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Solar Waves: Dreaming Our Way to 2012
Solar Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year

Nick Cumbo 

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Cumbo, Nick (2004, May). Solar Waves: Dreaming Our Way to 2012. Solar Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year.
Electric Dreams 11(5).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations of the Sea Life community. Sea Life, the main web forum at Dreampeace, aims to bring together a circle of dreamers from around the globe, collaborating in mutual dreaming adventures, and 'dreaming with and for the earth itself'.

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During the Solar Moon, we immersed ourselves in Dreaming Our Way to 2012. The ancient Maya were aware of a vast 26,000-year astrological cycle we call the Precession of the Equinoxes. Composed of five successive world ages, this grand cycle of evolution was believed to culminate on December 21st 2012, a date associated with what John Major Jenkins terms galactic alignment, "an extremely rare alignment of the solstice sun with the galactic centre" (Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). "According to the Maya, the
'future', which lies beyond this end date, is literally 'a new world' - 'a new creation'".


Last year, in an absolutely life-changing conscious dream journey to the year 2012, I discovered I was one of a team of architects leading the development of a platform for personal and planetary evolution, known by the name of Sea Life. This month, the dreamers at Sea Life once again stepped through the time warp, returning with greater understanding of a deeper order of reality, and with great vision for our future.

The ancient Maya kept track of many different cycles of time, "to map and structure various aspects of human experience". The Tzolkin was the 260-day cycle based upon the period of human gestation, and was formed from the interweaving rhythms of what we can call the '20 solar tribes' and '13 galactic tones', seen to be reflected in the body by our 13 major joints and 20 fingers and toes.

Jose Arguelles interpreted the mathematical codes of the Ancient Maya, and determined that the 13:20 frequency was the basis of the fourth-dimensional radial order of time, responsible for "governing and shaping all third-dimensional phenomena". The importance of attuning to this natural timing frequency was made more than evident, through the way in which it permeated through the dreaming of the people at Sea Life.


In my dream, I found my dad offering me a jacket of rather unusual
navy-green appearance, one I felt a little nervous about wearing out in public. However when I saw the clear white writing along the front pocket, reading "The Subway of the Fourth Dimension", I decided this thing was simply too cool to let go of. As the dream ended, I learnt that the jacket was sponsored by Peter Jackson.

In his book, Dreaming True, Robert Moss speaks of how he was led in dreams to The Underground Railroad of Dreams, the story of a black slave named Harriet Tubman. "I was fascinated to learn that she dreamed of flying to freedom, over landscapes she subsequently crossed on foot. Later she was guided by specific precognitive or clairvoyant dreams to safe houses, river crossings and friendly helpers she had never encountered in waking reality. In this way, she escorted 300 escaping slaves to freedom, without ever losing one of her "packages". What a powerful example of how we can "dream our dream" in entirely practical ways!"


Just as 'The Underground Railroad of Dreams' illustrated the value of dreaming through the lens of Harriet Tubman's personal story, it later became clear that 'The Subway of the Fourth Dimension' was to demonstrate the value of our emerging understanding of the fourth dimensional nature of time, through the sponsorship of Peter Jackson, and the story of the Lord of the Rings.


In an excellent article entitled "Tolkien at the End of Time: Alchemical Secrets of the Lord of the Rings", the authors draw a magnificent parallel between the story of Frodo, "the modest, sincere and good natured hobbit of the shire embarking on a quest to destroy the ill-omened Ring of Power", and the challenges humanity is facing right now.


The Ring, forged by Sauron in the depths of Mount Doom, is a symbol of power and domination, a force most difficult to resist. Saramon, the leader of Gandalf's order of wizards quickly falls prey to the temptation, the orcs acting as conduits for his plans, machines in the game of war. Through the efforts of Gandalf the Wizard, Frodo awakens to the sinister consequences of the rings misuse. It is only through the assistance of his friend Sam, and
his courage and determination that Frodo can succeed in his quest.

"The destruction of the Ring of Power appears to have unintended
consequences that bring forth what Tolkien describes as the end of the Third Age of Middle Earth. At the conclusion of this compelling story of good and evil, heroes and villains, magic and mystery, all of the fantastic inhabitants of Middle-earth, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, and Ents disappear from the landscape of Middle-earth leaving the next Age, the Fourth Age to be ruled by Men" (Tolkien at the End of Time).

Tolkien sees time not from a linear viewpoint, but as recurring cycles or Ages of Middle-Earth. Ultimately at the end of each Age of Middle-Earth, there is "a bid for ultimate power for by the forces of evil: the opposing forces pitting themselves against each other and a great battle ensuing between them".

Viewed from a fourth-dimensional perspective of time, Peter Jackson's release of the Lord of the Rings in 2001, 2002, and 2003 is thus no coincidence! The 26,000-year cycle seen by the Maya to reflect our "collective unfolding as a species" was composed of five successive World Ages, each of 5,125 years. As in the Lord of the Rings, we are coming to the end of an age right now.

Vega reported "a dream in which a person, maybe Tolkien, featured. In the dream, I associated the events - fantasy vs. anti-fantasy-agents - to this 2012-dreaming-project." Surely this bears similarities to the materialism running rife amongst the people of our planet. Empty of spirituality many have lost sense of our connection with the land, and have forgotten why we are here. Natural resources are exploited, and corporations vie for
ever-greater profit margins, regardless of the consequences. The ring is a very real consideration, and it serves self-interest, greed and control.

However, not all is doom and gloom. The message of the Lord of the Rings, is essentially a reminder of the inherent power available to each of us. Frodo sets us off into the darkness of Mt Doom, and against all the odds, including the thousands of orcs hunting him down, still manages to triumph!

The fourth dimensional perspective urges us to see time as art, not money, a viewpoint echoed by Tolkien himself, in his description of the magic of the elves, "its object is Art not Power, sub-creation, not domination and tyrannous re-forming of Creation." This is what we are here for, and it is up to us to take our place once again as equals in the process of creation.

In a dream, 'ypm' found himself working in his standard office, only with one small difference. Apparently, he was being employed by Peter Jackson (the director of Lord of the Rings). Peter was handing out gifts for a job well done! It was only through the magical coming together of these three dreams by myself, Vega and YPM, that we were able to latch onto the true meaning of the Peter Jackson connection. YPM's dream appears to set the stage for a brighter future for humanity, a vision which Peter Jackson, I'm
sure, would be proud to direct.


Finally, I would like to share some experiences of the dreamers at Sea Life, who successfully managed to travel to 2012 in conscious dreams. In dreams, I have been guided to start a not-for-profit organisation known as the "Sea Life Star Foundation", as a way of promoting knowledge regarding the application of active dreaming practices and the 13 moon calendar, as a way of restoring harmony to our planet, and exploring our evolutionary potential. In dreams I learnt that my friend Ron (Sunwolf) was to become the other 'head' of the Star Foundation. Ron set out on a journey to 2012, to learn more about the future of the foundation.

2012 Fund Raiser

For the longest part of the night I dreamed about traveling down the road. I must have had 2 dreams of just road journey. Then I remembered something Astral Mass said in Way of the Wind dream Team, I used the road to change the direction of my dream. I requested the road take me into the future, 2012.

Now I was in a future school. We were preparing for a fund raiser for a Global event for 2012. I was interviewing 2 young girls about helping out. I asked them if they know their Galactic Signatures. They said no, so I went online to figure them out. On the computer I punched up their Solar Seals. One girl was Red Lunar Moon and the other was Red Resonant Earth. They were excited to get them.

Then I gave them a tour of our facilities. We were in the arts and crafts section. I showed them how to put a chicken in an egg, and pack it with ice. It was very detailed, I used a laser to open a boiled eggshell, and with the laser I cut the opening in the egg to remove the yoke part and place the small cooked chicken inside it. Then I put it back together. The laser had a reverse mode that sealed the egg, then we packed it in ice and stored it for the festivities.

Later in the dream the event was going on. A fun festival! One older woman was speaking to Nick, over at a recruiting table. She said she supported what we were doing and wanted to give the foundation 50 million dollars. She had arthritis in her hands and requested Nick write the check. Nick was hesitating cause he wasn't sure he could accept the check, whether it would bounce or if he could write it. (I read his mind) So I went over and offered to assist. I took the check and wrote what she said, as she said her name outloud, it was Norma, something. Nehaus was the last name, I think. I looked at the check as I filled in the 50 million and gave it to her to sign. Nick and I were both thinking of all the things we could do with the money.

Later I watched a contest were this other woman found the chicken in the egg and won. They were making lemonade. Ok. Seemed the future was a little different, lasers and fund raisers. Funny they still used money and that it was American money in the dream, but that could have been cause I am American.

Red Lunar Moon and Red Resonant Earth were interesting glyphs to get. I think this is the first time I dreamed about the Mayan Dreamspell too. Also I found the reading of the minds interesting. Not everyone could do it, seemed this was one thing we were teaching at the foundation.

I couldn't figure out what lemonade had to do with boiled eggs. Events organizing is something I have done in real life.

Quite a remarkable dream! I must admit I couldn't help wondering what one might do with so much money. I guess we'd have to dream on it! Regardless of things like money, the dream certainly gave us faith that our vision was one that could manifest.

Finally, Pasquale, the creator of the wonderful LD4ALL forum, shared a similarly inspiring experience.


Dreamweaver 2012

I remember my intention to go to 2012. I return to the bedroom I went to sleep in and intend T. (one of my guides) to appear behind a door (before going to sleep I had decided I would ask him to guide me to 2012). Nope, nobody there, it is a dark bathroom.

A little girl who already was in the room wants to come with me. She looks like M, a girl I know from my childhood and she looks just like I remember her. She says: "I know the way". I realize i can go as well with her and follow her.

We come to a room with 2 people. I ask what year it is. 1998. I say oh too early. Again we walk through the house. We come in the same room with the same people. I ask what year it is. 2008. Almost there.

Then I'm without the girl outside a house. It is night, black sky with stars. I go inside. 2 elderly ppl sit at a table. I ask what year it is. "You are just in time, it is almost new years eve and 2012 is almost over."

I ask about the world, has something shocking happened, maybe you know about the prophecies? "Yeah we know about that, it was all on TV but nothing has happened". "OK" I say, "dan weten we dat ook weer" (sorry hard to translate this dutch expression, literally: then we know that also again")

I ask if she has internet access on her computer. Yeah, go ahead. But she has a very old monitor, it is one of those which can only display green pixels. I say: 'no that will not do, ld4all is in color it won't show on this one'! he takes some books and will do something to fix that?

Then i see on the table a book by Barbara Brennan called DREAMWEAVER (IRL she is a healer and I'm reading 2 books of her at the moment. The book I see is the same format as the books I'm reading now). The title is in white on an intense dark-blue, purple background.

The subtitle (also white) reads "how to employ and harness the power of the eternal moment of the NOW" (something like that, i cannot remember the actual words.) I say how cool is that, she is going to write a book about dreams! I open it and read a little. It is about how to employ the eternal moment of the NOW, has to do with being in the NOW moment, it also has to do with dreaming somehow.

Obviously Pasquales dream speaks rather beautifully itself. From a personal perspective, I was also reminded of my own dreams in which I'd found myself reading the work of Robert Moss (the author), which I know now to be my dreams way of suggesting innovative and exciting lines of research and writing to be done myself. I couldn't help wondering if perhaps this book might be something Pasquale would write herself. For one who has shared so
much within the dreaming community, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Significantly, for all of us, it reminds us like the Mayan elder Carlos
Barrios, that the changes triggered by 2012, are not like switching a light on or off, that this is actually a gradual process. Ultimately, like the various divisions and peoples of Middle Earth, our strength is in unity. In the words of a respected Mam Elder, "there is hope if the people of the  light can come together and unite in some way." Our dreams would be a great place to begin.

Stay tuned next month for a project of much-needed manifestation, 'Dreaming of Peace in the Middle East'. We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

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