Electric Dreams

An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange
Lucy Gillis, Editor

My Lucid Dream Geometric Healing Experience

Beverly (Kedzierski Heart) D'Urso, Ph.D

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D'Urso, Beverly (Kedzierski Heart) (2005 August). My Lucid Dream Geometric Healing Experience. (An Excerpt From The Lucid Dream Exchange, Lucy Gillis, Editor.) Electric Dreams 12(8).

Beverly D'Urso, lucid dreamer extraordinaire, and this year's winner of the IASD Dream Telepathy contest, shares with us her remarkable lucid dream healing experience.

My Lucid Dream Geometric Healing Experience
By Beverly (Kedzierski Heart) D'Urso, Ph.D.
(c) 2005

On Monday, March 7, 2005, I went in for a routine, annual gynecological exam. During the exam, my doctor found that I had an "expanded uterus." He immediately did an ultrasound test and determined that I had: "both a large cyst and a mass that looked like it might be a tumor." He told me to return when I got my period to do another ultrasound test to see if my condition changed.

I decided that I would try to have a lucid dream about my condition. Often, I attempt "direct healing" in my lucid dreams. In this case, I might chant that I want the cyst and mass to disappear and zap my uterus with healing energy which usually comes from my fingertips. However, this time, I wanted to understand more about why the situation occurred after so many years of normal exams. I have had other uterine problems, but not for the last decade.

As a goal for my next lucid dream, I chose to ask some questions. I wanted to know precisely: "What message does this condition want me to know?" and "What can I do about it?" I also felt open to any healing that would occur naturally in my dreams. I practiced repeating these questions to myself during the day, when I first went to bed, and when I awoke in the middle of the night. However, I did not feel very well that week and did not even record my dreams for several nights. After recording all my dreams on Sunday morning March 13th, I finally had some lucid dreams on Monday morning March 14th.


4:37 am

In my dream, I take group classes ranging from easy to advanced work.

5:00 am

In this dream, I hear music, and I discover that my recorder doesn't work.

5:50 am

The dream begins after I worked on some problems with a group of people. I walk to a school, but I get lost. I go past the ocean and down many streets until I get to an old park. Two women stand by a large wooden structure. One has blackish/gray, wiry hair and alternately becomes a man and then a woman.

I mention that I need to ask questions about my condition and realize that I am dreaming.

I ask them," What does my condition mean and what should I do about it?"

They do not give me clear answers, so I decide to ask the "Source" to show me answers on the wall structure in front of us. I ask the two people to look at the wall as well. I say out loud, "What does my condition want me to know and what should I do?"

I immediately see these projected images. The first one shows skeletons similar to the ones we had hanging on Halloween. I think they might represent death. Next, I see a traffic scene. An ambulance and fire truck appear. Finally, an airplane comes smashing down from the sky onto a freeway.

I ask the person next to me what she saw and she responds, "I saw the airplane crash in Chicago." I tell her that I grew up near Chicago and ask her what she thinks it means. She says she feels too tired and that I need to ask her later. I respond that I need to wake up and write all this down.

Next, all three of us then lay down and I begin to touch one of them, which I often do to demonstrate that I still feel lucid. I loosen my clothes as I think about what everything I experienced means. I stare at the woman/man's eyebrows and notice how the details look amazingly the same as they would in waking physical reality.

6:45 am

My nine-year-old son, Adrian, and I find ourselves at a camp-like place. We have dinner and he spills some food or drink on me. I have on a levi skirt and a burnt orange sweater, both of which I would not wear these days in waking physical reality. We look for a bathroom and can only find an odd one.

Standing outside, we notice these huge geometric figures in five different colors hovering and circling over us in the sky. They seem as large as ocean liners. A turquoise colored one comes closest to me. It has the shape of two candy dishes pressed together. They all seemed to shoot a kind of energy on me, which I experience as a healing. I become very relaxed and open to taking in this invisible energy. I would describe it best as a type of heat.

Adrian seems scared, but I tell him not to worry. I explain, "They came to heal me!" Afterwards, we go back to the strange bathroom, which apparently now works.

11:00 am

I find myself walking along the side of a freeway that also looks like the street of my childhood home. The ground feels soft, similar to the material people sometimes put under playground equipment. I look over the edge of the freeway and I see water.

I become lucid and see a man. I lift my skirt and flash him, which I often do as a way to demonstrate confidence that I know I am dreaming. I then call out my questions: "What is my condition trying to tell me and what should I do?" I get no answers, so I decide to find the witches from my childhood dreams, whom I now see as my creative force. I want to see if they can help me. Instead of calling them, I go looking for my childhood home where they often reside.

I notice my former elementary school ahead of me and walk towards it. As I get near, I see my friend, CH, waiting under a bridge. In waking physical reality, I often see her waiting by our children's school. I tell her that, "I am in the process of healing." I also ask her if she knows we are dreaming. She responds: "I didn't know, but I am busy."

I leave her and proceed through a door while riding a type of go-cart. I try to speed up so I can get to the house before I wake up. I recognize the appropriate field on my left and the corner stop sign on my right. I know that I will find the house on my right, just past the alley. However, I discover a small, rundown, white-painted, wood house instead of the brick house I expected. I head over to go inside just as I wake up.


In the first dream at 4:37 am, I found myself attending classes that seemed to become more and more advanced. This dream seems similar to the lucid dreams of Viola Petitt Neal, Ph.D. (see below), although I did not remember much about it. In the second dream, at 5:00 am, I heard music, also described by Dr. Neal as healing. Also, my "problem recorder" could represent my "problem uterus."

At 5:50 am, I had a very powerful lucid dream in which I asked the questions I had planned. I received some very detailed images. The images seem to represent: (1) my fear of a serious condition, (2) a sudden attempt at healing, and (3) a destruction of the unwanted condition. I continue to interpret these images in many ways. Also in this dream, "flashing the man" may relate to my position when my male doctor recently examined me.

I find the 6:45 am dream the most amazing of all. In this dream, I obviously experienced a very direct healing. Notice that the bathroom, which often represents the area of my bladder and uterus, seemed "odd" at the start of this dream. By the end of the dream, the "bathroom worked."

I shared all these dreams with Ed Kellogg after my doctor visit. He pointed out a very interesting connection between my "colored, geometric healing figures" and similar ones described in a book called: Through the Curtain by Viola Petitt Neal, Ph,D. and Shafica Karaguella, M.D. I had purchased the book some time ago, at Ed's recommendation, but I had not yet read it. To summarize the book: Dr. Neal has lucid dreams where she attends classes that teach her about topics such as the "healing effects of geometric figures and different colors."

At 2:45 pm that same day, I went back to see my doctor. He did another ultrasound test searching for the cyst and the mass, but they did not exist any more. He found my uterus "no longer expanded, but completely normal and healthy."

Since this day, I have felt more relaxed and find that I can clear my mind more easily than before, especially when I visualize the turquoise figure or see images in my life that represent it. I have begun making a model of this figure. The day after the dream, I received two dinner containers that seem almost perfect for my model.

I have also taken much better care of myself physically. I find it easier to exercise more and eat better. The message, which I requested in my dreams, seems to have told me to "do what I can to remain as healthy as possible."

Although these dreams had a powerful effect on me emotionally and physically, I cannot say for certain what part they played objectively in the remarkable disappearance of the cyst and mass that the second ultrasound revealed. Even so, I believe that they played a large part in my healing experience, and I feel very grateful that I had them.

As for my last dream of the night, I recently discovered, in a very unexpected way, that around the time of this dream my one-story, fifty-three-year-old childhood home had been torn apart to add a second story. Most of the second story outside walls consist of what looks like white-wood paneling instead of brick. However, the house currently looks as "pristine and revised" as my uterus!

For additional examples of lucid dream healing experiences see the paper of Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. at:

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