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"The Right Direction"

Dear Dream Doctor,

I have had a recurring dream for years now. I always misplace my car of all things - not my keys and not my purse - my entire car!

I forget where it is and other times I dream it's stolen. I also dream that I am driving and am lost and going the wrong direction all the time.

I started dreaming this more intensely the last few years after my husband and I separated and then got back together, separated got back together, etc. -- you catch the drift.

I also dream that I am trying to telephone my spouse or my mother and can never reach them - I do think that means I can't communicate with them easily, but I can't communicate with my father or my daughter and I don't dream about them!


--Confused, Age 41, Female, Married, St. Cloud, MN, USA

Hi Confused -

Cars in dreams are familiar metaphors for our selves - and it's always important to notice how they're behaving. If the brakes or steering wheels don't work, it usually means we're feeling "out of control." If you can't find your car, it usually means you don't know how you're going to get from "one place to another." If you're lost and headed the wrong direction all the time - it's just like you said. You're feeling confused about your direction in life!

Given the background you've provided us - you and your husband drifting apart, then back together again - it's easy to see why you're confused about "which way you're heading." Until this situation is resolved, your dreams most likely will continue to reflect this uncertainty.

Keys and purses in dreams most frequently are tied to feelings of identity. Accordingly, your dream doesn't show confusion about who you are - just where you're going!

Your dreams suggest it's time to regain control of your life. Instead of letting your husband determine which way this relationship is going, why don't you create some direction yourself? If you haven't visited a relationship counselor yet, I think a visit is due. Outside observers who are experienced with relationship problems often can see patterns and obstacles that otherwise can take us years to discover on our own.

The message of this dream is clear. The sooner you get a roadmap for your life firmly in hand, the sooner these dreams will stop. You'll be back behind the wheel - and headed in the right direction!

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