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Hicks, Christopher (1995 October 1). Dream Line. Electric Dreams 2(12). Retrieved July 31, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www/dreamgate.com/electric-dreams  

In the pages of ED we offer our dreams for comment and comment on other's dreams. This provides magnificent opportunities for personal growth. In these same pages we are guided on explorations of many dream-related issues. These journeys can hold just as much importance as working with the dreams themselves.

I would like to add one such journey to those we see regularly in ED. Dream Line will encourage us to step outside our 'Dream Community' into the world-at-large. We all agree that dreams can serve a useful purpose in our own lives. Dream Line will explore the role of dreams from a larger viewpoint.

As we approach the turn of the century it seems that the problems facing the human race are becoming increasingly complex. All too often, under the weight of this ever-growing complexity, people fragment into opposing factions or parties.

Unity. With each passing day unity becomes more and more a necessity. Where better to begin building unity than with something shared? To be sure other things besides dreams are universal human traits, but perhaps none are so filled with mystery and potential. Dream Line will look into the world, into our dreams, and back into the world. To what end? In personal dream work positive change and growth are goals. Dream Line will work toward these same goals for us as a race.

In each Dream Line an issue will be offered for all readers to consider. A request will be made for any dreams, comments, or opinions related to the issue. In the next Dream Line the issue, dreams, comments, and opinions will be presented with an emphasis on problem-solving and growth. In addition, Dream Line may review related literature or initiate experimental exercises concerning dreams and the waking-world.

As this first Dream Line is written the "trial of the century" is very close to coming to an end. The trial of O.J. Simpson has transcended any normal murder trial. In addition to the question of O.J. Simpson's guilt or innocence this trial has opened discussions of love, passion, abuse, rage, jealousy, race, and trust (to name a few). I would like everyone to consider O.J. Simpson's trial and send any dreams (old or new), comments, opinions, or predictions (based either on opinion or dreams of the verdict) to me at: JShadow876@aol.com

If you have any suggestions for issues Dream Line should work with please send them as well!

--Christopher Hicks