Electric Dreams

Developing Lucid Dreaming in the Netherlands: A Personal Account.

Carolus M. Den Blanken 

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Den Blanken, Carolus M. (1997 August). Developing Lucid Dreaming in the Netherlands: A Personal Account. Electric Dreams 4(7). Retrieved July 26, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Drs Carolus M den Blanken will be offering us at Electric Dreams a few months of his research material collected over a life time and we will be giving the *introduction* here on the e-zne and then directing you to the WEB site for the main body of the paper. This material appeared in: Lucidity,11(1&2)85-93:1992-1993.

Edited by Elinor Gebremedhin for Lucidity. This paper is based on a French-language address to the European Association for the Study of Dreams, delivered on October 12,1991 in Mons, Belgium. A French version with the title "Le rÍve lucide aux Pays-Bas" appeared in Oniros, 34/35,17-19;1991.


Some time ago, when Mr. Roger Ripert invited me to give a presentation at a meeting of the European Association for the Study of Dreams(EASD), I hesitated to accept this invitation. I felt honored, of course, but despite a number of invitations throughout the years, I had always kept myself aloof from seminars and congresses. Hopefully, the variety of reasons I had will become clear during this presentation.

The primary reason, however, I want to disclose at the outset. I had always wondered what new perspectives I could bring to the lucid dream field. I am just a simple lucid dreamer, like so many of you, and I do not have the opportunity to do scientific research. The fact that I have published some articles and a book regarding lucid dreaming seemed insufficient reasons for a presentation today.

Suddenly, however, I realized that by addressing you I would have an opportunity to express some feelings I have carried around with me for a long time. By voicing the situations that I have experienced in the Netherlands, I could not only clarify my own position, but also be a spokesman for all those anonymous people in other countries that have no dreamer networks or scientific research on lucid dreaming. I would guess that there are a lot of individuals like myself, who have been carrying the lucid dream vehicle in their country completely through own efforts, without mental or financial backup. I will say more about this later. In addition, I thought I would now have the opportunity to express my ambivalent feelings towards lucid dream research. So you see, I am warning you that the title of this lecture is somewhat misleading. Enough clarifying, the story.


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Also, see the extensive Lucid Dream Bibliography, edited by Drs. Carolus M. den Blanken from the Netherlands, which is now available online.