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Ann Sayre Wiseman's India Dream Trip
Life Changing Strategies Through Art, Dreams and Creative Problem Solving

Ann Sayre Wiseman

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Wiseman, Ann Sayre. (2006 June). Ann Sayre Wiseman's India Dream Trip: Life Changing Strategies Through Art, Dreams and Creative Problem Solving. Electric Dreams 13(6).

November 8th & 9th, 2006

After the Conference on Naive "Outsider Art" in Chandagarh, and a visit to the famous Camel Fair in Jaipur, I Returned to Delhi to co-lead a 2 day workshop with our good friend Anjali Hhazarika who has often been to the IASD conferences abroad. While Anjali was working for Oil India in Pune she introduced Dream Work to the business managers and wrote a book about it called Daring To Dream: Cultivating Corporate Creativity. We had become good friends at several IASD Conferences and she was able to set up a joint workshop in Delhi where she is now Director of National Petroleum Management Training Programs. In India. Anjali reserved a hall at the Delhi Habitat Convention Center for our 2-day workshop entitled Life Changing Strategies Through Art, Dreams and Creative Problem Solving.

Corporate men and women came from companies like Oil India, National Thermal Power Corporation, Times Internet, Life Positive Magazine. We introduced them to the concept of Dreams As Metaphor; we took turns teaching the shorthand of dreams, strategies of failure and success, and my "Paper Stage" method of Creative Problem Solving and how this method can be useful in business management and Goal setting. This was a new way of thinking for these Indian men and women. We felt it a grand success, at least we'd put them in touch with a new tool for problem solving.

Next I flew to Pune. I was met at the Pune airport by a couple that belongs to Francis Menendez dream group, an India spin-off of the Association for the Study of Dreams. I was the guest of Arvin Gupta a scientist at the University Of Pune Campus who is translating my book Making Things: The Handbook of Creative Discovery into Hindi. He intends to put it in all the schools of India. (He has a wonderful Educational Website: be sure to see his books: www.arvindguptatoys.com)

Dr. Francis Minendez, lives in Pune, now retired, is another old IASD friend who has attended many of our Conferences abroad. Francis invited me to speak to his big India Dream Group. I gave my slide-talk on Art, Dreams and Creative Problem Solving. There was much interest and one woman asked to work a dream with me there and then and the group agreed. It was a dream that had been recurring and haunting her for years about giving birth to a baby girl that was perfect in every way but left her feeling dissatisfied and incomplete to such an extent that she was afraid to have a baby. No matter how many times she inspected it she knew it was unsatisfactory. She was so distressed she was afraid when she married she would disappoint her husband or not be able to have a perfect baby. She had decided she was "A LOST CAUSE." It took a while for her to find the metaphor. Apparently she had not connected the fact that being a girl she was an unsatisfactory baby herself. Francis's group asked me to run a workshop the following day and Arvind Gupta offered space in his Science Lab at the University. About 40 people came. It was such an enthusiastic crowd I wish I could have stayed longer.

Ann Sayre Wiseman will be giving her slide talk and workshop on Art, Dreams and Creative Problem Solving at the Bridgewater IASD Conference June 21st. Her books are Dreams As Metaphor: The Power Of The Image, and Nightmare Help: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.

Her cover art for the June 2006 issue of Electric Dreams, "The Dream 06," can be found at http://dreamgate.hypermart.net/ed-covers/ed13-6cov.jpg