Electric Dreams

Dreams and Astrology for February

Madame Aionia

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  Aionia, Madame (2000 February). Dreams and Astrology for February. Electric Dreams 7(2). Retrieved July 14, 2000 from Electric Dreams on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

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Aionia, Madame (1997 February). Madame Aionia's Astrological Dreaming Series:Dreaming Through the Houses: Second House. Electric Dreams 4(2). Retrieved July 26, 2000 on the World Wide Web: http://www.dreamgate.com/electric-dreams

Have you ever wondered how dreams and astrology are connected?

There are many ways we can connect dreams to astrology, and many don't require that you know all about your Natal Chart. In this column we will be exploring the symbolic rather than predictive aspects of astrology. Symbolic astrology attempts to use the images of astrological to give meaning to one's life and empower choices rather than predict paths. We do this by imaginal overlay. In this process we impleach, (poetically interweave) dream, image, feeling, life and symbol in a way to evoke a felt sense of the dream's imagery and its position in our life.

This year I am focusing each month on a different House. The inner circle of the Natal or Birth Chart is divided into 12 distinct regions know as Houses. They relate to everyday activates. One will be about physical appearances and temperament, while another relates to possessions, for example. Planets and signs fall within these Houses and influence the areas of focus. We will be watching for images of planets, signs and other celestial events and hopefully begin to see the emergence of an astrological chart that dips into birth charts, dreams, and our waking life.


The Second House.

The Second House is about acquisitions and possessions. From here one may assess capacities to earn a livelihood, and examine attitudes towards things we define as security. Also of concern here is how we make a living. Thus it is more about the desire that underlies our possessions than the things themselves. The possessions will be the outcome of our attempt to satisfy these desires. There is a collective need in humans to own something outside of ourselves. Since many people are hip to the fact that things change, there is often a shift of desire from objects to values and relationships, things more eternal. Thus the key to this house is our definition of that nebulous term "value".

In dreams, when examined from the viewpoint of the second house, we search for objects, people relationships and our attachment to these.

Here is an example of what I might call a Second House Dream:

Martha's Dream: 'Off to Tea'

"In my dream I am on my way to a tea party. There is a new person who is coming and the whole group is excited. I think to myself that I'm going to make this person my friend and this pleases me. It is kind of hot as I walk along to my car as I'm wearing furs. I'm taking three little dogs with me on leashes. I seen to have just gotten back from shopping as the driver is carrying several packages which I know to be mine. He is having trouble with them, like they are hard to balance."

I think the main issues possessions and attachments are quite obvious, but let's look at this dream a little more closely. Notice that there is an acquisitional attitude towards the new person coming to tea as well. This might be a new part of the dreamer's psyche emerging and the typical Second house response to the situation, acquisition. It is also noticeable here that the packages or other collected psychic items are beginning to pile up and cause problems.


Astral Aerobics: Keep an eye on your dreams this month for Second House influences. Note where there are possessions, but even more, the dreamers relationship with these possessions.
Also note if they occur at night, or in the day. Are there other celestial clues, stars, moons, and/or symbols of astrological planets and sign? Allow these side symbols to add to your interpretations.

Madame Aionia