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Spectral Waves: The Quest for the Holy Grail
Spectral Moon, White Spectral Wizard Year

Ron Adams 

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Adams, Ron (2004 July). Spectral Waves: The Quest for the Holy Grail.
Spectral Moon, White Spectral Wizard Year. Electric Dreams 11(7).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'.

Link: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife

The Quest for the Holy Grail:

During the Spectral Moon, we were joined with Dream Alliance on The Quest for the Holy Grail. John, a member of a group Dream Alliance was led to Dreampeace through a dream, calling for guidance on other groups whom his group could hook up with, in promoting world peace through dreaming. Last year, we joined Dream Alliance in a magical adventure to Mt. Shasta.


This year, John suggested we share in 'The Quest for the Holy Grail':

"The Quest for the Holy Grail seems very timely. As the Mayan Calendar winds down to 2012, humanity is facing a choice. We can either pursue the one-sided, male-dominated, authoritarian war paradigm or we can choose to bring balance to this approach by adding the Sacred Feminine principles to our lives. The Holy Grail has been thought to be the cup or chalice used by Christ, but Christ used allegory and metaphor extensively in his teaching. The Holy Grail is now being considered by many to represent the Divine Feminine. "The Quest for the Holy Grail" can be seen as the opportunity for us to re-claim the Sacred Feminine within us all.

This Sacred Feminine may manifest as the Goddess in Her many forms, or as Mother Nature, or in any form that promotes the togetherness of the Universal Network of Being. Our dream group here in Arizona has seen her as Mary, Kwan Yin, Isis, Brighid, as well as in messages from whales and dolphins and woodland creatures who have come to us in dreams.

The Grail has been associated with Avalon, the misty Isle, and with the Druids. Any dreams with these images could be looked into for contact with the Grail. Ask for messages from the Divine Feminine. Share them with us, as we will share what we get with you. May we find and share in the Holy Grail together."

We used this link to improve our understanding of the project:

The Quest for the Holy Grail included many dreams on the feminine, healing, creativity, intuition, and even the 13 Moon Peace Calendar. There were many great dreams about this Quest. We discovered we were dreaming of each other and finding out some suprising things about the 13 Moon Peace calendar colours, the colours of the Tibetian Flag, dreaming about other dimensions, and Goddesses like Isis. There was a strong connection with Compassion and our Creativity as human beings on Earth.

Sunwolf kicked it off with a partial dream recall:


I went to bed reading parts of "Chalice of Ecstasy" by Charles Stanfield Jones 1918 piece on 'Parsival' legend that Richard Wagner set to music, an opera on the Holy Grail.

"Religious ecstasy takes place in the highest centres of the human organism."

"In ritual therefore, we seek continually to unite the mind to some pure idea by an act of will."

The piece said we do this continuously, to find some sort of religious ecstasy.

In my dream, which was very detailed, I was working with some poweful woman with raven black hair, on Sea Life. She was having me reorganize some files. It made perfect sense in the dream. I woke up, not remembering who she was or what we were reorganizing. It felt like tweaking what we had, making it fit into a bigger picture. I do remember thinking to myself I couldn't wait to tell Explora.

Anyway suffice to say it led to a very nice Full Moon ritual tonight. I got to explore some of the concepts of the dream, without even remembering the details of the dream. Very interesting. I just let my subconscious fill in the blanks. My ritual was basically about invoking my striving for genius and higher ideals, by filling the sacred cup, continuously. It gave me a whole new insight into the old adage "Is the cup half empty or half full?"

Doesn't matter, drink what is there and fill it again!

This set off a trend of the members of this Moon's quest dreaming together. During the course of posting Sunwolf put up a picture of a Jaguar avatar, and this triggered a chain of events for John (Dreamster) and later Sandy (GreenEyes).


It is remarkable that you are posting the picture of the large cat with your name. That is one of the signs I was looking for. I had this dream in April: I was in a large field with my dream group. A breeze came up and I lifted my arms to a horizontal position and began flying. As I flew above our group our members waved at me. I came in for a landing and noticed a large building nearby that resembles our meeting hall. We all walked over and entered the hall. Inside there was a rope extended the length of the room, dividing it in two. Over the rope hung oriental rugs, which made the whole thing look like a huge Tibetan Prayer Flag. One of our dreamers climbed up on top of the rugs to sit on the rope. He said to us "There's a message up here". (We often ask for messages in our dreams). "What does it say?" we all asked. "It says, Free the Tiger", he answered. This has set off a whole series of dreams related to freeing the tiger within us....in order to serve the Goddess.

Then there was the T-shirt connection with both Nick and John. The first night John dreamed he was wearing a T-shirt that read "Let Christ live through you". Perhaps a symbol of the Cosmic Christ, John felt. Nick's dream had a t-shirt that read "REAL Beauty Standing Up". John felt that perhaps the t-shirt messages were for the males in the group from 'the Divine Feminine'.

Nick later dreamed of a journey to 2012, he shared with the feminine power within, and the importance of him creating a set of oracle cards based around the maiden/mother/wisewoman trilogy in order to honour and support this aspect of Self.

John also reported that another Dream Alliance team member had a dream 'he was receiving an award for an esoteric mathematical formula that he came up with. The equation was several pages long, and very complex. On the last page this huge equation came down to 6 over 3, which reduced to one half. I believe it symbolized that we all represent one half of the answer. Waking life is one half, dreaming is one half, Male is one half, female is one half, light is one half, dark is one half, matter is one half, spirit is one half.'

John (Dreamster) had a healing dream for a friend:

"A friend of ours, the mother of our daughter's best friend, went into seizures yesterday. She had recently had a stroke. She helped me edit one of my books and is helping with a new book on lucid dreaming. We went to visit her at the hospital and she said to me that she really wanted to know what all of this suffering was about. She asked me to talk to Quan Yin about it. I promised I would.

Last night I set my dream intent to ask for healing for our friend. In my dream, I was at the beach. I saw a grand old mansion on the beachfront and the gate was open. I walked in and saw an old woman sitting in a wading pool. I intuitively knew she was a recluse, she had been a very beautiful young woman and now didn't want anyone to see her. I approached slowly and she turned around and made a funny face at me, but I knew it was alright for me to join her. We sat in the pool and an old man joined us. He had a watering can and started to sprinkle water over me as he sang a song in a language I didn't know.

The water felt wonderful, and somehow it didn't leave me wet. The dream ended. I drew a tarot card for the dream and again got the King of Cups (upright). I feel that in asking for help for my friend, an older woman, I received some kind of blessing myself. I believe the Goddess appeared to me as the crone, and the watering can was the chalice or grail. I can't wait to tell our friend about the dream."

Sunwolf's Many Dolphins Dream (where he and GreenEyes had a synchronicity with the image of playing the Guitar:


First dream me and four guys were camping out, trying to escape some gangs. Lars gets a cell phone call that some kids are setting fire to his parents house. Suddenly there are guys surrounding our camp. They grab this main dude we were hiding because they think he stabbed someone in their gang.

This gang leader pulls out a list of occult groups, and I read it, rather long, I'd say about 20 names, TOPY, and Marriage House, all occult groups I recognize. He says they are going to feed me to the Earth.

Next dream we are at a friends house. We are going to put The Book of the Law to music. I sing a little bit of it and Dave says that's nice, but we have to lay down some rhythm tracks first. Dave asks GreenEyes if she has her bass guitar and she says it is at home. Someone says there is a toy ukulele and GreenEyes says its worth a try, better than nothing.

I go for a walk. It's a beautiful spring day in Boulder. I walk from North Boulder to the ocean, which in the dream is only a few blocks away. At the ocean I remember the scene and I say this outloud. This little girl DC overhears me and says "Oh, this has been here for a very long time."

The Ocean water level is very low, the oceans are dying. These creatures looked like long whitish-yellow bones that have dried in the Sun, and then I noticed that they were slowly moving, they were alive. I couldn't help but notice they felt like whales, their heads looked a little like dolphins. I asked the little girl what they were called. She replied "Many Dolphins." Like that was the whole name.

Before I could ask her to explain herself, the solid concrete I was standing on in front of the metal rail turned to mud and I started to slip. I cried out: "I don't want to go now." The dolphin/worm was edging towards me, opening a gapping mouth. The little girl handed me her dolly blanket. I wrapped it on the metal railing above us and pulled myself up. When I was standing again, I woke up.

Sage mentioned to use to pay attention to the colors in our dreams, which led to GreenEyes having an interesting dream connecting the colors of the Dreamspell with the Tibetan Flag, especially the Colour Green:

"I can only remember one dream. The dream would start and I would wake up, then I would go right back into the dream as soon as I went back to sleep. Over and over.

I was being shown the colors blue, red, yellow and white against a flowing dark background. Sometimes they were shaped like the 13 moon avatars, but mostly I saw bars of each color about 2 fingers wide, one color at a time. I was supposed to repeat the colors. I kept trying to stick green in there somewhere and I would hear, No. Just these colors. Finally I said, Okay! Just primary colors!

I didn't have the dream any more after I said that. I can still see it in my mind. I've been thinking about my artist supplies. I think I need to get them out and be creative. I really can do anything with just those primary colors."

And GreenEyes had another dream along these lines, which continued the Tibetan flag dream. A dream of celebration of life and peace:

All of Sea Life was at a colorful lovely peace festival. Beautiful blue sky. We were going to hang prayer flags. The colored prayer flags had each of our latest dreams of peace printed on them, but it was printed in Tibetan. Nick wanted us to read them as we attached them to a braided hair rope (?) to hang them. My dh had printed out a stack of them in English. They looked like printed emails. I was handing them out as fast as I could.

At the same time I was whining about the Holy Grail assignment. Sunwolf stepped up with a dark-haired girl and said, Stop! You know what you think. Just write it down for Pete's sake! I blinked at him a few times, realized he was right and went back to handing out people's dreams. Nick was saying, Hurry up! We're using up too much time! All of us were smiling and trying to hurry.

GreenEyes dream sums up the whole quest: the Search for the Holy Grail is a search for COMPASSION:

"My time leading up to bedtime and sleep last night was hectic and noisy. A television was still on as I drifted to sleep. I was a bit annoyed that I wouldn't have a few quiet seconds to set intentions. I thought, What intentions would I set?.... the holy grail?....the white tiger?....find spirit guide?.......the women of the tiger dream with their blowing black hair was the last thing I remember thinking about...

I dreamed a lot of things, but I can only remember small pieces. Each bit happened very quickly, just a few seconds each. I'm going to put them here, because they feel somehow important.

I am looking down from the sky at a man figure outlined in white on a brilliant green hillside......

I am with someone dressed in dark green. I am wearing old leather, brown and soft. My hair is long and curly blond. We are scrambling through a cave with boulders everywhere. We are trying to figure out a way to climb up to the top of the cavern to get some little crystal tubes hanging there...like stalactites. We urgently need them for flutes. I am determined! We are hurrying and dirty and the little tubes kept getting further away......

Hip-length glossy black hair swinging back and forth in front of me, like someone walking. I want to touch the hair and see if it is as soft as it looks. As I reach out my hand, I think it might be a man......

I am being shown letters, one at a time, to form a word. I am supposed to guess the next letter. Like a gameshow or something. The first letter is a C. I thought, Cup! I guessed the next letter would be a U. An indistinct figure of a woman sitting on a boulder shook her head at me and gave me another chance. I was like, Whuht? I know she's going to tell me It's a cup! and I tried to buy a vowel or something foggy.....She laughed and I could see her right hand come down clearly in front of the rock, like into light while the rest of her was in shadow. The rock seemed to be made of brown velvet. The edge of her long sleeve had wine-colored crochet on it, about as wide as my thumb. The pale hand started to pull the red-lettered card (with fancy brown design all around the sides) out further--in order to see the next letters. The next letter was an O. Everything started to tilt and I realized I was falling! I heard a woman's voice say, Wait! Everything blurred as she pulled out the rest of the card and I felt/heard rather than saw the word COMPASSION"

It seems like the quest never ends, in fact even though the moon is over, Dreamster and his group are still dreaming of the Quest for the Holy Grail. It was definitely a fun journey to share with everyone in the group.

Stay tuned next month for the results of our 'Journey to the Galactic Center'. We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

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