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Dreaming through the Houses Series

Dreams and Astrology for January

Madame Aionia

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  Aionia, Madame (1997 January). Madame Aionia's Astrological Dreaming Series: Dreaming Through the Houses - January- First House! Electric Dreams 4(1). Retrieved July 26, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

ave you ever wondered how dreams and astrology are connected?

There are many ways we can connect dreams to astrology, and many don't require that you know all about your Natal Chart. In this column we will be exploring the symbolic rather than predictive aspects of astrology. Symbolic astrology attempts to use the images of astrological to give meaning to one's life and empower choices rather than predict paths. We do this by imaginal overlay. In this process we impleach, (poetically interweave) dream, image, feeling, life and symbol in a way to evoke a felt sense of the dream's imagery and its position in our life.

This year I will focus each month on a different House. The inner circle of the Natal or Birth Chart is divided into 12 distinct regions know as Houses. They relate to everyday activates. One will be about physical appearances and temperament, while another relates to possessions, for example. Planets and signs fall within these Houses and influence the areas of focus. We will be watching for images of planets, signs and other celestial events and hopefully begin to see the emergence of an astrological chart that dips into birth charts, dreams, and our waking life.

The First House.

This House is about the person, the personality or disposition, health, ones physical build and appearance. It is much like the Jungian Persona, in the sense that it is about how we appear to outsiders. Thus our manners and outward behavior figure in with this house as well.

In dreams we may look for the self, the body and these appearance and manor issues.

Here is an example of what I might call a First House Dream:

Eddy's Dream: 'The Jog'

"In my dream I am jogging along a path away from a stately house and past a lake with a swan and ducks. I feel just great and could run forever. My body feels very fit, though I seem to be stalky rather than trim. Problems vaguely linger in the back of my mind, but I think to myself that they will solve themselves. I see some people looking at me and I wonder what they think of my jogging clothes, as they are kind of like underwear. I think to myself that if they see my nice house, maybe they will forgive the underwear look or think it is fashionable. I smile as I run past them"

I think the main issues of self, appearance, manner, build and health are quite obvious, but let's look at this as a first house dream a little more closely. Since First House concerns are often about the beginning, self-interest and the present we can say something about the "Path" that Eddy is on (our about ourselves, if we take this to be our own dream). The proximity to the house may indicate both the Strength of concern in this area as well as how new the path is. The dreamer might ask if these are concerns close to home, or new concerns. Since this occurs as far as we can tell in the daytime, then its about Sun or Wants rather than Moon or Needs. (My apologies for reducing the Moon =Needs to scholars who have written volumes on the Moon).

We might say that there is a "desire" for this kind of appearance, but a fear that running or going down this path may evoke troublesome vulnerabilities (being seem in underwear). However the dream seems to indicate that the health and status comes from this naked exercise and if the dreamer wants this kind of appearance, then continuing down this path will bring it about.

There is a lake in this First House dream, which may be interpreted as a watery sign in the house. There are birds on this lake, which give the idea that the watery soul may at any moment transform itself into a spiritual being and take off, for better or worse. Here, the air and water seem to be at peace and the Swan transformations more potential. It may be that things are "too" much under control. This is always a suspicion when we see scenes with everything in place, when we know that is not the state of the world. One interpretation is that this is a "rich" area, metaphorically meaning full of energy, resources and power - but at the same time cut off from the reality of the streets. In this First House dream, the dreamer's manner and temperament seem to get him by all these concerns and continue him along the path. As mentioned, being in the Sun, it may be more something the dreamer wishes and struggles for rather than something the dreamer needs.

Astral Aerobics: Keep an eye on your dreams this month for First House influences. Note where appearance, manner, health and characteristics are at play. Also note if they occur at night, or in the day. Are there other celestial clues, stars, moons, and/or symbols of astrological planets and sign? Allow these side symbols to add to your interpretations.

Next Month, The Second House and Possessions!

Madame Aionia