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Crystal Waves: Journey to the Galactic Center
Crystal Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year

Nick Cumbo 

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Cumbo, Nick (2004, August). Crystal Waves: Journey to the Galactic Center.
 Crystal Moon. White Spectral Wizard Year.  Electric Dreams 11(8).

The Waves is a newsletter reporting on the explorations underway at the Sea Life forum. We take a community approach to dreaming, running monthly dreaming projects to learn more about our world, and the evolutionary path before ourselves and our planet.

Link: http://www.dreamofpeace.net/sealife

During the Crystal Moon, we set off for a ‘Journey to the Galactic Center’. In Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, John Major Jenkins suggests that the Maya derived their amazing knowledge of the cosmos through journeys to the galactic center in heightened states of consciousness. "How can we know for sure?" Jenkins asks, "the only way to test this theory of course, would be to repeat the experiment. What would be possible if a team of neo-shamans opened their mind to the Galactic Center?".


While Jenkins affirms that the Mayan ceremonial thrones were often built as a "hotline of communication with the cosmic center", we didn’t have such luxuries available. Basically, we had to start from scratch, and so finding a suitable visual gateway became our first goal. Upon meditating, a rectangular tunnel showed itself to me. While the shape faded into the depth of darkness behind it, I felt that we were supposed to travel through it. Interestingly, Jenkins claims that "astrophysicists now believe that a Black Hole – a Hyperdense object from which even light cannot escape – exists at the center of our galaxy.

"Please allow me to see the beauty of the Center" GreenEyes had asked before her journey. She was met with a vision of the human spine, seemingly a reflection that the galactic center is both within us and without.

"I am looking at a human spinal column against a black background. The disks are each almost the size of my fist. The rib bones are as long as my arm, but fade to shadows away from the spine. I can see the nerves in little bundles running up and down the spine. I was like, Oh! The Central nervous system, eh? and admired the beauty of it. After all, that's why I was there....."


ChrisNA felt that the Galactic Center may be in some way related to Sirius, which he believed to be the origin of this plane. He set out into meditation with the intention of learning more about the galactic center. After praying for guidance, protection, and truth, "something extraordinary happened". A small but symmetrical symbol appeared.

"An incredible strong, blue-white energy beam from the circle in themiddle - after seemingly traveling light years [though the feeling didn't feel like any physical distance at all] - hit my heart chakra and started illuminating my whole body in white-blue radiance.

I don’t know what this means but I on experiencing it, remember that I have experienced something like that before, but the lightbeam started from my third eye that time. I was lying in bed letting go of all my ego, trying to find the center of everything, and this immensely strong energy beam blasted out of my third eye into the distance carrying my awareness with it.."

His experience was especially fascinating from a personal perspective; since this blue-white beam of energy had become a trademark of our dream journeys to Sirius, undertaken almost a year ago.


Intrigued, I decided to follow up with meditation of my own, using the image he provided as the starting point. I was surprised to see it unfold into a 3-dimensional structure with a circular base. A theme later extended through ChrisNA’s own meditation

"I had another 'vision' while taking a bath yesterday. It had been raining the whole day and the forests around me lay in white fog. I visualized myself surrounded by it - without any clue where I was or should go. My mind steady; a bright-bluish light beam [similar to the one I experienced the other day, but not at all filled with energy - just simply a light ray] shone through the fog to my heart chakra. I followed it until I came to it's origin.

I recognized it as Sirius, but unlike the previous time there was only positive energy radiating form it, not –everything- the center piece remained the same, the smaller circles around it changed from black to white correspondently. I asked myself what this means and it transformed instantly to deliver the answer. The image transformed into a three-dimensional cone-shape structure, which entered my heart chakra and created another structure (similar, but black, not white) at the back.

I was floating in space. I realized what I previously puzzled over, what these higher and lower dimensions mean; me saying ‘higher and lower’ was confusing, they are infact negative and positive dimensions, with eternal bliss on one end (the white cone) and misery on the other (black cone at the back). I understood that enlightenment (I don’t particularly like the word) is the transcendation of both positive and negative, because both are just two sides of the same coin – of us – and we won’t identify with ourselves as long we identify with one side. Infact ‘ourselves’ are the energy of the cosmos, and no subjective mind."


Waterstarrainbow made a number of fascinating attempts at journeying to the galactic center. One of which began after becoming conscious in a dream, and looking up to the night sky.

"There are hundreds of stars. I see what first looks like a leaf actually turn into an umbrella. I think of the Galactic center and I am trying to get the umbrella to come back to me. I turn around and see a car and I wish with my body and ask for the unbrellla to be in the car. I see that it is. I grab it and I am willling it to go up. It is slowly doing this, but what makes it fly off was actually just letting it happen. I’m flying very fast and very high. I am getting nervous and scared and decide to wake up."

Some of my own attempts at journeying there left me with similar fears; perhaps an unwillingness of the ego to let go, and become propelled by a force beyond words. One quickly comes to understand why such a task was left to experienced shamans. Eager to succeed, I set out into conscious dreaming to meet my spirit guide, and to ask for assistance.

"I decide to ask him if he can help me with the dreaming adventure to the galactic center. Next thing I know his earlier fading form has disappeared. He’s shape shifted. Now before me lie a large group of seagulls flying into the sky.

I decide this would be the perfect opportunity to call on the guidance of my totem animal. Remembering a trick Waterstarrainbow used, I bring my totem animal into manifestation using my intention. A group of pigeons materialize beneath my hands. Without waiting, they begin to rise up into the sky. I’m dazzled, and especially intrigued by the heights to which they rise. As they come back closer to ground level, a transition takes place, and I attempt to shift into my true pigeon form.

Unfortunately, I'm not such a good flyer as the rest of the group are. I'm caught between half human, half pigeon awareness. Watching the pigeons in flight, I begin to realize something. That pigeons don’t just flap their wings at every opportunity; they are patient and graceful, and flap only when required. This is the secret to flying.

Not only this, but the pigeon doesn’t just fly in any old direction. You have to follow the way of the wind and move with it. It’s still possible to shape the direction of your own personal journey, yet you need to attune your path to the direction of the wind. I experiment with this new found power of flight, knowing that I still have a lot of learning ahead of me."

This attempt to reach the galactic center taught me about the power of calling on one’s totem animal, and the month ended up filled with some extended coaching from the pigeon family, in the art of flight.


Setting her intention for a dream about the galactic center,

Waterstarrainbow keyed us into the Galactic Library, seemingly a storehouse of galactic knowledge.

"Me and a large group of people were on our way to somewhere. It was somewhere in the galaxy. We were standing in a huge room; this was the galactic library! A little cute bug had landed on my shoulder and it wanted to go home, although it's grip sometimes dug into my skin. Me and the group were standing over a huge map of the universe and the little big pointed out where it lived on the map. I asked someone if we could go there but they said that they didn’t have the right co-ordinates (or technology??) to get there but it would be ready in a few hours."

This began a series of dreams about the Galactic Library. A few nights later, I found myself returning to what appeared to be the very same library. Not once, but twice. Here I found great numbers of books about 3d worlds’, and dreaming and waking consciousness.

In an earlier dream, I had found myself reading a book called "The Pleidian Agenda’. The book made mention that the Earth was actually a Mobile Phone, and that to make use of it, we had to touch down on the keypad. I found such an analogy intriguing, and wondered if it might relate to an image of ‘Timeship Earth 2013’, in which we activate our awareness of the Earth’s rainbow body, through daily meditation synchronized with the 13 Moon Calendar.

Reentering the library, I found to my surprise that my ordinary mobile phone now had new features. It could not only receive radio but also colour TV transmissions. The dream left me wondering about Earth’s place in the galaxy, and the use of meditation and dreaming to facilitate communication with the larger world, communication of the intergalactic variety.

Just as we were nearing the end of the project, I had one last dream, in which I found myself watching a security camera, where I could clearly see Sunwolf making his way into the library. The experience had me intrigued; I couldn’t help wondering what book he might have received. My question was answered only a day or so later, by a dream of his own.

"I was on a new bed, and a guy next to me was on another new bed. We were on a track and this car pulled us ahead, really fast. So fast, I had to grab his arm and I told him I hoped he didn’t mind. He understood I would fly off if I didn’t. We heard this woman’s voice, she was from the factory, asking if the beds were comfortable, even tho we were going at a fast pace down the track? I guess we agreed it was darn comfortable, despite the bumpy ride.

Then we got to the end of the track, somewhere in downtown Boulder. There was some flirting between me and this guy, a Mexican, when I looked up at the sky. It wasn’t dark yet, but I saw this jewel of a light, pulsating. I asked him if he saw it. He said yes. It seemed like the center of the universe, and I felt some cosmic shift was happening, perhaps ascension. Then a huge newspaper flew up and tried to block out the jewel of light, then I heard radio and TV try to blare it out, but the jewel kept shining.

Comments: The symbol of the jewel of light was very neat. I felt this consciousness, kinda like they scene in 2001 A Space Odyssey, where the monkeys were touching the vibrating slab of stone. It seems the symbols of the newspaper, TV and Radio were our culture and news of the day trying to drown out our spiritual evolution. But from all the problems and troubles in the world, people forget that more people marched and stood for peace, world-wide, in greater numbers than ever before"

Perhaps the significance of the Galactic Center, is that it helps us to remember!

Stay tuned next month for ‘The Adventures of the Peace Train’. We welcome new dreamers to join us in our adventures.

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