, the ASD bulletin board, the dream newsgroups, and email your dream‑interested friends.  If we don't communicate openly as a community then what sort of community are we? Dreamwork is like anything else‑‑not all of us will agree.  Let us work together to further dreamwork and not let disagreements block us! 

As always, if anyone is interested in more information on any of our Dream Wheel groups simply email me.  I will note here that all are welcome.  If you think the Dream Wheels are dangerous I encourage you to join one and observe without actively participating.  After which I am always welcome to discussion of the group and/or process. 

‑‑Christopher Hicks



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