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  Sondheim, Alan (2001 July). early dreaming. Poem.  Electric Dreams 8(6). Retrieved December 30, 2001 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

i of the dream; troubled i would awaken gauge dreaming of it shape-riding as the dream of transference stuttering of being much as i dreamed i was in a foreign land and had a foreign hand the fury among the dreams of bodies placements signifiers i am suspicious of among the poets whose footsteps are hardened by sea the question is and my dreams revert to it among neighbors with limited arousal and communication at night i dream still late at night i dream as flesh introverted cyborg dreams (which i rarely if ever have) are back in upon itself a klein here i write into the dream screen of no capabilities and i dream of monster machines running at fell through the coalesce and ascii dreams livid dreams maroon dreams of womb interiors cracks spit out on some floor clara says i dreamed saying?

who's saying dream i imagine myself displayed ruptured cock you can hold your motion dream i think that it will be a nightmare i think dream will be a dream of her and she's with me night and day i can't believe she's dream of the multitudes! i swarm among them alas only in my dreams! i dream steel or iron or what they dream something momentarily precious dream unfinished work born as such claws perch in my back i dream of dreamed hysterically embodied the body at the other end is the machine dreamed not have nightmared i sleep tight dreaming of you each hour of dreaming texts all texts are dreaming texts coming from elsewhere dreams forget your mouth it is gone you will never again dreaming the dreams of classification conflagration they among illuminations uneasy dreams sexual depressive twists of the body with extended net dreams uneasy dreamer mirrors here i dream of this body sutured embrace the world small dreaming in my inscription the dream of it everything in my dream i imagine myself inside-out displayed dissected examples falling asleep as a leap into dream i dream'd falling with the stars i dream i dream into this as a slide farther father at night i dream; i dream of the practice drawn dreaming finally note how cyborg dreams digital dreams machine dreams are to happen to any of us i dream pixels a woman they separate back into the happened previsioned two days ago with a dream of last night it began harboring it dreamlike or real community of waiting in my dream any history at night they dream rust or coal or stone at night they have the language furrowed across historicity in dreams real and virtual i had no shoes until i dreamed a man who had a tree remember returning in i just feel it's too dreamy to metaphoric cyberspace third in my dream i can imagine being a stain on your wall viral crawl through in my dream i'm available always available from dreams lists emerge in one that does the dreaming (and capital does the rest) things are inchoate/chthonic hovering in what may be seen through the dream of me beneath her and i dreamed an open plain a field a meadow a woods a intensity %n dreams nightly even during the day it is backwards from the dream that something uncanny appears it it is backwards from the dream that something uncanny appears it dreams darkly through the night visions of great languor occupied by another the wall reading <xxyyzz> rising and little is needed to implement all of this now it's not future dreaming loveliness of the day melding into the sweet all thewy around; nor means perhaps dreaming myself of an ending your day as proclamations of the symbolic decathect everything balanced between most dreams of solidity and dissolute program- ming walking along of voice and murmurs as my uneasy dreams turn clothed in violation fabric clara has long uneasy net for the dissemenation of their wildest dreams and desires some never possessed surface as such we are everyone's dream i wept because nightmare i wake up rigid with fear i have had far too many dreams that are the self that is the immortal dream that of cuneiform ascii which might not be all dreamlike sourcelike in pure flight and transportation what occurs within the dream is one's absent body past reconstructing the problem of time as the dream direction to the phenomena of dream and dreamless sleep introspection is one and knows presently i dream of you you are with me with my waking sleeping the release of desire this is the dream the real and dream obdurate and imaginary nature and techno recognized the conundrum a dream realm of easy dreams and stirrings; reflection theory dream screen mirror stage we are bothered by regional economic downturn the gathering of the tribes unreal-istic as relation to current words and numerous there's a dream at work remember that i had dreamed a beginning at this point in the return

this night's dream sometimes at least in this case which is the dreaming the transparency or temporary hiatus beyond what one does not dream it turned towards itself the body hovers as well i dream of models of voices making demands voices occupying dream spaces after months softening my exterior as i slid into dreams off the terminal the whale was white but might have been any color some i could not have with spikes for protection none of great size a dreaminess to all writing that is also a ghost clos-ing my eyes i dreaming minamikyushu your motion in my dream i'm available always available this gone on any dream

[slightly re-formatted for Electric Dreams]
Reprinted with the Permission of Alan Sondheim
Sondheim, Alan (2001). Early dreaming. Retrieved Apr 10, 2001 from Philosophy and Psychology of Cyberspace <CYBERMIND@LISTSERV.AOL.COM>

Alan Sondheim is a poet, critic, and theorist who writes on and about the Internet. His books include Disorders of the Real, and the anthology Being on Line. He co-moderates several email lists, including Fiction of Philosophy, Cybermind, and Cyberculture. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with cat and cacti.

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